Movies You’ve Only Just Watched

Is that the first one or the second one?

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They made two? 2 Fokkers 2 Many

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Yea :joy:. One has Dustin Hoffman as Ben Stillers Dad. I think that’s the Fokkers one and the first was Meet the Parents where it’s just Ben Stiller meeting her parents? Maybe I have the names backwards but the first was really funny; much better than the second.


3 films, Meet the Parents, Meet the Fockers, and Little Fockers.

Going to see Shazam 2 on Saturday. Want to see the new Dungeons and Dragons movie, the reviews for it have been pretty positive.


Cocaine Bear
It’s a half scary, half funny dumb summer movie loosely based on real events (yes, the part about a bear doing an absolute mountain of cocaine is true).

It was a bit more gore than I wanted but it was fun, also Ray Liotta is in it in one of his final performances. We love him. Isiah Whitlock Jr, Alden Eisenreich, and Kerri Russel are the other actors you might recognise.


The Whale

I watched this award wining drama.

A surprise dramatic performance from Brendan Fraser - awesome. Watched his movie from my days at schools - The Mummy, George of the Jungle.

This movie is an emotional bond between a father and daughter, also has a deep message for body shamming and orientation.

Well deserved award for Mr Fraser as Best Actor.


Had a couple of hours to kill so I saw Scream VI. In a theater. :hushed: (Seriously, I haven’t been to a theater in at least five years. :grin:)

Of course, I haven’t seen Screams 2-5, so I was completely lost and hadn’t the faintest clue what was going on. :stuck_out_tongue:

But it was fun, even if it didn’t feel all that far from what I remember of the first movie.

Definitely not enough Matthew Lillard, though.


Saw Shazam! 2. Enjoyed it, thought it was a fun movie. Probably the only bit of the the current DC Cinematic Universe I have any investment in, so will be sad if this little corner of the franchise is wiped with the new James Gunn slate.

Favourite part of the movie was Wonder Woman’s cameo, that was fun, even if also a borderline Deus ex Machina.


Everything Everywhere All At Once

Watched this Science Fiction Action movie (Academy Award for Best Film)

It is an out of the box quite different movie and deserves the award, however I was wishing for “All Quiet on the Western Front”.

It is quite confusing movie and I had to rewatch it in hindi again.

Here are the non spoiler concepts used in the movie:

For the sake of understanding, there is no Uni-Verse, it is just Verse kept as (uni)Verse.

  1. It is a concept of Multiverse/Parallel Universe - Multiple (Uni)Verse.

  2. It has a concept of Verse-Jumping where one can connect in (uni)Verse A with the brain of its human body on (uni)Verse B (only via brain/mind)

  3. The verse jumping is done via routing of (uni)verse (like a router in internet)

We can connect Universe A to B via C,D,E so
A → C → D → E → B

So if the person as Businessman in A wants to connect to B as a Singer, that person may get a uncontrolled reflex on its bodies/uni(Verse) path.

A - Businessman
C - Footballer
D - Chef
E - Professor
B - Singer

So, the Footballer, Chef and Professor may sing a beautiful song out of uncontrolled reflex while connecting for a short duration of time.

  1. On connecting the brain of (uni)Verse B - Singer from (uni)Verse A - Businessman, the person gets all the past memory and skills (which is the reflex).

For example, you as a gamer play hitman and you have acquired the gaming skills on joystick/keypad (which is the reflex).
And you might have a parallel body in a parallel universe which doesnot have any game concept and is a real hitman, so on connecting you get both the skills as a gamer and real assassin (along with two past memories as a gamer and assassin).

  1. To switch the mind/brain and connect to a different body in a different (uni)Verse, the person needs a device, made by an advanced (uni)Verse and the person needs to do a weird action and think something weird.

  2. Too much of (uni)Verse jumping can overload the person with more memories and skills. And with that the person gets additional power of changing particles, you see the universe is made of particles - atoms and can be changed to recreate a hamburger to a handgun.

I believe the above 6 points will suffice for a basic concept shown by the director duo - Daniels.

I hope you enjoy this movie :nerd_face:



It’s definitely a movie that gets better each time you watch it! Probably because the movie is pretty fast-paced, with lots of unexpected turns. I’ve seen it twice and the second time around was better than the first!

I finallly understood that from the beginning of Act 2, Evelyn’s mind is fractured across all universes, and everything that we see happening in these different universes is happening simultaneously.

She has ascended to nearly match the power level of Jobu Tupaki, and is able to freely switch perspectives at will.

It’s another really cool parallel of the film – where the villain and the hero both use the same omniscient power, one to destroy the world, and the other to save it.


John Wick: Chapter 4 10/10
Action sequences I had never seen : the shooting in front of the Arc de Triomphe in the traffic lanes for example, the f** shooting with incendiary bullets filmed from above in the style of a retro video game, the excellent role of the fighting dog, already present in the previous one but reassessed.
And OMG John goes to a Club Hölle in Berlin!
The electro soundtracks are just perfect. I wish they were on YT right now.
A few downsides: the universe doesn’t worry about people, tourists and policemen who never intervene, billionaires can privatize public places as they please… we don’t learn much more about the High Table and its role, it is only a pretext for internal quarrels. and the gifts of the blind to see everything is exaggerated.
Massive entertainment clearly with an elaborate aesthetic.


I agree completely. :+1:

The scene with incendiary bullets filmed from above in one shot is probably my favorite scene in the entire film series. It even had the same soundtrack as the club scene in the first movie, one of the best compositions in the series too. Would love to listen to the rest of the OST again.
Noticed the Berlin club too, even though the name was shown very briefly! The famous Berghain bouncer even had a fun cameo here.
Glad to finally have Japan represented in the series. I loved the aesthetics, even the smaller details like the soldiers that were otherwise similar to the ones in the third movie wearing menpo masks.
Yeah, Caine seemed ridiculously overpowered considering his condition but in the end he didn’t make it. Felt bad for the guy, he wouldn’t have been involved in the business anymore had it not been for his daughter.
I couldn’t have imagined a different ending, this is how it was meant to happen.



Saw 65. Enjoyed it, had fun, Adam Driver really is a great actor. The movie is only 90 minutes and honestly I wonder if it was meant to be longer in some parts. But it does feel nice and brisk. A good time.


Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga (English Translated: Thief Ran Away).

Thriller Suspense Heist and Hijack movie with unpredictable ending. Watched this kind of movie after a while.
Credit goes mostly to the story and screenplay, the plot keeps on changing after each 10/15 minutes. Versatile actress Yami Gautam is one of my favourite. This recent released hindi movie is available in Netflix in english audio/dub.

It all starts when a flight attendant and her boyfriend on the flight plans for a diamond heist. Things goes as planned but unfortunately a terrorist group hijacks the plane and the plot shifts to a terror hijack movie.

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