IOI Insider | October 21 (2021)

Wrath Reveal, probably night time Dartmoor.


That would be just perfect.

But you know, give me please access to the whole map, unlike Garden Show


Definitely like the looks of Dartmoor at night. Either this is the Wrath DLC, or its a Halloween Escalation. Makes sense in the latter, but if it’s the former, I’m keen to see how it works.

Good luck to anyone that submitted contracts for the Envy Community Featured Contracts. Can’t wait to see what contracts the IOI Devs have picked as the three this time.


If this is indeed the ending to the “Post-Mendoza Nightmare scenario”, it’s fitting that to break out of it and fight his demons, 47 has to cause some chaos in the birthplace of his abusers. Kill off Providence metaphorically, before doing it for real on the Train.

Night-time Dartmoor WOOOOOO

the data-mines have me excited for this, though I’ve been trying to avoid it


The Facebook tagline was ‘They are coming for you’ which made me think of Night Of The Living Dead. Probably too much of an ask for zombies in Dartmoor as a Halloween Escalation?


Imaging to achieve SA rating, you hide in a crate and wait until every living NPC turns into a zombie. Then shotgun all of them, leaving no witnesses. Easy SA, Patient Zero style! :sunglasses:

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But since it’s just a 7DS escalation it will almost certainly not be that big of a map change, just sky/lighting, and probably decorative items littered everywhere

Anyway this is IOI Insider thread, not Wrath thread, hope they have some cool stuff to reveal

You can see the windows boarded up. So it could be even lesser than Garden Show.

Something tells me I’m about to find out if I’m going to immediately buy the 7DS DLC.

Nothing could be worse than DGS.

Not even if Mendoza had one exit.

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Very clever. What a way to word it.


I think Zombies are very unlikely. You could probably create some Zombie-like NPCs by using the sick/elderly walking animation, have them look like the infected from Patient Zero and make them act like stalkers. Still how is the combat going to work? Will they move towards 47 and then initiate the standard melee combat animations? At the end of the day, unless we want some half-assed “Zombies”, they would have to program a bunch of unique animations and I’m not sure they would do that for a Escalation.

My idea for a horror scenario would be 47 being hunted by a bunch of heavily armed NPCs in scary outfits. Could be the Knight Armors from Sgáil, the Scarecrow from Colorado or the Halloween Outfit from the Miles Reverie. For added creepiness don’t have them talk and give them as much health as the commandos from Untouchable.


anyone remember the zombie easter egg in blood money the map death on the mississippi


3 hours left, now we’re in Daylight savings that means midnight for me :’(


It’s now 2 in the morning for me instead of 1. You got it easy :triumph:

Though I’ll just wake up to the TLDW and that’ll be good enough for me :smile:

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haha, should move to queensland :slight_smile:

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Well. I’m happy to watch this stream at midnight. Man, I’m going to feel tired after this. It has gotta be worth the watch.

Mills Reverie returning for a limited time :neutral_face:


I thought they learned people didn’t enjoy this when they released the DGS. Since it was seasonal and permanent!

Sigh… :expressionless:


At least we have it again, but come on.