Last 2 locations revealed (SPOILERS)

Seems here that the leak confirms Mendoza Argentina and Carpathian Mountains Romania as the last two locations for Hitman III


Very interesting.
Most likely the Asylum/Asylum 2.0 in Romania?


What is your source for this location bar?

Why would anyone not wanting to know them enter this thread though.


The title is extremely vague and uninformative as to what type of question OP is asking. They could be asking “Is there 2 locations?”, “What are the last 2 locations?”, “Did they reveal the last 2 locations yet?”. They could be asking all sorts of questions and the moment they open it they’re blasted with the pic without the spoiler mask.


Fair point, but even in those cases I wouldn’t enter the thread if I didn’t want to know them. Well, they seem to have edited it now.

Some “genuises” that got to preview the game have included shots of things that they were presumably told not to. At least one of the videos has since been changed to private - but it’s too late. The information is out there now.

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IO should have required to have a check on the videos before they were uploaded, can’t trust people to follow instructions. :sweat_smile:


I’m almost assuming this is an intentional thing by now. The game is about a week and a half away and I can’t imagine IOI getting a specific article publisher to drop just one location. Unless I didn’t read somewhere this doesn’t seem like a leak, as the past has been pretty consistent to not reveal any leaks.

Seems odd that they would pretend that the reveal was accidental by having the video hidden afterwards.

Someone from @staff can you edit the title and remove the question mark? It would be nice to avoid confusion and people being spoiled on accident.

I’d do it myself but I’m not a regular right now :slight_smile:

As in the video the locations was seen on? Is it hidden? In that case though it’s probably safe to assume it wasn’t intentional unless guilty otherwise.

Yeah, I haven’t seen the video myself but people say it’s already hidden. e.g.

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Well, i mean, it’s IO to blame if they trust a lot of streamers and random people to not show some very secret things. It was a very predictable mistake.

I’m exited for both :grinning:

As an Argentinian that has constantly suggested my country as a location in a Hitman game I am very excited


Guys, this is anything but an “accidental” leak.

While giving away the game for reviewing IOI knew exactly that those kind of leaks would happen (and it’s okay for them), or else they would’ve gave them a demo version hiding all that content.

It’s not a big deal though. We’re at few days of the release and they chose that date to give more details about the game (and that’s what almost everyone wanted here anyway) :+1:

Happy to see that Romania is the final chapter, this announces an EPIC finale in a great location :blush:


I feel actually honored to have my birthplace in this game (Romania) and I can’t wait to see what the mission offers.
Half forest and a huge mansion? Half forest and tiny town? Half forest and a place like Colorado?
I’m avoiding as much spoilers as possible.


I don’t think about anything, I just want to play it and enjoy it.
Even if I could decide I have no idea what I truly want :sweat_smile:


Pretty sure you want the Blackballer and you know it! :joy: