No Electrocution Phone on HITMAN 3?

It is true? Will players that transfered progress from Hitman 2 still have it?

nope its gone.


Hallelujah praise the lord, in Youtube’s CJ’s voice.


Good riddance.


I’m not sure how to link something but there is a long thread for this already.


I’m sure I read they indeed have retired this phone now - it rings a bell anyway.

It still a pretty interesting tool.
Consider make it to pacify someone (body found does not count, as it was Sedated) and electrocution kill accident if the target is standing on water.

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What made it too OP? Did it count as an accident kill even if they weren’t standing over water?


they replaced it with 25 reskinned smgs

I was mildly shocked looking that the Electrophone was removed.

In the end, it was a highly convenient tool that made things way too easy. Can’t blame IO for removing it. That’ll make for interesting ETs.

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Yes. No matter what, no matter who, no matter when, always an accident kill. Made public targets like Martinez or Cassidy total pushovers.


It was always an accident and could be used anywhere

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Bye Bye ephone

In addition you could use it to cheese every single elusive target.

Sounds like instead of removing it they could have just made it not an accident kill. That way you would need to hide the body and not let anyone else see it happen. At least this would have made it harder to use for silent assassin rating without needing to completely remove the item from the game.

IO already struggles a bit with being clear and consistent in their messaging so I’m happy for it to stay gone. it’s a less messy outcome than having an item that says electrocution on it, but works differently from every other electrocution kill in the game


Agreed. The explosive phone literally works the same way, voids SA rating.

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I still find amusing they removed the e-phone, but then gived us the micro taser. Even if not totally safe like the phone, is still easy to place it undetected, and once you find a puddle, you can still have an easy and safe SA kill. Sure, it still require a bit of planning differently from the phone, but you’re still safe because no one will ever try to collect it and it won’t make you suspicious, at last if you don’t throw it. It’s even safer than throwning a car battery.

Perhaps, this is the balancing they mentioned when they announced the remove of the phone

I do think there’s a large difference between a free instant kill anywhere on the map and a relatively safe puddle kill that often requires extra mechanics or at least patience to get the target into. The electrocution phone was basically a free kill that took out any target you wanted, which was bad in the main missions and even worse in escalations and elusive targets.


Let’s say that electrocution kills are now less obvious with the phone gone. We have still the micro taser and emp to effectly make some more creative kill. Fun fact, electrocution accidents are some of favorites of mine, and these tools are some of my favorite ones. I rarely used the e-phone, only on some escalation and few ET (the fucking Fixer and the boring Chef).
BTW, I think this issue somehow remains with the tasers, especially the proximity one, notable on contracts with guards as target.