IOI Insider | October 21 (2021)

Every Returning Player Right Now:


I feel sorry for the mods who have to try and manage the Twitch chat.
The amount of toxic idiots in there is kinda sad.
Shoutout to whoever they are, keep up the good work :+1:

Hyped to finally get the bat shuriken’s and tactical wetsuit in H3!


What does BI Engeneer mean?
And QA, it’s questions and answers I suppose? What kind of QAs though?

Quality assurance, namely play testers to see if it all works and is enjoyable for the audience


Lol Travis answered a “Will Hitman 3 be available on “HMMHMM” next year?”

Dang epic deal keeps him from saying Steam


Notice how the mic and camera keeps cutting out :thinking:


Pretty crap stream tbh. All that was revealed was already known by a bunch of us and they’re desperately avoiding good questions towards the end. Shamefull.


@Hamushi congrats on the feature contract! And I didn’t expect I will see Detective Conan reference here lol!


Detective Conan appreciation gang. :sunglasses:


Nothing new outside of the Wraith Escalation which worries me with how content filled this season is gonna be in terms of new. Granted these seasons gotten faster IMO and I’m glad it’s coming to a conclusion atleast for 7DS, but Miles Reverie being limited time now feels like a slap to the face for returning players specifically people who transferred their progress. Sad to see they won’t implement the pumpkin suit as an exclusive unlock for completing Miles Reverie since it’s something the majority have wanted since H2.


IOI Insider TLDR/W

  • Season Reveal

    • Act 7: Wrath - 26th October to UNKNOWN
      • Escalation - Dartmoor (At night!) - The Wrath Termination [3 stage]
        • The Temper Suit
        • The Shaska Beast
        • The Roar Flash Grenade
        • Inside the escalation:
          • Patient 47 can be seen in the trailer and escalation image
          • Berlin, Santa Fortuna, and Carpathian guards can be seen in the trailer
          • “Dartmoor [by night] is the focus of the contract”
          • “Manor is fully accessible and majority of the action takes place inside”
          • “They’re coming for you”
          • “Protect the manor, increasingly difficult combat challenges”
          • “Plan, adapt, and survive”
          • “More firepower, many map changes, must adapt, a lot of strategy”
          • “Flare goes up when they enter the grounds”
          • “Have time to prepare, then it kicks off”
          • “Have a very clear goal of where they’re going to”
          • “Addendum to the main story, it’s own little campaign”
          • “Sort of links into main story”
  • Where did the 7DS begin?

    • “Wrapping it up fantastically, going out with a bang”
    • General recap of the 7DS escalations
    • Went all in on the theme for the season’s content
  • Revealed Season Content

    • “A returning nightmare”
      • The Mills Reverie “Limited time only”
        • Unlocks: Tactical Wetsuit & Bat Shurikens
          • Way you unlock has been adjusted (more streamlined)
        • Active on Oct. 26th for all players to enjoy
  • Featured Contracts

    • IOI Developer Contracts
      • Family Matters by Johan (QA)
      • DJ Axe Party by Mitja (Lead Level Designer)
      • The Follicle Paradox by Ross (BI Engineer)
    • Community Contracts (Blog post about why they were chosen)
      • Live now!
      • Conan = Shinichi by Hamushi [Dartmoor picked by Johan]
      • Mirror Match : Chongqing by Deimatic [Chongqing picked by Ross]
      • Crime of Envy by Georgikens [Berlin picked by Mitja]
    • How are community FCs chosen?
      • Thread to see all the entries
      • Ask about why should they be featured, and what makes it unique
      • Cannot play all the Contracts
      • Go into a testing batch of 10
      • Placed on their dev servers and they’re played regardless of platforms
  • Community Q&A

    • Q: Featured contracts on non Hitman 3 levels?

    • A: Most likely will be, but wanted to release a certain amount of featured contract unlocks (At least one more revealed on Tuesday)

    • Q: Why only 3 FCs?

    • A: They have rewards now so don’t want to get to a lot of contracts in one go, but more time is put into picking them

    • Q: Hitman 2 door?

    • A: Off camera, can’t see it doesn’t exist

    • Q: Does the halloween event support VR?

    • A: Don’t know, hope so

    • Q: Will Hitman 3 be on other online stores?

    • A: Exclusive for 12 months on Epic, more news closer to that time

    • Q: When is roadmap coming?

    • A: Next Tuesday. “Best roadmap I’ve made” - Clemens

    • Q: Contracts mode on night time Dartmoor?

    • A: You need to have targets to mark, not waves of attack, so not possible right now

    • Q: Best place to report bugs?

    • A: Player support team on the zendesk site

    • Q: Plans for content in 2022?

    • A: We have plans, nothing to reveal right now. Want to focus on 7DS for now

    • Q: Promoting fan made websites?

    • A: No event or anything for this, last stream we were acknowledging it

    • Q: What map took the longest to make in WoA?

    • A: I have asked around, immediate answer is Paris. It’s the one that was a proof of concept to transition from Absolution to sandbox maps. (See stream for more)

    • Q: Glacier 3?

    • A: Stopped calling it Glacier 2 a while ago, it’s just “Glacier” now as they’re always improving it now

    • Q: Can you talk about IOI week?

    • A: Next week we will have a blog post on it about what happened

    • Q: Disclosing certain things

    • A: We choose what we want to disclose to everyone as we want to keep some content secret

  • Other Info

    • Update on October 26th
    • New ducky merch on
    • Displates can be bought for posters of locations ( under the hitman collection)

Q&A was underwhelming.


On these streams Travis and Clemens are more easily distracted and sidetracked than a Hitman NPC when it sees a coin


Best part of this stream was mrfreeze selfpromoting and everyone calling him a nonce


Sorry but what’s a nonce? I didn’t watch the stream and chats.


Credit where it’s due the Wraith Escalation is shaping up to be probably the most different and enjoyable with it looking to be a survival defense with planning involved and arguably will have the best replayability out of all of them.


The Wrath DLC honestly looks amazing. I can’t say much more, but there’s clearly a lot of work put into it, and it’s a very unique take on the escalation levelling system to denote overt difficulty as well as serial escalation.

The Mills Reverie is already free in Hitman 2 as of now, this should not be time limited. At the very least the Berlin Egg Hunt was new and such, so it’s more “understandable” to keep it limited time. However, Mills Reverie is literally just a repeat of content, and one can access it in Hitman 2’s Demo on Steam. Make it permanent, there is no benefit to keeping it limited time anymore where you yourself admit a lot of players had alreadly played it.

I can’t really comment on the new free content because they didn’t really reveal anything, and frankly I wish they did. It makes sense to do roadmap reveals on IOI Insider instead of making us wait for longer. >:/

Q&A basically ignored a lot of the pre-prepared questions, to the point where not much of value was discussed. No GOG status updates, no offline mode stuff, no plans for the future (the paris info was really cool to know, not gonna lie). There was also, by nature of how Travis speaks, a lot of backtracking and overly-long-winded conversations. I get that you have to repeat yourself because people can miss information, but come on. This is getting annoying now.

I’m simultanously happy with the DLC, but unhappy about the rest of the insider. Do better.


Excited for Wrath Escalation. Have to admit the Halloween Escalation turning out to be just a returning one is disappointing, though.


Wait, the Halloween Escalation is time-limited even though it’s only a returning one?


Artificial Scarcity. They did it with Holiday Hoarders for HITMAN 2 and I completely see them doing it again. Why? I don’t know. It’s a gripe of mine that IO makes previously permanent content limited time only to make it permanent after its second release.

Can’t wait for them to market Holiday Hoarders again as a surprise.