Which bonus mission would you like to get?

Let’s theorize with this shit

Bonus Missions for H3
  • Berlin with a themed party
  • Daytime Hawke’s Bay (Surfing contest)
  • Halloween Whittleton Creek
  • Tropical party at Haven Island at night
  • Hostile environment Die Hard style in a night or sandstorm Dubai
  • A sect taking control of Dartmoor Mansion (winter Dartmoor)
  • Chinese new year celebration in Chongqing
  • Rainy / Night Mumbai with Dawood tower finished
  • Night race in Miami

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Shit, i made max 9 options xddddddddd Well it stays like that

Now everybody will want everything

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@MSMPlayz , Man of Alt Accounts xD

(I know it was a Poll Error.)


something winter-themed because half the suits the game has don’t fit any location at the moment


Give us Holiday Hoarders 2: Lost in Whittleton Creek :stuck_out_tongue:

And Berlin with any setting (or even the same), but this time with “proper” targets.


Been wanting more snow themed missions for ages as I am still at a loss for why they made a Winter Sports Suit when only one map…at a stretch fits it.


Hostile/Die Hard Style Dubai would be cool.

Any theme/setting change for Whittleton Creek would be great.

Rainy/Night Dubai would change up the map quite a bit.

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A more traditional Berlin Map would be good though still can mix it up a bit by having a target+ McGuffin item. Where the target has to go to multiple parts of the map with doing exchanges and got find which NPC has the McGuffin item for the mission.

Dartmoor Mansion on a snowy night would be great, perhaps turn it into a guest house. Nice atmosphere and can probably do some good Shining references.

Hawkes Bay Surfing contest or concert would be great could really make that into a standout map.

I would like to see the New York Bank map at Night though. Add under the table deals with some crime family, half the place with the lights off could give a good creepy vibe to it. Plus gives more excuses to use guards with flashlights.


Something in Haven without the annoying storm that never ends.


Oh man, these ideas are all great. Nice job!


Something in Berlin, lots of potential in that map

I don’t think we’re getting any. The deluxe edition only having escalations and the Bond game make me pretty sure this is the wrap-up, but if someone’s heard differently I’d love to find out.

Anyway, if there were more I’d love a daytime beach focused wedding or fair in Hawke’s Bay. That was my number one wish when we were hoping for real Hitman 2 bonus missions. Haven Island at night would also be neat with their new reflections on the water.

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Thinking on it and while more of a new level then bonus remix. I do think a train one with double decked carriages could work quite well . Certain upper floors or lower floors can be restricted. Have cargo ones, economy sleeping quarters, mid tier sleeping quarters and dining carriages with then the Executive ones where highly restricted with armed bodyguards…

Honestly guys, I’ve been to Chennai (different city in India) at night and a night Mumbai would be amaaaaaaaazing.

It’s a vibe kinda like the one in “A House Built on Sand”


something definitely needs to be done in Dartmoor. It feels like such a waste of all that space.

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Masquerade ball at Dartmoor a la the Boyle Party in Dishonored?


I love the beautiful vibrant colors of the Maldives before the storm. I wish we could play that level as long as we want without the storm happening. I think the storm would be better for a bonus map


Yes. My sentiments exactly. I slow play Haven Island and get very immersed but as soon as the storm starts I rush to finish. I wish they had made the storm transient or not at all. I thought maybe I could play the bonus mission without the storm but you fail if you take off the pirate suit so that’s no fun either.

halloween in dartmoor over whittleton, surely? make it a big slasher or haunted house reference with 47 as the slasher/avenging ghost/whatever.

i’d like a version of what they did hit-wise in berlin on… let’s say… every goddamned level.

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I agree. It feels like half the mansion was made just for the murder mystery.