Official Community Bootleg & Buccaneers Featured Contracts Submissions Thread [CLOSED]

Never heard of them. I’ll check 'em out

basically if an npc is behind two doors he can hear things like explosives.

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@Charlie_Farmer made a grammar error here’s his channel

it’s Casimir

Oh, i know casimir! Great content.

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yeah. it’s where i got most of my secrets like how midnight black suit can enter the outside area of the villa in mendoza.

Please use this thread less for talk and keep it at posting contracts.

Just submit what you want, modded contracts seem okay in many cases, they just don’t want to use stuff like coin kills.


ah i see. so just no bug/exploit kills?

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@Urben, im so sorry mate.

Well, with the list of contracts it’s kind of hard to get lost.
That’s why I came up with the idea, basically.
So why not :slight_smile:

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Some talk is okay, just if it is lengthy it misses the point of the thread, even if there is a very helpful list at the top. :wink:

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got it man. we’ll keep chatter down to a minimum.

Yeah, I agree here.
But if the talk is related to submitted contract or an idea for one, it could be.
Though yeah, those talks could be done via PMs


Contract ID: 3-27-9712610-56

Platform: Xbox

Submitter Name: OutlawKingpin18

Contract Title: Salim The Terrible’s Revenge

Briefing: Good Morning 47. Your targets are former members of the crew of notorious Arabian pirate Salim the Terrible, our client. These former crew members betrayed our client and took both his treasure and his precious personal schimitar. The mutineers used Salim’s wealth to build a monumental final home: The Sceptre. You must infiltrate the building’s inauguration dressed as Captain Salim, kill all the mutineers using our client’s schimitar, and exfiltrate with the weapon. Good hunting 47.

Brief Description: Agent 47 (Dressed in the Buccaneer Suit) uses the Ornate Schimitar found in the Dubai Level to eliminate his targets. No camera recordings are allowed and only one exit point is allowed. Disguise changes are allowed, but Agent 47 must be wearing the Buccaneer Suit when eliminating his targets.

Location: Dubai

Featured Contract Image Suggestion:


Played it and enjoyed it. Great work. Guess we are Team Switch. Hope your contract(s) make it or mine or both of us. Have a good weekend.

Id: 2-13-3551578-88
Platform: Playstation
Submitter name: Callmemabey87
Contract Title: The Landlubber Laceration

Ahoy Cap’n 47!

Upon your last visit to Mumbai, an untimely frisk led to the confiscation of your Saber.

It seems this was the bidding of one of your prior targets, and notorious sea pirate, Wazir Kale.

Some of Kales’ men still inhabit a small cabin near the shore. These are the same men that confiscated your saber and hid it in Rangan Tower.

So grab your favorite eyepatch, retrieve your precious saber, run the scurvy seadogs through and return to your ship to pillage the (forty) seven seas!

Brief description:

I wanted to use the affiliation of Wazir being a sea pirate, then give 47 a reason to be going back to mumbai. The mission involves a bit of stealth before a payoff of melee kills.
I also wanted to keep it quite compact due to the massive size of Mumbai. Once people learn of the exit required, this should give them a good idea of the desired route, in which an npc conversation mentions the malestrom being a pirate!

Location: Mumbai

Picture suggestion:

Either 47 in his pirate gear on the dock near his ship, or the saber bursting through one of his targets!


Contract ID: 1-12-8879503-21

Platform: Epic

Submitter name: Tetrafish_21

Contract Title: Keys to the Treasure


Legend tells of Conquistador Gold hidden somewhere in Santa Fortuna. Five men have been rumored to have the key to the chest, but it isn’t known which one has the actual key. You are tasked with finding the Key bearer. Of course, they’re not just going to give you the keys. Once we’ve obtained the correct key, we can work on finding the treasure.

Brief Description: This contract takes the player on a journey through the more ‘swashbuckly’ types of areas. Through the jungle, coke fields, the cavern, and finishing off back in town. Most of the targets have a key. And this is a play on that. I thought about including Rico, but he seemed to be out of the way from the other targets, and I wanted a bit of flow and to (essentially) trail the player along with each target.

Location: Santa Fortuna

Suggested pic.

Edit: Regarding the Briefing… I made it with Urben’s Contract Creator… So the part with the;
“Created by Tetrafish_21” (if chosen) IO, please disregard that or edit it. It’d look rather redundant since you put “This contract was created by forum user…” :smiling_face:

I was going to require players to use the sawed off shotgun (since it’s the closest thing to a Piratey Musket :pirate_flag: ). But if people don’t have that yet… So that’s why I left it as ‘Shotgun’ for the 1st kill.


Contract ID:


Submitter name:

Contract Title:

An unscrupulous agent has leaked confidential information that was in the possession of a pirate organization on AmbroseIsland, that we recently destroyed.
It seems that those who learned of the information will be attending a certain party.
I am sorry to hear this, but you must take care of the targets, disguising it as retaliation against the pirates.

Brief Description:
The non-English descriptions on the in-game screens are in the language of my country.
This contract uses Jarl’s Pirate Saber.
You can bring it in if you are able to unlock it on Haven Island.
If you have not unlocked it, look for Villa.
There is an optional limitation on disguise.
If you have a pirate suit, you may want to wear it to give it more “character”.


And Featured Contract Image suggestion:

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Contract ID: 1-03-6800230-84
Platform: PC (EPIC)
Submitter name: msipus
Briefing: In 1747.Sicilyan pirate Dente Di Serpente,Scourge of Mediterranean and Butcher of Adriatic hide his blood soaked treasure inside Sapienzas Cove.Five of his most trusted men betrayed him, slit his throat and hang him at half mast.They burried his remains in crypt bellow church.When 47 stumbled on Dentes crypt strange feeling possessed him. Like a tiny whisper in his ear that becomes a mighty roar.Kill all descendants of my enemies! Soak my swashbuckler in theirs blood! Make him proud again!
Brief description: How to mix 47 and pirates? Trough the story of restless pirate spirit, good old revenge, the buccaneer suit,some tricky kills,hole lot of blood and a swashbuckler. Soon to be proud again.
Loaction: Sapienza


Contract ID: 1-31-1967562-29

Platform: Epic

Submitter name: Fenixsandr

Contract Title: Something goes wrong


Brief Description:

All targets are in one place.

Location: Mendoza


Contract ID:1-30-1422906-01


Submitter name:EU BWIPO

Contract Title:RAGING FIRE

Briefing:An unscrupulous agent has leaked classified information owned by a pirate group on Ambrose Island that we recently destroyed.
The 5 people who got the news came to Chongqing and pretended to be 5 chefs in a restaurant in Chongqing 47 You have to go to Chongqing to carry out the assassination activity Your client asks you to use explosive kills to kill them one by one Good luck 47



Featured Contract Image suggestion