PS4 Hitman 3 Icon Disappeared?

I ran into a weird issue today and wanted to see if anyone else experienced it. I played Hitman in VR on PS5 for the first time today, and after my session ended I went back to my Home Screen I found that the icon for the PS4 version of Hitman 3 had disappeared completely. It wasn’t under game or apps. In fact, I even looked through my game library and it was no longer showing there. The only place I could find reference to it on the system at all was in my storage settings, which confirmed that the game was in fact downloaded on my hard drive, but from that screen I can’t load the game of course. Anyone else experience this, and if so do you know any fixes? I can’t play the game in VR again until I find it… I did try rebooting the system. It didn’t work. Thanks!

(Please note if you are attempting to bring a bug or a technical issue to IO Interactive’s support team’s attention - the best place to post this information is the #player-support category

You may particularly want to check the Known Issues thread:

Well I don’t think this particular issue has been reported here. but if you can, make sure to post this under the official technical support thread, so IOI can notice and give you an insight on potential fix. Thank you for your cooperation. :slightly_smiling_face: