Official Community Bootleg & Buccaneers Featured Contracts Submissions Thread [CLOSED]

that and the whole pirate idea. either way it’s great to see so many inspired fans.

Nah, can’t ever be enough! :smiley:


too many good ideas.


7 more and it was good to reach a century
I am happy this time PS4 is leading the list of submission.
Next time let everyone of us try for 100. :smiley:

Update: The Pirate banner flag is still hoisted in this ship, Captain @Urben :pirate_flag:- please lower it down (as seen in my incognito browser)


For myself, I prefer to focus on one contract for submission. It’s generally laws of diminishing returns, and I’m most likely creating a number of mediocre contracts.

However, if someone finds their muse, by all means, run with it. That’s what happened to me, I focused a contract around the treasure map and buried treasure, but created a second contract to poke fun of the mod tools used by HMF for contracts and the in-game avatar of Urben.

If you do, you run the risk that a great contract you created gets overlooked with another contract that isn’t as good (I’ll be seriously surprised if The Mods Must Stop! Gets picked as Pieces of Eight is the better contract for my submissions).


THE MODS MUST STOP the one that needs to be featured
Chapter 1 of 1
The sun was covered in fog and rain had covered the street’s and all hope of a good day was lost, untill… I saw the “The mods must stop” contract and my heart stopped, it was like a good hamburger that is not too sweet and not too salt but just perfect. The sun came out from the fog and warm weather came pouring down like the rain before it. This contract had everything: A intriguing story of a poor Clemens making the best of the situation he is in and making it out a bigger man than before, a comedic but yet sadistic target with “Urben” making use of a easter egg to make the spiciest target on here, a great kill condition for some late night slicing. My eyes got wet and i felt a feeling i never felt before… The precance of a god. Clemens please for all that is good, FEATURE THIS.

Notes from the writer
To clarify I dont know the creator and if my speech ruined there chance to get featured i will attened my execution. No joke this one is good.
@Canucklehead thank him for this blessing

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What?! I missed the submission thread again?! Damn it! Now i’m upset at myself!

don’t feel bad man i missed it too but don’t worry there will be more featured contracts in the next roadmap

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I know, but since last submission thread, i thought “hey maybe it’s time you create one”. I’d love to be featured hihi, problem is i’m not that good overall. Plus i love the themes they create, always funny. I’m really good in finding play on words.


hey you are good making contracts everyone here is good aswell nobody isn’t bad or terrbile sorry if i spelled it wrong its all about having fun

The Contract Mode is insane in the way that inside all these levels, small worlds inside a bigger world, it takes time to create a contract, it is implied that we know the stages well if you want to create something original with creative targets and methods of killing. And you have to thorough, i’m a bit absent-minded. I created one for the last submission but i mischose the options when finishing it. Contract Mode is endlessly fun.


i feel you my man it happen to me

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oof. there is always another time. if there is something i’ll say about this is there was a load of ideas in here. like about 90 contracts give or take.

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yeah. there are a lot of small things in these levels many wouldn’t see. like the hidden guards in whittleton creek. or the small patterns npcs take or do. or the things you can do to manipulate the AI into doing what you want it to do.

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That’s the trickiest thing because it implies knowing the stage by heart, which i do on some parts, and be able to develop everything to your advantage. Not an easy task.

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Jip, I think you could be right. A cool picture and catching title will catch his eye, and then he will test it. Was wondering if they will create a picture for an interesting contract without one?

Thank you for all the submissions! Some fantastic and creative ideas in this thread, and they’ve been whittle down to a great batch to go into the game. Look for them on July 21st, around 2pm CEST.


i thank you guys. the ability to spread yer creative contract freedom through things like this has been a blast. can’t wait until the next featured contract submissions.

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i guess what i mean by that is like for example putting a breaching charge on a box of rat poison and dragging a guard to where you want him to go.