Pitch your new Hitman Film/TV Show/Game/Whatever

Okay, so I’m sure we all have ideas we think would be perfect for a new piece of Hitman media.

Personally I heard the idea of a hitman TV shows ages ago in the old forum and it really stuck with me. Basically;

An anthology TV show with each episode set around a different target. Learning their life and personality and their relationship with others. Just really making us connect with this person, be it love or hate. But in the background of scenes, out of focus, we’ll occasionally see a bald man. In one scene he might be a waiter, in the next a security guard. But each time he appears he’s slightly closer to frame. Then the final scene of the show is out of nowhere the target dies and we see the bald man just slowly walking away. Cut to black “well done, 47” credits roll.

Sounds like an interesting set of character pieces rather than the butchering of 47 we’ve gotten in the past 2 mainstream films :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

So does anyone else have new ideas?


A team of assassins is targeting some politician. They have a fancy plan where everyone has a role and there are no second chances for the target - one is going to plant the bomb on the target’s car, another has a vantage sniper point, the third dude is using some disguise and lurking around hoping to catch the target at some non public area, and so on, another one tries to poison him… Then they try to execute this plan - only to have the team eliminated one by one by 47 :smile: with the VIP still being in danger until the last rival hitman is dead. Then maybe some revelation how exactly 47 handled each of them, not just “47 is so cool he just knew who where and what the assassins are”

My idea is an animated mini series also suited as a kids show, I’d call it

The adventurous life of the rubber ducks ™

It depicts the happy life of all the rubber duck family living in harmony on a luxurious bathtub edge.

Every episode opens with a large shadow being cast upon the bathtub edge as a driving-gloved hand descends from the sky and picks up one of the rubber ducks while a calm voice says “I am taking you to…(Location)”.
All the other rubber ducks watch in awe as one of their kind is chosen.

The shadow disappears, and everything is just as harmonious as before as the rubber ducks cheer for their friend being the chosen one.

The episode then goes on with some of them telling tales about the location their friend got picked for, and making assumptions of what wonderful adventures he will experience there.(about 10 miniutes or 3-4 tales)

The last scene of the episode then shows the chosen rubber dick sitting in it’s final destination, next to a human. After a brief moment, it violently explodes while screaming in pain and agony. The human is torn apart by the explosion and his body parts and blood get scattered all over the place.


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weird. i had that exact idea too. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

i thought i was original :sob:


If I had the power to develop a Hitman TV show, I’d just do a straight adaptation of the games themselves. Levels could more or less be adapted into episodes, with each season representing a game.

Season 1: Codename 47 has 13 levels, perfect for a modern standard 13 episodes where each episode roughly adapts one level. The story of 47 escaping from the asylum; traveling to Hong Kong, Colombia, Budapest, Rotterdam, and back to Romania; and learning about his origins as a genetically engineered weapon. Season ends with 47 killing Ortmeyer and escaping.

Season 2: Adaptation of Silent Assassin. 47 brought out of retirement in Italy by the kidnapping of his friend and mentor Father Vittorio. Pieces together why while traveling to Russia, Japan, Malaysia, Afghanistan, and India. Discovers the kidnapping and hits he fulfilled were orchestrated by Russian mobster Sergei Zavorotko. Season ends in glorious shootout that takes out Zavorotko.

Season 3: Adaptation of Blood Money. Season begins with a hit gone wrong in Paris when 47 gets shot after taking out his targets. We spend an episode with a 47 hallucinating while on the brink of the death (a la Contracts). 47 takes out his shooters and discovers another organization is hunting him and the ICA, lead by Leland Cayne, because they want the secret of his clone technology. Season ends with a shootout in the White House and 47 faking his death to lure out Cayne.

Season 4: Adaptation of Absolution, but make it an actually good story. The pieces are all there, it just needs to be executed correctly. A rogue element gains control of the ICA (Ben Travis) who’s after Victoria, a genetically engineered person similar to 47 - but they’re opposed by Diana and 47 joins her. Things go wrong until 47 restores the order by eliminating the rogue elements of the ICA. Properly done, this could tie Season 3 and 4 together with everyone wanting their own genetically engineered assassins.

Season 5: Adaptation of the World of Assassination trilogy. Season begins with 47 going about business as usual, until discovering the Shadow Client and Providence and that they infiltrated the ICA. Maybe even callback to Season 4? Season focuses on 47 uncovering the Shadow Client, ending with meeting Grey and the big reveal back to their childhood. Season ends on cliffhanger of 47 recovering his memory.

Season 6: Continues World of Assassination trilogy story, with 47 and Grey taking down Providence.