Platinum not unlocking

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Hi, I have been locked out of my platinum since the end of January.
I’ve completed all the China challenges about 20times (rough estimate) and still no platinum. I have one challenge left for the map,but don’t want to complete it incase a patch comes out where using the challenge unlocks the mastery for China, thus unlockong the Platinum.

I’ve also started the Hitman 2 DLC and don’t want to lose my entire progress by asking IO for an account refresh. Any ideas if there is another work around?

Gotta say, IO’s customer service is terrible.

Does anyone have ANY idea how long they’re going to leave the trophy lists broken?

It’s a known issue. They’re working on it. How long it’ll take is anyone’s guess.

Players are not awarded a trophy/achievement despite completing the requirements
Status : We’re tracking the ones that are reported to us and investigating a fix.

If you actually read the thread you replied to 14 hours ago you would have your answer (though I suspect you jumped into the thread for the sole purpose of having a moan). The answer (that I posted) was the second to last post before yours, so its not even like it was buried at all…