Movies You’ve Only Just Watched

Just saw Black Adam in cinema. Went in with no expectations, my dad was the one who wanted to see it. I dunno, I had fun. I don’t think there is anything special here but there was alot of action, thought the CGI held up. I liked the Justice Society characters, but then I think Pierce Brosnan is always good, and his character Doctor Fate was fun.

I always feel like in this thread my standard for movies is way lower than everybody elses. But I had a good time, nothing groundbreaking or special but I had fun.




The original Scream.

After getting past the nineties onslaught and the involvement of a certain producer and one of his accusers, this was great. Strong performances carry an equally strong mystery and it revels in both the strengths of the genre it spoofs as well as the ridiculousness and tropes.

Wes Craven hits it out of the park again. A solid 8.5/10


Thor: Love and Thunder

The things I liked.

  1. The Music
  2. The theatre play
  3. Chris "aka. Thor’s muscles

The things I hated

  1. The humour
  2. Old characters acting drastically different then past movies.
  3. A lot of the CGI looked awful
  4. The humour
  5. The humour

All in all I’m extremely satisfied that I said no to watching it in the cinema, when my SO asked me if I wanted to watch it with her friends. I’m stunned that in the year of the lord 2022. That a lot of big budget films, still got downright awful CGI. After watching this film, I’m glad that it’s been dead silent regarding Taika Waititi’s Star Wars film due to it’s reception. It’s one of the few times I’ll be relived if it turns out Lucasfilm cancels it. I really don’t think he as a director or writer is able to make something that isn’t a SNL sketch. Even if I heavily enjoyed Jojo Rabbit, I still find his brand of humour as an i’ll fit for A galaxy far far away.


That’s so neat, I just saw Thor 4: More Thor. Er, Thor: Love and Thunder last night, hadn’t posted this yet!

I thought it was good! I had a couple issues in that it didn’t take itself seriously enough throughout the entire film, but it was still enjoyable, quite a few laughs, and had enough of heart-warming/breaking moments to make it worthwhile to me.
They also tie the title of the movie right into the film at one point I thought was neat.

The use of the Guardians in this was short and sweet. Loved it when Nebula grabbed and gun to put down the goats and Mantis immediately joined her lmao.
Gonna love seeing them come back next month.

Jane Foster is back, now as the Mighty Thor. Natalie Portman did a good job at being the excited, nervous new Superhero unsure of what she just leapt into.
I think they should have maybe lengthened her transformation into Thor. Maybe give us a little of her surprise, or getting used to the role, training with Valkyrie maybe. She kind of just… shows up later being superhero-y and I wasn’t expecting that so soon.

This movie also went full Space God Epic, the whole sequence in Omnipotence City with all the different gods was a bit silly but fun overall (take my soul Bao, God of Dumplings). Russel Crowe as Zeus was a lot of fun as well, I really liked his accent and the CGI on all his Thunderbolt flaunting was great.

The Black and White realm was really cool! Such a nice unique filming style to just jam into the middle of your film.

I also really love how much this movie pushed for its Space Rock Adventure theme, brought to you by Guns N’ Roses. Nearly all the licensed songs are theirs, wow they got paid a lot for this one.
The credits sequence was also really awesome, with all the names resembling iconic Rock Band name designs.

Some stuff I just didn’t like:
The Goats got old after a while. Quite a lot of the Shadow Monsters had uncanny valley CGI. What the hell was up with that Axl Floating Head scene?? The first Shadow Monsters scene was just way too dark. I couldn’t see what was going on half the time.

But I enjoyed how the movie could slow down and get a bit somber when it wanted to (the Thor/Jane montage to Abba was bittersweet). The climax/beating the villain scene was heart-breaking, more to follow in spoilers. Love all the scenes with Thor and the kids.
I also love where the movie ended with Thor, and excited for what that could bring for the future.

Also, this is on me, but I’m impressed Marvel Studios created a moment where my parents – the confused, not knowledgeable “fans” of the MCU – both screamed in excitement at that mid-credits scene while I was the one who remained in confusion. (I don’t know who Brett Goldstein is)

Spoilers here

Okay, so, I really loved the moment where it’s revealed that being Thor is draining Jane of her strength, and if she keeps using it it will allow the cancer to kill her.
The moment where she shows up to help defeat Gorr was awesome, but had such a dark, sad undertone to it because you know she’s stepping up to do one last good thing, then die.
Loved her final hero moment. Also loved that the “Korg not knowing her name” running joke ended with finally getting it right, Dr. Jane Foster!


I actually saw Thor: Love & Thunder a while back and decided against doing a writeup here.
A good bunch of the Marvel movies have been less than excellent. A few I felt were a bit too slow and unengaging. This is the first Marvel movie that straight up annoys me.

To be fair I could tell where this was going when I saw Ragnarok.

Thor has been turned into a character that is “comedy dumb”. He says and does things in a way not even the most stupid, most ignorant person would. He does this because it’s “funny”.
In general dumb things like Stormbreaker being “jealous” happen because it’s “funny”.
I hate that.


I think that Marvel just has a good understanding of their demographic. Their fans, for the most part, have a history of showing appreciation towards that kind of thing. They may have double dipped a bit with Love and Thunder, but it’s basically how Thor and pretty much every MCU character has behaved since Whedon showed how well it works with the first Avengers.

As for the film itself, I liked it well enough. It was a bit “comedy dumb”, as you said, but I felt that it held more sentiment than most MCU movies and there were a couple of pretty standout ideas from an artistic angle. That black and white realm was one of the more interesting sequences any of the Thor films imo, and the idea that the villain was ultimately defeated by his own love is a deeper outcome than we typically see with these films. Also, I kind of liked the ending. It was both sweet and it enhanced the film’s title in the last two seconds, I thought that was again a touch above standard MCU fare.

But it did go heavy on the dumb, it was tonally inconsistent and tried to do too much at once. It wasn’t a great film, but I feel like it’s also got an unfair repuation.


I wish, now that they’ve embraced the mystical and supernatural in the MCU, instead of just hand-waving it as fancy science, that they would stop ignoring and/or making fun of Thor and other Asgardians for being gods, while showing all others under that category, such as the Celestials, their due respect.

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Requiem for a dream

Very educational and interesting movie. This was a movie I wanted to see for a very long time. Everyone I saw mentioning it stated this made an impression and said they were shocked or left traumatized. Obviously, as a movie enjoyer, I wanted to see if it lived up to the ‘hype’.

To answer that question, I’d simply say yes. This is a movie that should be shown to highschool students. Maybe even some adults. This isn’t a movie you’d watch for entertainment. This is a one time view you never forget. The dread, the dispair, its absolutely awful to see. Characters you somewhat empathise with slowly lose themself in addiction.

Sara Goldfarb’s descent into a living hell for the only thing that could’ve made her happy was the worst thing to see. Since she was the most civilised out of all 4 characters I empathised the most with her. That last scene before the credits rolled was what made this a great movie for me. I never was into drugs, nor did I ever think of using it. Now I’m pretty sure I won’t.

Requiem for a dream is a fantastic movie I wish to never see again.


that’s the perfect description, though it’s the only movie i went to see twice at the cinema.

that music tho :ok_hand:t4:

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Yesterday I watched an old movie for the first time, The Truman Show, this is a goated movie, but not just “oh it was really good”, no, nooooo, this is near perfection, this was one of the greatest movies of all time, Jim Carrey is amazing.


The Nortman, a film by Robbert Eggers.

The film is an adaption of the Danish legend of Amleth, the main inspiration of the William Shakespear’s character Prince Hamlet. Like Hamlet it’s also a revenge story, a film about fate and destiny. Amleth vows to take revenge on his uncle Fjölnir for killing his father King Aurvandill.

The film isn’t your typical Hollywood blockbuster, like Eggers earlier work it’s a more artistic experience. It’s characters and dialog are big and bombastic, closer to opera and theatre then modern day cinema. The pacing, the story and plot feels lifted from the legends, sagas and poems that filled the ancient world.

The film is depicts a historical accurate version of Scandinavian culture in the so called Viking Age. All from religious practices and to the understanding of fate in Norse mythology. It’s a grounded film, that deals with the supernatural and other worldly myths. Like many of his other films, the supernatural plays a part where it’s up to interpretation. It’s often personal experiences that easily can be categorised as visions or people tripping.

The soundtrack is hauntingly dark and beautiful and it perfectly complements, the gorgeous cinematography. Especially the monochrome moonlight scenes are a feast for the eyes.

A fantastic film, I’m sadden by the fact that I didn’t catch it in the Cinema.



Terrifier 2:

B-Movie Horror schlock at its finest which continues graphically exploitive nature that was explored in the first one that cements Art The Clown as an Icon in the genre that got comfortable with the Big Studio mains. Movie isn’t as violent as the first one albeit only by a small bit, but it’s definitely not for everyone. Definitely something I’ll be picking up to add to my 4K UHD library of movies. Pure fun from beginning to end, just could be trimmed in some areas. Definitely recommend for people looking for something that isn’t big studio horror, but can handle a lot of blood and gore.

Out There Halloween Mega Tape:

This one holds a very fond place for me seeing how I’m a big supporter and fan of Chris LaMartina and this point is only reinforced after meeting the man during one of his screenings in Philly back in October. This is a sequel to his 2013 Cult Classic WNUF Halloween Special. I was initially worried about the sequel after hearing Aliens being apart of the plot, but I’m glad to be wrong.

While WNUF covered 80’s Local Broadcasting News Halloween Specials. The Sequel tackled Big Network News parodying how FOX News was in the 90’s. I don’t wanna spoil anything, but the film is split into Two Segments with intermission connecting the two. One is a Day Time Talk Show and the other is a parody of Sightings which was a Paranormal Investigation show on Fox in the 90’s.

This one I strongly urge everyone and anyone to watch, but I recommend seeing the WNUF Halloween Special first since at the moment of writing this Out There Halloween Mega Tape wrapped up its special screenings in private venues and currently is only available via 300 VHS Tapes or by DVD which is a not so limited option since it’s currently not available on Streaming Services.

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Local movie theater’s doing a Noir-vember, and so tonight we went out to see Oldboy.


It was a good movie, sure, but HOLY **** it was BRUTAL!!

A man named Dae-su gets randomly abducted off the street one drunken night and is imprisoned, drugged, and hypnotized in an isolated apartment room for 15 years, before being suddenly released, but teased with the allure of tracking down his captor. So, he must seek vengeance for the life he’s lost, and question he has: “Why?”

I like the complexity of it. The plot and its mysteries slowly unravelled, and you got more and more of the Really Big Picture. It is an ugly, ugly truth that gets revealed by the end, with three twists (to me) in the film to boot!

It’s definitely got a heavy noir aesthetic in the script. The somber voice-overs, the main character who can’t keep it all together, the dark nights and seedy underbelly of the city, and the brutality of the violence. Oh jeez there’s one scene that involves teeth and it’s bone-wriggling.
Also unflinching sex scenes played out in full and gratuitous boob-shot

The subject matter of, well, the main mystery is also extremely dark and layered too.
Some spoilers if I’m gonna reveal what, but this film deals with some serious (consensual?) incest, body mutilation, mind-breaking trauma, extremely devious manupulation, and heavy paranoia.
I’ve read that Spike Lee made an adaptation of this film with Josh Brolin, but I’m not sure if all that would get adapted (or accepted by american audiences)

Very very big ending spoilers here

So, the climactic ending, whoaaa.
My jaw will never recover from this series of events. Never have I seen a film get so layered with its story…
When it’s revealed that Woo-jin had incest with his sister, big twist. Then that Dae-su started the rumours that caused her suicide, even crazier twist, especially in that Woo-jin played such a long psychopathic game to get back at him.
But no!! That couldn’t be it! No! Turns out they also manupulated and hypnotized Dae and Mido to get together, and believing to be total strangers, hook up and fall in love! But as it turns out, Mido is his long lost daughter who went into foster care after his disappearance!
AND ITS NOT OVER YET! No, at this point, threatened with the idea of Mido finding out, Dae-su breaks down into a sniveling, groveling mess, anx cuts his own tongue off.
And when given the chance to kill the big bad by turning his pacemaker off, that was a trap as well, as Woo-jin leaves as a tape recorder turns on, playing the sounds of sex between Dae-su and Mido. OH MY GOD AHHHHH WTF.
And in the very very end, its revealed that Dae-su goes under memory-suppression hypnosis to forget everything about the revelation to continue to live with Mido, (and also protect her from the truth?) And the implications that remain with that are… uhhhh yikes whoa.

So, uh, yeah, very good, well-written film, but is much more heavy in its subject matter than I’ve ever seen.
Action fights were very cool too especially the one-shot hallway fight. There are also some great match-cuts with characters faces in this movie. Classical music and Score music are used to great effect in intense scenes.

I also learned that the game Sifu took serious inspiration from this film in many ways:

One room in the first level goes horizontal-side-scrolly vs. A room of bad guys with sticks. Cool reference.

I think there’s also a bonus costume you can unlock that looks like the suit Dae-su wore at the penthouse.

There’s a line at the end of the movie that is way too close to be a coincidence. It’s almost literally the death mechanic in the game.
“Each step he takes will age him up one year. When he reaches 70, he will die.”
Each game death exponentially raises your age by one, and 70 is the point of no return, where you die. Cool!


Yeah, Oldboy knocked my socks off the first time I saw it and remains in my top 5 films of all time.

I’ve watched the rest of Park Chan-wook’s catalogue since, and while he’s always interesting (especially JSA: Joint Security Area, Sympathy For Mr Vengeance and The Handmaiden), none of his films quite hit me like Oldboy did…

…until I saw his most recent film Decision To Leave, which was released last month. It’s much gentler than most of Park’s films but I found it captivating and like Oldboy it had an ending that I’ll never forget. Highly recommend checking it out if you get the chance.


Imagine Saw without Jigsaw
Imagine John Wick without John Wick
Imagine Hitman without Agent 47

This is basically Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, this movie is absolute shit

Watched Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. It’s…a Marvel movie. :man_shrugging: And not one of the better ones, much as I like Sam Raimi.

I don’t know, I just felt like I’ve seen the powerful woman goes crazy and wreaks havoc storyline more than once before and Dark Phoenix (not necessarily the movie versions…) already occupies that space in my head. It probably doesn’t help that I’m kind of over the whole multiverse thing, especially the superficial comic-book version.

Also, John Krasinski is a terrible Mr. Fantastic.

Wong is still cool, though.


oh man. i was obsessed with the vengeance trilogy back in the day. great movie.


Saw Glass Onion at the cinema. Really enjoyed it, as good as Knives Out but I think I also think it is good enough in a different way that makes it feel like its own thing, rather than just being Knives Out 2. Hard to really say much more for fear of spoiling anything, I think the movie absolutely is worth seeing on the big screen which it will be for only a few days until it becomes a Netflix exclusive. Can’t wait for the third film.