PEN Contracts Revival

Welcome to P.E.N. Contracts or Player Enforced Narrative Contracts.

This will be a series of contracts that have complex objectives similar to those in escalations, except that they must be enforced by the player playing the level (obviously because contracts mode doesn’t allow for me to actually enforce it in-game). Therefore, it will be completely up to the player to honestly complete these objectives.

These contracts will also be narrative-based, building off established lore in the Hitman games.

In addition, each contract will also have at least 3 bonus challenges, a challenge that is optional but when completed will give you a score multiplier to use on your mission score at the end of the level.

For now, the multipliers are just for your enjoyment but they may be used later for competitions

How to apply score multipliers


The Forgotten Bird

PC: 1-24-7218759-52
PS4: 2-24-0268510-07
XB: 3-24-7791372-80

A Furtive Leader

PC: 1-10-6814064-52
PS4: 2-10-8584740-07
XB: 3-10-3098988-80

Liquidating The Deal

PC: 1-11-0457375-52
PS4: 2-11-9461305-07
XB: 3-11-5404616-80

Rogue Operator

PC: (Not quite yet)
PS4: 2-09-7434617-07
XB: 3-09-3696040-80

A Rat's Bunker

No Apricots Here

[thanks to KevinRudd and CamTheChest for recreating on PC and XB]


I’d just like to list off some of the other peoples’ work that’s inspired this

@The_Ducker_Gaming’s CCC is definitely the biggest inspiration, doing fun and unique challenges within levels. And seeing as contracts mode is very limited and modding still has a ways to go I think this is a very fresh way to play the game

@GlogolZ has made several contracts with challenges and briefings but I’ll cite this one as the most recent

@David47 made a thread that was based on player honesty and competition so he’s definitely an inspiration. I’d say I learnt how fun/gratifying player imposed challenges can be

@MulletPride’s APA is a narrative-based contracts series

One my own personal reasons for doing this is as the modding scene is (somewhat) taking off and PC players might get new and interesting ways to play in 2020. However, everyone on platforms only has Contracts Mode to work with this year and that hasn’t been updated in years (plus personally most contracts feel the same to me now). So if you want a new challenge I’d suggest trying these contracts, they’ll vary in how different/difficult the objectives are based on people’s feedback of what they want.

Any and all feedback is appreciated, thank you
And don’t be afraid to make/suggest your own ideas!