New game about Lucas Grey?

How would you feel if IO made a game with Lucas Grey as the lead character?

In this new Danish interview with Hakan Abrak, he says that while 47 will be taking a break ‘we’re not done with the universe’.

Personally, I would love a “spin-off” with Lucas Grey. He’s an interesting and distinct character, that could expand on the universe and that you could take in different directions story and gameplay wise, than with 47.

I know this is somewhat controversial, but that’s just the first thing I thought of when I read it. I feel like Lucas Grey is a strong enough character to be lead.

What do you guys think?

Do you like the idea of a Lucas Grey spinoff?
  • I like the idea
  • I’m skeptical
  • No way

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thank you for adding an “i’m skeptical option” haha. too many of these polls are 2-choices


It would be interesting to explore his merc days and how he came to know about Providence. That could be a way of framing the game so that he’s been taking out all these targets for Providence, gets promoted to Cobb’s security team and has to enlist Olivia to help him on the back end as a sort of Handler.


Did you know that fictional storytelling has the ability of choosing to tell a story at every which point in time it wants? I know right, mind-blowing concept…


Don’t get me wrong I much prefer the 007 game we’re actually getting, but I’d be hella down for a Lucas Grey game. The gameplay would probably require some drastic changes and idk how well that’d turn out, but things like the Cobb/Thomas Cross takedowns would make great levels/setpieces fleshed out more. Maybe have a tutorial prologue flashback where you, as Lucas, interact with a non-player 47 during their escape attempt.



I’m here, I’m here, I’m here!!

No seriously, I would love to see a game about Lucas Grey and the years before he started the war against providence. Or, let me say otherwise, the reasons because he wages that war.

There were about 30 years between his escape from the institute and the beginning of the WOA trilogy. It’s not just that he wanted revenge for what happened when he was young in that facility, but also for the years to come. He never had a normal life, his life was full of brutality, hate, loss, war, death. It must be tough to live like that. And everything he did, the plans he made to get close to 47 and providence, must have taken many years. So it would be so interesting how he came to all of this and it would give the whole plot an interesting framework.

I know, most people here hate him. But you’ve got all you wanted, you even got an ending that honoured the classic Hitman Games. And Lucas was wiped away like nothing. Please, give me some love.


Spoilers please. This isn’t H3 discussion so this could take many people unaware.

Also @Mini

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Sorry, I added some spoilers on the Hitman 3 part. I hope it’s okay now :relaxed:

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I’m all for a spin off, however on the cost of a different gameplay loop. I don’t want just another Hitman game with Lucas Grey. However I could see the appeal in playing as Grey, visiting past locations in the wake of 47’s hits. Revisiting levels and areas pre H16. Exploring Lee Hongs stronghold after he’s dead, seeing how Grey have tracked 47 through out the years. I could see a nice appeal to a spin off game.


I think they should change the gameplay. He’s not the silent assassin guy. I think there should be more action than in a hitman game and for a spin off or some DLCs with Grey I think it would be fun.


imagine getting to play the thomas cross kidnapping (?) in a slightly stealthier freedom fighters style set-up.


With seeing that IOI is working on some DLC content, this really came to my mind. We could visit the existing locations with Grey, maybe to see what he did there before 47 came; because we know he was also there (like in Italy).

Sure, there should be some changes in the gameplay. I think he’s not into a fiber wire. I think he’s more like killing silently with a knife. And I thinks he’s more rough in his behaviour. But at the end, he has the same skills as 47.

But, I wouldn’t mind if we get a whole spin off game with him :grin:

I know it’s just dreaming, but dreams are allowed…

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Infiltrates FSB headquarters, kills section chief to make it look like suicide, in and out without a trace… Yeah, totally not the silent assassin guy :wink:


You are right, didn’t thought about that :see_no_evil:

If he didn’t do it dressed like Coco The Clown throughout the entire mission, he’s not a true Silent Assassin.

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It would be interesting but I’m not sure it warrants a full game. Maybe a patient zero style experience for Hitman 3?

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Quincy, you got me thinking: maybe we could fit an Erich Soders Cold War series of missions in a Patient Zero format.


I would actually see Soders getting a role, if the Bond trilogy happens in the past I can see him doing a cameo.

How would that materialize? Forget cross-universe, this is cross-something-entirely-else. Given that ICA is a fiction, along with the rest of 47s universe, as opposed to Bonds universe, where MI6 is something very real.

I don’t know, I really can’t see that happening.

I would not say Bond is non-fiction. He is closer to an existing group than 47, but many real groups are also part of the Hitman universe.