Is the Molotov Cocktail too unbalanced?

That’s church, man. That’s church.

To ‘balance’ the electrocution phone, and make it actually fun, I always thought it should merely “zap” the target, causing them to drop it (and maybe make them panic a little in reaction to the shock?). If they happen to be standing in water, the phone will electrify the water on impact with the ground for a nice electrocution. If not, you can take back the phone and use it again. The zap will also trigger any gas leaks that happen to be nearby, making it effectively similar to a propane + the big one combination, or light fires if it lands in oil.

This would have a lot of practical and unique uses in runs and advanced play. The current phones we have are great items, but letting an NPC find them and answer them often results in unwanted effects (flash phone = target lockdown, explosive phone = probably body found, or maybe that’s just not the kill you wanted). With a ‘zap’ phone, it can essentially do nothing yet still be useful in manipulating the target. Being able to ring them and temporarily make them stand still (for a snipe maybe), without having to worry about an explosion happening very shortly after, could be really useful. For those times when you do want to actually kill with it, it allows more creative options since it could trigger a number of different accidents, and getting kills with it requires just a little more planning. More freedom, more creative options, more fun.


Oh we’re back on the electric phone again :roll_eyes:

IO should put the phone back in the game but whenever an NPC finds it they either bring it to the closest bin and dispose of it, or if they are close enough, they just chuck it into the water.

We’re always on the electric phone! Until IOI puts it back, it’s 24/7! The Molotov is an extension of the electric phone, it represents the electric phone, every thread on this forum is about the electric phone, the entire purpose of life is the electric phone!


I just realized, that I used OP not OT as in over the top. So yeah, I meant thet quantity of ruby themed items.

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Ah thanks for clarifying

Is it OP? Yes. Is it more unbalanced than an emetic briefcase? Probably not, especially as it has increased risk of crossfire and has to be used a particular way.

Is it fun to use for players who have already done almost everything else? Absolutely. Should it be changed? I’d say no, at least functionally. Perhaps having it as a special item that needs to be taken in a case or placed in an agency pickup, like the bigger guns and melee weapons could be a fair compromise.

In the world of Hitman 3 we have sub 1 minute times for almost every single mission done SASO. I don’t see why not having the electrocution phone would matter.

And if you bring up ETs, almost all of them have sub 1 minute times SASO (all do apart from 4). IOI could’ve also restricted it’s use to outside of ETs. I see no reason why it should’ve been removed.


i personally don’t care that the molotov is OP. i’m used to IOI not knowing how to balance items.

e-phone, snail, emetic grenades, tasers, fart briefcase… this is not new for me


I don’t mind that, if thrown just right, the Molotov grants an accident kill, I think that’s actually pretty neat actually.

However, I really don’t think it should be able to go through walls, as to me it kinda ruins the whole “Risk/Reward” aspect of the weapon. (Throwing it or carrying it is illegal, so you need to find a spot just right to throw it perfectly to get an Accident Kill, just being able to wallbang with it bypasses the whole risk aspect)


To any Molotov Cocktail & Electrocution Phone critics:

Maybe you are the one that’s unbalanced. You ever consider that?


Humorous, but doesn’t exactly bolster our case.

That is the most, without a doubt the absolute most touchingly philosophical analogy I have ever heard. I will take that one to the grave.
Even now, it makes me jump with glee yet cry with sorrow. It is euphoric and glorious, yet haunting and beastly. If words were an art form, this would be the Mona Lisa. I will share that with every soul I meet from here on. Forget existential ontology, forget space and humanity’s purpose. This quote will never be solved by an philosophist ever. I will ensure it can be passed down from generation to generation, so that, perhaps, a breakthrough will be made. Touché @VRO3886, Touché.

Carrying even a regular vodka bottle could be temporarily illegal in-game for the duration of Western sanctions against Russia.

Fun fact! Many vodkas that appear Russian or are Russo-named/designed are not actually Russian. Two prime examples are Smirnoff and Stolichnaya. Another one we have in my area is called Romanoff. Not actually Russian!

Source: Don’t worry about it

Of course nothing beats real Russian Vodka, it is just gonna be much harder to find a seller who isn’t boycotting it by choice or government mandate.

I’m a grey goose and belvedere guy

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Being honest, I can’t believe this is still an ongoing discussion

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In native Russia, Molotov cocktail throws you.


The only reason the ICA phone thread died is bc the Molotov Cocktail thread became a thing.