PS4 server issues: Will you get a refund?

Personally, I think this issue is absolutely unacceptable, I don’t want a refund, although I do not admonish someone for doing so, I just want to play the bloody game. Barely any updates from them regarding the issue, it is the same thing on Reddit. I preordered the standard edition, had trouble like everyone else transferring on the 20th, but decided to play through the game once regardless. Then yesterday once it had successfully transferred I started playing it from the start and completed it, then started going through challenges and it failed around 8 last night UK time and has been that way ever since. Joke.


Thought I should add my two cents that this possible fix did NOT work for me. Still the same issues with connectivity.

I do see the FAQ has been updated though so that’s an excellent sign. At least it’s been acknowledged!

I’m just here to say that I almost don’t care anymore. I don’t want to refund this game, but I’ve also regretting for pre ordered it.
Actually I get annoyed to playing offline, I can’t use the items I earned on H2, but I cannot earn additional items by playing the missions, because obviously those items are locked by location mastery, and obviously it’s unavailable offline.
I forget about this game for now, we’ll see when ioi will fix this damn issue.

Usually I avoiding complaining so much for stuff like these, but I ‘m utterly annoyed, I feel i’ ve wasted not only my money, but even my time, that I could use for something more constructive in my life.
Ioi can keep my money, hope they find those useful for their work, but I lost a bit of respect for them. Said by a long time Hitman fan like myself.

Sorry for this rant, don’t even bother to read it.
I wish to everyone who can play this game properly to enjoy it, perhaps I’ll do myself one day. Who knows. :slightly_smiling_face:


This error is present for PC users as well!

I also tried this method on PS4, and it did not work.

Same here… (on PS4)

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Source of this claim? From what I’ve seen, the number of people with issues is significantly less than half.

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It’s a figure of speech. Not literally half, but a good chunk of players are unable to have the servers fetch their profiles


That is a bit of a kick in the nuts given how badly the launch has gone :sweat_smile:. I probably won’t buy on launch again either. If I do I’ll just leave the game and come back to it after a few days after issues are fixed.


They’re probably pre-configured (scheduled).

Agreed. He didn’t say literally in his post so he’s good :sweat_smile:.

Calling them aholes was probably a tad too much though.

2016 all over again. I don’t know what happened the first week in H2 because I ditched the franchise because of stuff like this. Here we are again. Next up in the IOI playbook, they will issue a long winded step by step by step by step process for players to go through to “fix” all of this, followed by a year of patches that break things that were previously patched. That’s the standard playbook IOI follows.


Given a realistic timetable in terms of importance and priority, I give this connectivity issue to be resolved by the next 1-2 weeks (I hope)

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source of this claim?

100 percent of my household

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Apart from bugs, I’ve had no issues on PS4 since yesterday.

Did you carry-over before booting up the game?

I wish this wasn’t true but it probably is. You’d think they would have fixing this game down now considering Hitman 1, 2 and 3 are basically the same game just with a few extra unlocks and locations added.

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Me? I launched it once before carry over, but didn’t play it until after the transfer had been completed.