Season of Wrath | Roadmap

A thread for the last roadmap of Seven Deadly Sins.

Season of Wrath (October 26 - November 29)

CONTENT (in order of when they become available):

  • Wrath Termination Escalation (Act 7 of the Seven Deadly Sins) [October 26].
  • The Mills Reverie Halloween Escalation [October 26].
  • The Rage: Chongqing Elusive Target [October 29 - November 8].
  • Location Rotation: Hokkaido [November 4 - November 14].
  • The Fugitive: Hokkaido Elusive Target [November 12 - November 22].
  • Featured Contracts: IOI Developer [November 18].
  • Featured Contracts: HITMAN Community [November 25].

UNLOCKS (in order of when they become unlockable):

  • Temper Suit, Shaska Beast & Roar Flash Grenade (Unlocked in the Wrath Termination Escalation).
  • Tactical Wetsuit & Bat Shuriken (unlocked in The Mills Reverie Escalation).
  • White Yukata (Unlocked by completing The Fugitive Elusive Target).
  • Polar Survival Suit (unlocked by completing a challenge in Hokkaido)
  • Professional Screwdriver (unlocked by completing 70 Featured Contracts in the HITMAN 3 locations) [Will be made available to unlock with the addition of the Featured Contracts on November 25]

hopefully there will be the chongqing et in this roadmap and the hokkaido et aswell for all the players to get white yakuta

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When is the new one supposed to drop? The 25th or the 26th? I haven’t really paid attention the last few times, so I’m not sure if it’s supposed to drop on the day the current season ends, or go up the day after it ends, the same day the new one is supposed to begin.


the 26th which is tomorrow on tuesday

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Its the turn of Hokkaido free for all and ET i very hope, i wait for white yukata since Hitman 2🤣

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Frankly, I’m hoping it’s the Fugitive. That one is one of my favorite ETs; the backstory on the contract, the target’s gimmick, the reason for the gimmick, I love the whole thing. I want to knock the rhinoplasty patient off the yoga platform.


well its your luck day my friend

i already own the white yakuta outfit because i did the fugitive et back in hitman 2 was there more et in hokkaido or just one

There was also a two target ET called The Surgeons which had an optional objective of finding virus syringes and killing them by injection. I’ve never gotten to play either Hokkaido ET but the Fugitive seems more interesting

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oh yeah i forgot about those guys

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Isn’t it weird that the season starts tomorrow and we still don’t have the roadmap?


Yea… and good chance its the Chongqing turn ET this month that i wait so long😎


Nope. That’s how it has been for the previous season roadmaps. The season roadmap and trailer are posted on the same day as the season starts.


i say the roadmap will go live 3pm tomorrow and the game update

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The update would include a patch as well?

Totally weird…do you think there will be some extra content for Halloween?

A game update equals a patch. There will definitely be one today in order to add Wrath content into the game. But I’d assume you’re talking about whether it will include bug fixes and general improvements, then we should find that out later today as well.


Nothing is weird about it lol. And yes, we’ll have at least one set of Halloween themed content. The Mills Reverie Escalation is returning.

The full Season of Wrath roadmap alongside with the roadmap trailer will be posted around 3pm CEST (-+ one hour).


Thanks, yeah I don’t usually buy the dlc

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That’s awesome. Thanks