Kevin Rudd: The break-up artist - question

Is your contract even possible to do cleanly if you dont mind me asking?

It looks interesting however there is only the kitchen assistant disguise which is useless on the movie set, and the crew one which is in the bathroom among many people in which you would trespass anyway and the no pacification rule still has me scratching my head.

No point in sniping and leaving and even when I sieker her from the town hall window, she goes to the porta potty in public instead of the washroom.

Any tips rather than the solution would be appreciated. It is currently on the 12th “page” of featured contracts.


Just (re)tried it.




Beat my previous score and time.

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Isn’t it better to message a person directly rather than to create a thread asking a question to this person?
You didn’t even tag him. He’s reading the forum, but there is a chance the question like this will be gone unnoticed by a person you asking it to


Ive tried but I wasnt under the impression this forum was allowing private messages.

He liked the reply so I know he has seen it.

It does allow.
It can be done if you click on user’s avatar via green Message button.
Some of users can turn off the ability to message them, if that’s the case you won’t see the green Message button

It’s not like this was a personal question, though. It was a question about a contract that other users can also answer. There’s not really a need to direct message a contract creator for spoiler-free tips on how to complete the contract. It’s probably better to ask this kind of question openly in a forum, imo.

I was thinking, the public question allowed dialogue with others as the forum intends and Tetrafish got some fun out of this one again but Ill message directly in the future if need be.

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Probably this thread rather than a new thread for a single question on a single contract:

^Yeah. Almost all FC batches had a dedicated topic. There’s also the ‘Ask HMF Anything’ topic -if you (weren’t) able to find a specific topic for whatever you’re wondering about.

…Just for future reference since this question has already been answered.