Ruddy's Not-As-Good "Modded" Contract Pack

Ruddy’s Not-As-Good “Modded” H3 Contract Pack

Those who were around October 2020 in Hitman 2 might’ve remembered a batch of “Modded” contracts I made and released on PC and Playstation servers. Some people had fun with it at a time where IO hadn’t made any new content in about 10 months. Well, I have done a not-as-cool version of that for H3’s server (PC Only).


First week of H3’s launch I tried to make them again in H3, only to discover an odd byproduct of H3 where no matter what I did, the original objectives of the map I was playing on were chucked on top; meaning if you made a contract on Patient Zero then you’d be forced to kill Lieblied and Cage as well as stop the virus, ON TOP of the objectives of the actual contract made. This made it pointless to make any special contracts, in my opinion. But I never gave up, and in June I found some escalation variations which had no objectives, I could make what I wanted without the original escalation’s objectives being slapped on! Hooray!

I didn’t want to go crazy making ‘modded’ contracts early and risk them getting on Trending and it raising questions with IO, but I did a few anyway. A goal was to give a pre-approved list of maps to make contracts on that could be implemented into Urben’s tool so everyone could make Freeform Training + Escalation etc contracts. At the end of June, just a week before [REDACTED] and I cracked the method to publishing special contracts on console, IO released an update that created a whitelist that only allowed Official contracts mode missions to have contracts on them, ending the ability to make ‘modded contracts’ :frowning:

I’ve been sitting on the contracts I already made in June ever since. I thought IO would abandon the game after a year like H2 and that’s when I’d release them, but IO decided they were actually going to release MORE and BETTER content in 2022, and I can’t be bothered waiting another year for them to abandon the game; who knows, by end of Year 2 they might even have made the types of improvements to Contracts Mode that make these contracts redundant :wink:

So, now here they are!

What are these? Can’t these just be made with Urben’s tool?

No, HCCE only works on regular contracts mode maps, these are contracts that take place on non-contracts mode version of maps. So Escalations, and Freeform Training.

But I’m on console…

You should complain to IO for blocking the ability before we figured out how to get it to consoles!

And now… the contracts:

Re-dos of the H2 modded contract batch

I tried to remake some contracts from the original ‘modded’ batch of last year. If they have Mk II in the title then it means they are different to the original in some way

Neighbours Mk II

What’s special about this contract:

  • Takes place on The Dexter Discordance. NPCs have been moved to patient suites area, mandatory Bar start, cannot bring briefcase.

What’s different this time:

  • Removed the suit kill requirement
  • Replaced 2 targets with slightly better choices

Get To The Choppa! Mk II

What’s special about this contract:

  • Takes place on the Freeform Training Escalation
  • Unrestricted Loadout despite being Freeform Training

What’s different this time?:

  • Unrestricted Loadout
  • I forgot to put no disguise changes on, which was the whole point of the contract. Just promise me you won’t change outfits, okay xo

Crowd Un-Control Mk II
What’s special about this contract:

  • Takes place on Calvino Cacophony (Village music and unveiling ceremony)

What’s different this time?:

  • One target replaced with the civilian escalation target

Infiltration: NY Mk II

  • Mandatory Bank Robber Start
  • Unlike previous version you’re required to kill a target at the top, and you can bring your own loadout. It’s basically a pointless contract, could’ve been made in vanilla game. It’s just a prettier UI in that you can’t select the wrong spawn point

The Mob Wife Mk II

  • Takes place on Delgado Larceny version of Santa Fortuna (Mandatory torture room start)
  • This time you can bring your own loadout
  • But to make up for that you MUST kill Catalina as a chef
New contracts for H3 batch

The Firearm Elusivity (Levels 1-3)
L1: 1-07-2213297-04 (d219ffe9-72f5-4f93-8986-5a7d424e0a46)
L2: 1-07-9239706-04 (82d93b68-518f-4996-9263-7edc2cd6d045)
L3: 1-07-8352264-04 (cae6effc-713a-4695-b554-6b31c0e8a0f5)

I usually don’t do ‘player made escalations’, but this one was natural for it.

  • Takes place on Cheveyo Calibration (Mandatory Well start, no briefcase, no agency pickups)

Boom Stick

  • Takes Place on Lesley Celebration (ICA enforcers removed, less starting locations, some loadout slots have been removed)
  • Specifies a loud shotgun

S’gail Fashion Show

  • Takes place on Escalation (Mandatory Jail Start)
  • And yet you can bring your own loadout

Weapon Hunt: Chongqing

  • Takes place on Jinzhen Incident (Mandatory Homeless Start)
  • Can bring own loadout but not a briefcase
  • Specifies exact weapons
Not "Modded", just specify exact weapons

These take place on regular contracts mode maps but specify the exact weapons (aka they can be made with HCCE Tool)

Gun Grabber


Weapon Hunt: Garden Show


Breaking And Entering


Diving Right In


The Amphibian Consumption


Hope you get some enjoyment out of it, soz I wasn’t able to discover this stuff in time for getting it to console and coming up with a system for people to make their own

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Nice run, I like how you moved the Member disguise to a safe public area then used it later

And yeah you figured out my intention with the last target :wink:

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Updated OP to include ‘real ID’ so people on Steam (and maybe Gamepass) can play using cross-platform ID playing

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The Elusive Contracts

Now that ET Arcade has been out for a while and realistically you can experience all these ETs at your own leisure, may as well post the ET contracts I made last year in H3, as I don’t think IO would care now :sweat_smile:

Most of these cannot be found via search, and need specifically contract ID lookup

The Stowaway: Extended

The Deceptors

Collector Test

The Politician’s Bodyguard

The Perfectionist

(This is the one that was accidentally made public by wrongly being published to Dartmoor, and encouraged IO to change their contract publishing system so contracts could never be published on non-contracts mode missions again :weary:)

The Black Cat

The Faker

The Art Lovers

Ignore the pictures, the extra targets are changed NPCs who have been put in Sapienza’s usually closed shops


Missed opportunity calling him The Throwaway


Any possibility these will available to ps4 and other platforms?

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I tried to play Mob Wife (loved it in H2) on but the contract ID doesn’t work on Steam so I guess it must be Epic only?

Yeah, to play on Steam you need the cross-platform contracts mod

Nah, the method was blocked by IO in the week before I figured how to publish to PS from a computer (See “Backstory” in first post for more info)

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Fortunaly we have ETA…



@Kevin_Rudd why some of the contracts have clones as targets?
I mean 2 Kodys, 2 Joannes and 2 Richards

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Because you have to select a target for it to be published, then the original targets are added (More info in Backstory section)


New modded contract?

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Old. So that they wouldn’t show up on contracts search I set the location to freeform training, as freeform training wasn’t on contracts mode. Now any contract I’ve done that uses that location will be searchable.

It didn’t take me long to start using Arrival as the location instead for my contracts, predicting (hoping) in 2021 that IO might one day enable contracts on Freeform Training