Idea for a bonus mission in Dartmoor: 'Death of a Bride'

Hello everyone, another mission i have had in mind for the last few days. If you want to know what happened, feel free to contact me.

A not so sequel to ‘a Death in the Family’

« Following the recent events of the Carlisle family, the Dartmoor Manor has been abandoned by the remaining descendants. The beautiful and fully-furnished mansion is now left for rent.

The well-established and wealthy family the Swiftons, known for their connections to banking corporations (and so on) all over the world, have rented the place for the upcoming celebration of their latest born, Zoey Swifton, tying the knot to Sebastian Hardcastle, from the Hardcastle family, rendered famous for its worldwide conception on security systems called ‘Nebulla’.

The newlyweds arrived, followed by both families and guests and rejoiced in the Manor, meant to be partying all night long… But soon, drama ensued. The bride is found dead in the nuptial suite.
There is no doubt as for the nature of her demise, for this is murder. Again !

Both families agreed on hiring right away a more than discreet private investigator, simultaneously tracing the murder in the Manor as police is on its way. You’ll have several suspects to question, but be careful, both families hide many secrets, and willing to do anything to keep them that way (possibility for 47 to get killed if he snoops around without being cautious)

Who did it ? Why ? Why both families don’t seem to get along at all and why do they look all indifferent to Zoey’s demise ? / What could be the reason why one of the guests looking suspiciously familiar, tries avoiding you at all costs? Clues, identities will soon be unveiled in this surprising mission

The jolly event turned into a grizzly business. It’s up to you to catch the killer. Good luck 47 »

Location, Dartmoor at Night, in contrast with the happy celebration. New mission, set in a wedding staged-level, decorations, cartering service, even a camera crew for the local newspaper and television, lighting, music, beautiful buffet and many drinks to fill…

Many guests, waiters, cooks, security crew, gardeners, a local DJ, ‘Nebulla’ crew, a suspicious team outside the Manor…

Suspects :

Gloria and George Swifton, parents of Zoey Swifton (deceased)

Stuart G. Swifton, older brother of Zoey Swifton

Pamela and Leland Hardcastle, parents of Sebastian Hardcastle

Sebastian Hardcastle, groom


Looks good! If you have more ideas, I have a thread for bonus levels:


That just kind of echoes death of a family… with a different name.

I mean I was expecting a Kill Bill easter egg and I am disappointed but nonetheless!


I really like how you are trying to come up with something to add to Dartmoor in particular. The level is so large to have only one target.

The problems I have here are that you once again are going with a murder mystery on the same level. I would hope for a change of pace. Also, who exactly is the target here? Who was 47 contracted to eliminate?

This could work, but I think you need to fiddle with it more.

Me personally, I feel like Dartmoor is perfect for a Halloween-themed bonus mission. I would have to sit down and really try to think up a story though. I have no target in mind at the moment either.

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It’s because i love murder mysteries, and the perspective of solving a murder while still being in the Hitman’s typology of game, well, it’s inspiring, it’s awesome, and i wanted to expand it, because there is only one missions with one murder mystery, when it’s a sandbox pleasure to do more. And also, i have the solution but i just didn’t want to say it right away. I’ve seen Dustwolf’s topic, and i’m going to complete the level with some new ideas.

Give me some time, i’ll be back with a revised version, thank you.

And yes! a Halloween-themed level would be awesome! Especially with such a huge garden

P.S.: Just to give you a hint, there are actually three targets in this level. It also connects three official missions.

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In that case, I look forward to learning more.

There is this topic where others have shared their ideas for bonus missions.