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Hitman animated series so we can have Bateson do the voice forever (or as long as he wants to, I’m not forcing him)


this seems like a suspiciously specific denial… :eyes:


Hitman TV shouldn’t have 47 talk in it at all :wink: He’d just be a background character

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I posted that idea once too in the old forum, every episode is just a portrait of the target with 47 very often being in the background and suddenly the target is reported dead. And if you rewatch the episode you can conclude how he was killed by what the weirdo in the background was doing.

You could make the concept vary a bit to keep it interesting like by not making obvious who the target is.


Aha, it was you! Well, well done, I’ve had that idea rattling around in my brain ever since :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Even just made a thread because of it

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I feel like that’d be a bad idea… preferrably, 47 would be shown much less than the targets, but the audience should at least have a weak grasp on what he’s doing in the first watch. Showing very few moments of him preparating everything until he eventually gets the kill, and like you said, making everything more clear as you pay more attention. Just having him in the background would feel even more like a tease.
In a show solely focused on the targets, regardless of their intentions (whether they’re bad or good), the audience will obviously feel more attached and interested to them, and after some time, the audience won’t want to see 47 killing them, since they don’t really care about him. Instead, they’ll want to know more about the targets, since after all, 47 has no development and is just a shadowy figure that kills people.
If both are shown in the same episode, the audience can get invested in 47’s character (without making him too much of a talker, this is 47 after all) and the targets as well, making the kill more satisfactory as a conclusion to the targets’ story and as something that moves 47’s and the ICA’s story.
Of course, all of this applies if the show in question has a larger story… if it’s just a bunch of hits, then that’s another story.

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Yeah I fear the concept is a bit too focused on diehard fans and all others will just drop the series. :joy:

But wouldn’t that make it even better? If a media that is about killing is not glorifying killing? 47 is no hero after all. It would be more like a crime series where you think the killer is the badie, not the target. Though here I would not keep the target have a white vest and make it more like a “charismatic gangster” type. Like mafia movies where the family is glorified but you get why they die or get jailed anyway.

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i had the exact same idea!

The thing is, the games themselves somewhat “glorify” killing… With all of the different opportunities the game gives you, you’re as interested in the targets as the methods you choose to kill them. If it was a different franchise it’d make sense, but it doesn’t really work with Hitman, especially due to the WOA trilogy having so many options. If the series wants to remain true to the spirit of the games, the kills would have to be “enjoyable”. Otherwise, it wouldn’t feel like Hitman at all.

That also seems to be another problem to me. It’s great to want stories that show things as gray (pun not intended) instead of just black and white, but at the same time, if you make the targets too charismatic, the general audiences will just get tired of seeing a new character in each episode, get to know them, get invested in who they are, and then have them die. It would just get boring, and you wouldn’t want to feel interested in them since they’re just going to die and you know it, so why should anyone care?
That’s why I’m talking about developing both the targets and 47. Of course, I don’t want the writers to go overboard, but at least show some… I don’t know, personality. Like him looking around his surroundings constantly, focusing on certain objects that could help him out. Or him interacting with others, showing his lack of social skills. Having a recurring main character, even if shown very sparingly and not making him the most developed, “human” character ever, goes a long way in making the audience motivated to see another episode just to know more about him, how he thinks, and how he acts. If you kill your main character every episode, you get tired of the process and you feel like you never get to know them enough to the point where it’s frustrating.

I prefer your version of the idea just because of the concept of “the cop who knows who 47 is”. It opens up a lot of possibilities, having a character who knows the truth but lacks the proof that others want from him, even though the audience is well aware that he’s in the right. Perhaps he could interact with 47 in a subdued way in a tense moment where they just happen to cross ways. Plus, the audience would be rooting for him to finally prove to everyone that 47 is responsible, but that could leave the targets with less screen time, so… it’d be hard to pull off.

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How about this, my idea is more the setting of the first episodes and 47 is getting more and more the protagonist in the next episodes? Then there is variation, progress, a larger arc (if we learn more of his intel) and we appreciate his work more. We could also do that with other target characters who are just like 47 in the background at first but become more popular later on.

So the audience is lured into 47’s mindset? How meta! :stuck_out_tongue:

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That sounds basically perfect. It’d be great to see how this shadowy figure in the background is shown more and more, building up the scene where you can see him in full and how he does his job in detail. And with “other target characters”, you mean something like recurring villians shown far from the hits or characters like Agent Smith? Because either way, it sounds really interesting. Honestly, I couldn’t see a Hitman series done better than your idea.

I didn’t think that while I was writing my post, but… basically, yeah. Although it could be hard to pull off, if done right, it would be something amazing to see, because it’s not something that you see everyday in big Hollywood movies or TV shows. Plus, it just makes the series stand out more among the rest (even though if it turns out like our ideas, it would already stand out a lot :stuck_out_tongue: ).

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More like the Constant who might deal more directly with the previous targets but we pretty soon get the idea they are part of the larger plot and might end up being a target. Or an agent Smith who is actually a good guy. Who knows?

I would have given your post a heart but I ran out of them (god damn it). But yeah, I think it’d safer if it was handled as a Constant-like character. It would also be interesting to have an Agent Smith-like character too, but I’m not sure if it could be executed as well as the more traditional “part of the larger plot” character. It’d be taking more of a risk and it would be pretty different from the Hitman stories that we’ve had for years at this point, but it would be a nice change of pace.

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well, in my head i had the first season leading up to 47 basically getting arrested, put on trial and carted off to a maximum security jail…

…because that’s where season two’s first target is. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

undermines his ghostiness a bit but that’d be a helluva stinger.

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