Is the Molotov Cocktail too unbalanced?

It’s legal to carry and explodes on impact instead of bouncing.

It pretty much renders the grenades obsolete except in certain niche situations.

And that’s ok.


As someone mainly interested in contracts mode I think it can hurt some fire puzzle contracts but it’s not terrible to work around. At the same time it also opens up a lot of new possibilities since fire accidents are usually pretty rare. I just wish we had a restricted loadout option like ioi uses for escalations and arcade, then I would have 0 issues with it.


Ah yes, I love internet discussions about trivial things that turn into political debates, guys calm down, we’re not electing a president.

Now to get on topic, I don’t think the cocktail is particularly OP, it still requires skill to get used to the distance an timing, if you overshot it you may kill them with an explosion and therefore losing SA, or if you try to use it in a crowded area you might kill non targets. While it’s a strong item when you get used to it, I don’t think is more “OP” than many of the other “OP” items in the game: sieker, mini taser (combined with propane flasks it’s basically a portable free kill, even normal tasers are OP if you have to kill guards) and of course the fart briefcase.

Now regarding the cheese phone, I agree that it was a really powerful item, so strong to the point of making the game not fun (for me al least). I remember I used It for some elusive targets but then got bored at how easy it was to get kills and just stopped using it, I haven’t had that problem yet with the cocktail, it’s really fun to use, even when I fuck up I end up getting a laugh.

However, I don’t agree with removing the phone either as there were people who did have fun with it, and that’s the point of all games: fun. I didn’t had fun with the phone so I didn’t used it, the same can be said about the cocktail. I still see a lot of creative kills on YouTube despite the amount of strong items, so they have never ruinef the overall experience.


And again, you are missing the point. The game is not just about the kill. None of them are free. And if they were, by your logic, all accident kills are free. The point is, it is not just throw the bottle, kill the target, and nothing happens. There are still penalties if you do something wrong. Hence, it is not free. You have to do it right, and to do it right you have to put in work. Your idea of it being a free kill is wrong.

Silenced pistol is still the most OP item/weapon in the game, nothing comes even close.

Just throwing that out there.


What about the camera? I bring it with me in every mission :stuck_out_tongue:


Briefcase MK.2 is literally OP and broken, it can go through walls.

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Agent 47 is too OP, we need a normal human, not a clone whose better at assassinating than normal people.

The emetic silencing glitch probably should be fixed, and its ability to burn through walls might be unintentional. Otherwise, it’s a loud enforceable fire accident kill. It’s about as over powered as unlocking most tools or gadgets can be.

I expected the Gas Can thats been sitting in the files to be added first, honestly.

Wait, it can go through walls? I had no idea it was that broken!

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Yes there are occasions where if a target is running away the briefcase will phase through walls so it can reach the target it is thrown at.

I like how you advocate for the utmost importance of every player having fun with the game and then outright disregard and alienate speedrunners.

EPhone was removed not because it magically removed a few seconds from your completion time or added free points to the leaderboard score, forcing these damn speedrunners to always use it, but because it took away the challenge of isolating a target and required minimum effort to use it with no risks involved. Which discouraged creativity when it came to the variety of approaches and ruined any competitive aspects to the game (which surprisingly are not limited by speedrunning).

Whatever fun one might have had with it is irrelevant for the reason stated above; any game-breaking glitches are expected to be fixed and not kept in the game on account of it being a single-player game, some people having fun with them, them being completely optional to use etc.

That’s because Speedrunners have the attitude that anything that disrupts their competition with each other is some kind of “game breaker” that needs to be removed, as if this game was made for them and for that purpose. It wasn’t.

Ok, a lot to unpack just from that sentence. How exactly is that “discouraging” creativity? Maybe some people weren’t being creative in using it, but that’s not discouraging it. People would use it for a while, get bored with it, then stop using it so much and try other methods. It’s removal was not necessary; patience was.

Ruined any competitive aspects of the game? Competitive aspects? If you’re playing a Hitman game with the idea of being competitive, not only is that nonsensical, but even supposing there was some such competition, and beyond speedrunning as you say, then simply don’t count anyone who used such items to achieve it, and they’d stop using it if they don’t get to be counted among the high scorers.

Except, the electric phone, and the accident kill aspect of the Molotov cocktail, are neither game-breaking, nor glitches, so that’s wrong.


I think items that make Silent Assassin ranks more accessible to lesser skilled people is okay. In regards to stuff like speedruns I feel there should be score bonuses for going in with a limited loadout and a item-less category for the speedrunning websites that document mission completion based on time.

The unfortunate reality is there are plenty of items especially in the explosive category if used properly can outright kill a target without being in the same room. Such example is Eirch Soders and throwing shaman powder at a window.


It’s not unbalanced because it’s risky to use, you can easily kill non-targets, get spotted while throwing or get an explosion kill if you aren’t careful enough. Definitely not something I would dare trying on ETs. For example the Sieker is much more broken in my opinion.
However, one thing that bothers me is that it has the potential to ruin the difficulty on some player contracts or escalations that require fire accidents.


Or make it easier for such contracts where the person who made it did so on a map that is ridiculously difficult to achieve to the point of it basically being an unfair challenge.

This. I’ve used the Sieker on year 2 targets and it made the iconoclass a push over since I just had to Tranq both the target and guard to get a easy Silent Assassin SO

Another thing the Greed Cane produces virtually unlimited coins which can be used as distractions which makes the game vastly easier.

Just fix the bugs it currently has:

  1. Remove wallbang abillity
  2. Remove when you shoot it with Kalmer/Sieker, it expolodes in flames, giving you free accident kill
  3. Remove when you put it close to breaching charge, it will launch it in air and explode on impact
    Otherwise, getting kill with Molotov is not as easy as it sounds, as radius is kind of big, and it can very easily take out people arround your target.

Let’s just have games launch like how they originally were. Where all we had was the game on the disk with no patches or DLC planned.

It’s not broken it’s a feature