Seven Deadly Sins Act 5: Gluttony

Pretty early to make a thread right?

Well they’ve just teased this screenshot in the Dartmoor Garden Show trailer, so speculate away!

The Season of Gluttony in HITMAN 3 starts on August 31st with Act 5 of the Seven Deadly Sins.
Go deep into the mind of a famished Agent 47. Devour your way through the Chongqing location and unlock new sin-themed items and suit to show off your unfulfilled hunger.

What can you unlock in the Gluttony Gobble Escalation:

  • The Profligacy Suit.
  • The Maximalist Shotgun.
  • “Bubble Queen” Gum Pack (Sedative).

Hope they go this way with this sin


Looks a bit like Dubai(?) from all the gold.


It’s probably just the dreamscape they show before you actually go to the map


The suit looks new, with possibly a bow tie, which does raise the question of the Butcher Suit once again.

isn’t the butcher suit something that will not come up in the deadly sins DLC? I read here, i think, that it’s a scraped suit that was never used


I must have missed that, I’ll have a look.

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I’ve since been reading that the butcher suit was a once suit idea for the Deluxe Edition DLC but apparently it was scrapped? Not sure how true it is? I guess it wouldn’t make any sense to add a random disguise from Hitman: Contracts (butcher suit) now when 47’s other suits/disguises from the classic games came as part of the Deluxe Edition Escalations as unlocks.


It was most definitely a scrapped Deluxe concept. There’s even two items that go along with it, found somewhere in the files. A surgical saw (I think?) and a meat hook. One was an axe-type weapon, the other was… I wanna say a knife-type thing?

Hopefully it gets repurposed into some sort of Free DLC, since according to the leaks section, they’re all modeled and just… sitting there.


What a shame, I love the nostalgia disguises as well.

These two are two of my favourites from Asylum Aftermath and Hidden Valley :wink:


I really hope Gluttony isn’t just “Greed Enumeration: Food Edition”


Hit them with a golden spatula and they drop burgers

You then have to feed Tzun more burgers and he farts out fabulous prizes


i like them, but i don’t see how to use them, i usually don’t like starting suits that are too weird that the people in the map would really be wondering who that man dressed as a pirate or a madman is


the background kinda looks like the water fountain from paris, so i’m inclined to say it’s just the dreamscape since i’m fairly certain they aren’t making dlc for legacy maps

Its look like the sky of chongqing
The sin 6 look like Mendoza in the garden show trailer and 7 maybe Romania?

Gluttony is confirmed to be Chongqing, Envy is Mendoza I suppose, and Wrath is unknown. I do hope it is CM as it could really make that map a lot more enjoyable.

Cool good news where did you saw its in Chongqing?

Don’t think this counts as a leak but blurring it just in case.


I know what you mean but it’s just cool to have them in your collection I guess :slightly_smiling_face:


very interesting -sins 7 but locations - 6! One location repeat again or IOI create new location special for 7 sin?