PS4 server issues: Will you get a refund?

If this thread is about the ‘failed to fetch profile information’ error when trying to log in to the game, there’s a possible workaround but it will potentially delete your H3 save games and resets all settings to default. It basically created a new local profile for you on your console.

On the PS5 menu, go to Settings > Storage > Saved Data and then delete the H3 ‘profile’ stored there. It’s a similar path on PS4.

Deleting this file won’t affect any of your progresson, only the ‘local’ files.


@Travis_IOI I’ll try, but I’m asking: did this will delete my progression carryover?

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Ok. I 'm giving a try just now.

Edit: nothing changed.

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That did not work for me

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That did not work for me. Please look into this as a matter of priority

So is IOI doing anything about this? If it isn’t resolved within the next 2-3 days i am going to get a refund.

We are of course looking into it and will work on it until it’s resolved.


Thanks for this. Great to know you guys are working on it. I have faith!


I have the exact Fetch Profile Fail error so will try this also.
I know you guys won’t let us down on this. Your Post-Sales has always been superb.

@Travis_IOI confirmed no change in status. Still getting “Failed to Fetch Profile”.

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I am getting “Failed to fetch Online resources”
Is this any different?

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I get that one too. It’s probably same root cause. Trying the game offline though… I think once this is solved… this game is going to be amazing.

That first time in Dubai and you’re thinking: “Great… I got in… Now what do I do?” Best feeling in all gaming. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Hi there, I have the same issue here. Connection to H2 servers works fine, but I’ve never been able to connect to H3 since release. It keeps connecting but never succeed, says failed to fetch online resources from server every time.
I double checked my internet connection and its fine. My friend uses same ISP and his game runs ok. Please look into this, thanks


I’ve had it on in the background all morning on my PS4 just pressing connect every few seconds. I never want to hear this background music again!

Same here, did this yesterday and still nothing

Same here, getting this every time after ‘authenticating’.

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IOI had offered incentives for Hitman 3 pre-orders.
IOI had offered progression carryovers, but this would mean deletion of all prior progress in Hitman 3.
Thus if you ever wanted the progression carryover, you really didn’t have an incentive to play the game until the progression carryover was carried out.
I think that I am like others who couldn’t get progression carryover completed within the first ~16 to 24 hrs.

Now that the progression carryover is complete for me, Hitman 3 appears to be a great game, with a real James Bond feel in Dubai and Argentina levels.

Progression carryover required a lot of handshaking back and forth with IOI servers.

IOI should have anticipated the server burden on this first 24 hrs and had a staggered rollout of the different PC, XBOX and PS4 versions of the game (the seven different progression carryover types) over a week or more to avoid what had happened.


Okay, I was chill yesterday, but slowly I’m getting a little bit angered. Not only am I still not able to go online, the Website:

Also shows it’s online when it’s clearly not.


Glad you guys reached out.

Awesome! Glad to hear you guys know about the issue. Fingers crossed the team can find out a solution soon. :crossed_fingers: