People on steam complaining about the price

hitman 3 is finally there and they bitch because they have spend a little extra cash.

There’s always people complaining about something. You can join other forum members in the thread below if you wish to discuss it though:


paying full price for a year old game, as well as ridiculous prices for bonus content is not ok, if 20-30 pounds is a little extra cash for you, good you for you mate, but not for all of us.


I want to know when the next discount for H3 on EGS will be?
I think the free upgrade of steam users not long ago is very unfair to EGS users. But I know many people think “buy early and enjoy early”. In fact, we didn’t enjoy anything. I once bought the standard version for about $6 at the H3 discount on EGS. And inherited my complete H1H2 progress on steam before that.I didn’t enjoy anything. Nothing more than playing these new maps and new ET in advance. But steam users can still enjoy these after purchase.Some people believe that the free upgrade is due to the disaster of the sale and the increase in the price. But don’t forget that this was also the case when EGS was launched. And now the price of EGS has also increased.Moreover, the experience of steam users in various aspects is much better than that of EGS. For example, a more complete social system, more convenient download / update methods and so on. Even shortly after the free upgrade, IOI gave steam a 40% discount.When it comes to outrageous pricing. As most people say, 7ds is not worth such a high price. After all, it’s just a few upgrade contracts.
Finally, I would like to say that please give all players the same treatment and better cross platform services!(Translate by

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Do EGS players have the right to get a Free Upgrade?
  • YES
  • NO

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My opinion on this is that every single player who purchased the game did so knowing the price at the time that they bought it. No one is “entitled” to a discount, free upgrade, extra content, or anything else. If the purchase price was acceptable when the product was purchased, why complain after the fact that you paid too much?
I bought this game at full price on the day it was initially released over a year ago. Since then there have been various sales and discounts that I didn’t get to take advantage of but I don’t feel slighted by that. I bought the game for a price that I agreed to on the day that I paid it.
Any player who feels that the game is too expensive is free to decline to purchase it.


And here I was thinking 2022 would be the year gamer entitlement ended. Fool me once…

People have the right to complain about the price, which was way overrated compared to the real value of the product.

Now that being said, people could’ve waited for a sale instead of jumping right off into buying the game, without IOI even communicating about it in the first place.

It was clearly obvious that discounting the game wasn’t in their priorities, or if they didn’t even care about it or the differences between EGS and Steam store pricing at some point (see all posts through the web), starting a huge backslash and negative reviews (which were somehow justified).

Hopefully they did the right thing aftermath by offering free upgrades, even if it doesn’t repair how bad Steam players were treated along the way.

HITMAN players deserved better than this, especially after a year of waiting for a proper release and all of what happened since this trilogy launch :confused:

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I looked up in the laws of my country, could not find it.

Why do things have to become cheaper over time? It is not a god given law. It is a commercial consideration.


Sorry, no. The “Proper Release” took place in January of 2021 and a lot of players took advantage of that and played the game for the last year. People can dislike the Epic Games exclusivity all they want but to say that the game didn’t get a “proper” release until it came out on Steam is just a garbage opinion and an insult to a year’s worth of actual game play that a lot of people enjoyed.

Yes, people can complain about whatever they want to for whatever reason they want but they don’t have to be listened to or catered to because they want to complain. I think that most new games are too expensive for what they are but it doesn’t entitle me to free versions and upgrades.


I think everybody has the right to have it’s own opinion, even if it sounds like “garbage” in your mind.

It’s not only a matter of price. This game deserved much better than those launch disasters.

A lot of users are feeling disappointed by the Steam release (like EGS on its time) for the right reasons.


It is an interesting stretch to say “The game deserved better” and actually mean “We deserved better”. :smirk:


I wanted to say “we” but i’m not talking for the others on this matter.
Their posts through the whole internet speak by themselves.
Admit it or not it was a nightmare and it could’ve been handled in other ways :thinking:

I won’t play down how… well most of IO’s releases in the trilogy went very rocky. But from the point of view of a gamer, that is more like… a sports event at a rainy day. A shame, but not a betrayal of my anticipations.

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I love this game so much everybody loves it and its a sucessful game

That’s just how it works. It drives sales for products that have been out for a minute, allowing them to compete with newer stuff that comes out. And in all cases the people who purchased that product early end up paying more. You basically pay more to get it first.

I get what the motivation usually is. It is still not a god-given rule or any right people have, despite what they got used to.


From what I’ve seen the primary complaint that most people seem to have made it that they were asked to pay “full” price for a year old game, and a buggy one at that with the issues that occurred in the Steam launch. While people have a right to complain about whatever they want, the question is whether they were justified in the belief that it was a bad deal.

On the one hand, it is not at all unusual for a game to cost less a year after it releases than it did on day one. That’s a completely normal point of view that is born out across the industry. What is somewhat more unusual though are the specific circumstances that occurred surrounding this particular game.

We had a one year period of exclusivity for Epic Games that rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. There were more than a few people on this forum who claimed to believe that the game didn’t really release until January 2022. The entire year of Epic Games exclusivity was, to them, nothing more than a beta until the “real” release.

These opinions were shared on this forum and in other places that IOI clearly could see. They knew that at least a certain percentage of players were going to buy the game on Steam specifically because they didn’t want to support Epic Games. Many of them probably figured that a year after release they’d get some sort of discount but they weren’t entitled to it by any means. Heck, if I were IOI’s sales manager, I would have charged full price too. Those were essentially guaranteed profits at that point.

The only thing that stood in the way was the technical problems at the point of the Steam release. If there hadn’t been any bugs, or any transfer issues, or any problems with the demo version, they would likely have just sold the game at full price for that month and then discounted at month 2 without any free upgrades at all but they were caught with their pants down, so to speak.


… Going back into a time machine to early January 2019:

What a steal ! Pre-release of Anthem for only $100 USD. I can’t wait to get my hands on this game. You can count on Bioware to put out a product worth purchasing.

I think of a reason to raise the price of IOI. IOI is only a small game manufacturer after all, unlike Ubisoft or other large manufacturers. IOI does not have enough funds. We can already see it. In H2016, CG animation is as real as a movie. But in H2, CG becomes “ppt”.In H2, we can experience great large-scale maps such as Mumbai and Sabian SA. But in H3, the map is reduced to a “sandbox”. Just like Chongqing.I come from China, so I know that Chongqing should be a large and vibrant map.Of course, it is undeniable that perhaps this is to cater to the theme of H3.But there is also a possibility that they have insufficient funds. But I don’t understand that the game quality of H3 can’t compare with that of previous works. It is nothing more than the improvement of image quality. They even castrated some props and patterns.I think they should have made a lot of money in the year of EGS monopoly. Why suddenly raise the price in the second year? IOI should give players a statement.