Official Community Bootleg & Buccaneers Featured Contracts Submissions Thread [CLOSED]

Next time we aim for 100 contracts!


tomorrow we get to see whose contract made the cut.


Many thanks hope yours get featured for your team

Gaaargh mateys!!! Captain Crapalot strikes again! What to do with the drunken sailor?!

well shit. guess i’ll get it next time.

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I can’t believe its only my third time posting my contracts for FC and I’ve got featured twice and in a row!

well done Charlie Farmer

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Hello. Have you got a video about this contract? I like your idea, but i have no idea how to do that fast.

How do u submit it because ive got a kinda hard contract so i want a thumnail and its featured

I know but how do u submit it

Every so often a thread will be made (like this one) for the upcoming Featured Contract batch (the next one is the Frote7 winter batch), all you do is state
•The contract ID
•Your username
•The title
•The targets & complications
•The in-game briefing
•A brief description (to explain the contract)
•Map location (eg Paris, The Showstopper)
•Platform you’re on (eg Epic games, Steam, Xbox, PS etc)
And if you are able to
•An image for the Featured Contract (if you can’t, just describe it and usually someone kind will do one (based off the description you gave) for you

So, look out for the thread somewhen soon :smile:


also this thread submission has been closed since July. when yo make a contract for the suggested topic you post it in the submission thread written in the style like @Charlie_Farmer just mentioned. also you can post yer hard contract here for others to play right underneath this reply.

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Forte7’s batch usually comes from the speedrunning community he has setup on Discord. There was no HMF submission thread last year, and Clemens’ post stated that submissions would be through discord, so I don’t see a reason for that to change.

Any continuation of Featured Contracts in Year 3 after Freelancer’s launch is speculation at this point (or anything else such as ETs). While it is unlikely to stop as the game begins to wind down, we will have to wait until January for the official word.


Thx i had no idea about that :slight_smile:

The contracts for Frote’s Batch were already chosen, so no opportunities to submit till feb