PS4 trouble w/ Access pass

Hi. My name is Alejandro Martínez, an user from PS4 (nickname: MuvilanX11). My location is Barcelona, Spain. Yesterday I bought Hitman 3 digital Standard edition (not from the ps store directly, but a web page). From here all fine, but when I entered in the game I couldn’t be able to play any of the H1 and H2 locations, still having both of them (I have Hitman 1 digital Standard edition and Hitman 2 disk Gold edition). So I went to H2 game and tried to bought the Gold Acess Pass but they show me as bought in the ps store. The starge fact is that it doesn’t appear the disk Gold edition to download. Well, apart from this, if I go to the library and go to the Hitman 3 standard edition shows me that I’ve bought all Access passes, as I’ve attached in the photo. So I’m lost, hope you could help me with this issue.
P.S.: I have linked in all Hitman games the same IOI account and restored licenses.

You have the H2 Expansion Pass Access Pass so you don’t need to buy the Gold Edition. :slight_smile:

HITMAN 2 Gold is

  • HITMAN 2 Standard

  • Expansion Pass

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Could you try going to the ‘Campaign’ page? That’s the place where I redeemed my access pass. Here’s the sequence:

Enter HITMAN 3 > Campaign > HITMAN 2 > Haven Island > Press X

I have all of them but when I go to any of the location it shows me the message of the picture. I’ve have tried to download it from the ps app in my mobile phone but when I press to download remotely it appears an error.

It could mean Access Pass isn’t available on PS Store of your region. You will probably have to post this issue again under the technical support thread to have IOI look into it. I hope this gets resolved soon so you can get to enjoy the game sooner.

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