PLEASE HELP Purchases PS5 Version Disc, Cannot Access PSVR

Does anyone else own a PS5 PHYSICAL version of this game for the PS5? I thought based on IO’s website that a Day One Patch would include the PS4 version and subsquent PSVR support.

Do I need to purchase the PS4 Physical Disc version instead in order to get this feature? There is ZERO options on my PS5 game menu for the PS4 Game Version when I select the game.

Thank you!


As far as I know, there is no VR for PS5.
In order to play HITMAN 3 in VR you need PS4 version of the game.
You can upgrade it to PS5 version at any moment. But you can’t downgrade the PS5 version of the game

Pretty sure even physical PS5 copies get the PS4 digital for free. They announced this so everyone could play VR without having to buy multiple copies.

So If I buy a PHYSICAL PS5 version I do not have access to PS4 version nor the PSVR? @Count.Rushmore Can anyone answer who actually owns a PS5 and a physical edition? Or am I the only PS5 owner who still F***s with PSVR? @Jamige

‘You can either play HITMAN 3 in PS VR natively on your PS4 or via backward compatibility on PS5. To make sure all PS VR owners can experience the game in VR, we’re including a free digital copy of the PS4 version of HITMAN 3 with all PS5 copies, whether you choose to buy it via disc or digital.’

Still very confused, this comes from their website: HITMAN 3 - Player Guide - IO Interactive

Do you see the PS4 version in the online store? My PS5 hasn’t arrived yet.

thank you, I will attempt to return my PS5 deluxe edition. This cross gen launch is a major Cluster, and is extremely confusing based on their website. Makes ZERO sense you get PS5 version for free with PS4 purchase of the game but DO NOT get backwards compat with the purchase of the PS5.

Ignore my original reply. Based on that quote, I should be wrong.

Idk anymore. Very confused, just gonna buyy the PS4 version and own two copies like an idiot I guess

But does it appear in the online store? You can play PS4 games on the PS5, so it should be there in theory.
If it’s not there, try restoring your licenses and then check your library.

While the preload period people had 2 feeds of download on their photos.
They said that it’s been PS4 and PS5 version of the game downloading. I didn’t ask any of them what specifically version of PS do they operate.
I can only suggest you either look for any download pending or checking the store directly for any PS4 version available.
Maybe you could do what you’ve been advised earlier. In addition before doing that do a hard reboot of your console. It’s when you unplug the power cable and plug it back again in a few seconds.
We on PC also struggling with absence of H2 locations in our game. We either have to buy a Pass (buy a game for a second time literally) or wait for indefinite time while they find a way to give us those locations at no cost.
So I might say we are in the same confusion boat now

You need a redeem code with PS5 physical edition to access VR mode in PS5 machine.
Unboxing video here

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It’s not working at all with PS5 Disc Version! I entered the redeem code. But still have no possibilty to download the PS4 Version in order to play the VR mode.
Neither Playstsation, Square Enix nor IoI will be able to give me any support on this issue until now.
Thank god i bought the game at amazon so this one will be returned. I’m not sure if i will buy the PS4 Version again. Seems that there are also many issues with upgrading the game to next gen.

I actually created a thread just an hour ago about this problem and the only way to solve this by now, which is stupid, I know, and I can’t do it, because I don’t have PS5 and I got that bonus PS4 copy from someone on Twitter.

This solution is not working for me. I did not have the option to download the PS4 Version. Not from the PS store and also not inside the Game. Further i also can not go online … the Servers are still not responding. Maybe therefore the PS5 Version can not verify the VR access code?

That’s probably exactly why you can’t download it - you’re not online. :sob:

I am online with the PS5 but i can’t go online inside the game … the servers of IoI are still not responding. And i’m pretty sure the PS4 version will be downloaded from a Sony server not from an IoI one.

Did you purchase the disc from your region? If you bought a foreign version of the game, the code could be not redeemable due to regional restriction for digital goods.

Yes i bought the game in my region and the redeem code was accepted but i still have no option for download.
That is realy disapointing. I love the PSVR and hoped that there are still some advantages on the PS5 even for the VR version. But this is going to be a odyssee.
Thanks for your help anyway … but currently nothing works for me.

You’re welcome. I am sorry to hear that you have to go through these troubles, hoping they got sorted soon.

In the meantime, you may want to post this to technical support thread to let them know: