Official Community Bootleg & Buccaneers Featured Contracts Submissions Thread [CLOSED]

And he probably doesn’t even put mine on it… :joy:

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Contract ID: 1-22-4089229-03

Platform: Epic Games (PC)

Submitter name: mkSolas

Contract Title: The Legend of Rude Ruby


A rare pistol has been sighted in Whittleton Creek and bounty hunters have arrived to take the pistol for themselves.

Is it your job to obtain this pistol and eliminate the targets before they find the weapon.

Brief Description:

Simple 4 target contract were you can either bring in the required weapon, Rude Ruby or find it in the map itself if you don’t have it.


Location: Whittleton Creek

Featured Contract Image suggestion:


Since we don’t have a musket firearm - the closest thing might be the sawn-off shotty. Saber kills are alright, but (imo) some loud shotty kills might mix things up a bit.

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agreed. just like they did with the boomstick FC.

Contract ID : 4-20-1918126-19

Platform: Switch

Submitter name: howdy

Contract Title: A True Story

Briefing:The Island owner told 4 gurads (the targets) a Pirate Story. In the story 4 guys die from a Pirate. He kills all 4 guys with his saber and the story ends.The 4 gurads have this story in there head stuck now. If they see someone with a Pirate suit and a saber they will kill him because of there fear of Pirates now.

Brief Description: There are 4 targets. 2 outside, 1 near the main house, and 1 on the roof.Eliminate the targets stealthly or loudly with the saber.

Location: Hawke’s Bay (Newzeland)

image suggestion:

I can only use one image because im new.


Contract ID: 2-27-2763249-05

Platform: PlayStation

Submitter name: mjbsr2008

Contract Title: The Fool And His Flying Ship

Briefing: Omar has stolen millions of gold from good people through the means of Arabian pirates to build his sceptre. We’ve hired you to help bring it back by eliminating him, his rich co-conspirators, and the staff that guard the safes and atm full of gold. Good luck 47.

Location: Dubai

Brief description: this contract title is a reference to the name of a Slavic folktale called “the fool and the flying ship”.



Image suggestions


i feel like i sort of make my contracts out of improvisation. ideas pop in my head on what to do when i walk around and see random npcs and what weapons i have in my arsenal.

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I guess a lot of contract ideas come up out of nowhere, just by your scheme :slight_smile:

@mkSolas, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but if IOI keep to their word, your contract is a glitch/modded contract with the ruby rude kill, so it cannot be picked. IOI are very poor at NOT picking modded contract eg @Urben FAR FRAG from last month.

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oof. yeah. i didn’t mod my pirating the sword of history but asked if there was a way IOI could make it the bartoli. the gun i used on the final guy. overall it ain’t modded but the bartoli is just a wish and a dream of what i would want it to look like.

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Yep, if i think of a connection to a film/book/name etc i build my contract around that

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Always worth a try. Honestly I thought they meant no modded as in restricting starting locations and such.

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@mkSolas, no but as i said it might get featured like with @Urben FARFRAG.

for me i build it on the secret mechanics, easter eggs, and map of the location to build mine and test out what works and what doesn’t work. what i can do and what i can’t do.

@Agent_MJ yeah i don’t know if that’s allowed or not.

yeah. it’s just pistol kill on the full contract meaning you can use any pistol you want. it was just a suggestion i made if they would allow it. cause the idea of working with loud weapons in a hitman contract to me adds to the stakes and challenges yer reaction time to clean up the situation.

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yeah… Yes it does “remembering the striker escalation”

luring everyone into your room and gunning them down. what i notice is you can muffle the gunshot by shooting everyone on the balcony of yer room and no one will hear you.

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if only i knew that… Fuck that escalation

lol. it’s all good. i also learned the lesson the rule of door by the hitman youtuber cashmerian.

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