Seven Deadly Sins Act 6: Envy

A thread to discuss the sixth act from the Seven Deadly sins DLC, to be released in September 28.

Some info provided on the IOI Insider livestream:


The Season of Envy is here! New content, a new Elusive Target and a few other surprises are in store. – - -wait, sorry that was too soon! See you again towards the end of September!



A very small clue comes from the Dartmoor Garden Show trailer released this August with 47 wearing the Mendoza suit. Can’t figure where are located all those blades.

Can’t wait to see these new contents :slightly_smiling_face:


Fom the IOI Insider Extra :

The first look on this next season will happen next thursday, the 23rd of september with both @Clemens_IOI and @Travis_IOI.

They apparently have, I quote, “something cool around the corner”. (is it an exceptionnal escalation, is it an ambush by 47 ? we will see)

So, be ready for it.


Just FYI, I didn’t say “something big around the corner” - I said we got something cool around the corner, and was referring to the upcoming sins :wink:


I’m not usually a Debby Downer, and that hasn’t changed, I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS SPECIFIC ESCALATION

My favorite sin out of Hitman was lust, but this brings a whole new definition to Envy… I also see Sister Li and Derek McInnis from Miami, and I am a SUCKER for when Hitman maps / escalations / side content includes previous NPCs I can refer back to

That narrator sounds familiar, I can’t put my finger on it, though…


Yeah that sounds like a NPC from HITMAN2 and I can’t think of it either. Whittleton Creek maybe?

Nice suit too, much better than Gluttony’s.


It sounds like Derek Hagen. He voices Orson Mills, AJ Krish, and Blair Reddington, along with a lot of miscellaneous NPCs. He’s done a few Elusive Targets too I think.


I am interested in the rival assassin AI; he could be really unpredictable, or he may break down really easily. The only adaptive AI in the game is people starting a conversation due to proximity or the constant on the isle of sgail moving closer towards you. This may be really cool, but if he only works on a very small route, the escalation’s main gimmick may turn out to be redundant.


I really like the suit and the sniper rifle. The suit is definitely my second favorite after lust’s. But I’m not sure about this “rival assassin” gimmick. It seems like it’s just a glorified time limit. And I’m really not a fan of time limits. :unamused:


I agree with you on the suit. It’s also a unique design with the jacket+hoodie combo. I like it.

I’m really curious about what they meant in the stream when they said the items had “different perks to diferenciate them from other weapons”.

The cat’s claw could be akin to the black almond knife with poison in the hilt. From the design it looks like it, and it would allow Hitman 3 only owners to have this kind of item. It could also have another kind of poison, emetic is green after all.

I have no idea what perks could be granted to the Jaeger 7 green eye.
Well I do have some hope after the flash effect of the serpent’s tongue in lust , but they are not probable. I wish it’s a single magazine dart rifle, emetic or other. It could actually be balanced since the jaegers are illegal to carry and take time to take out of briefcases.

Is this how it is when we have no leaks prior to release ? To have some cautious hype and anticipations for the content ? I… I think I enjoy it more.

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Yeah it sounds like him.


It’s Agent Montgomery, I’m pretty sure his character will be the narrator which would fit with the theme of envy


Even from this one trailer, I really love this voice. I don’t recognise it at all, but maybe if I heard some of their other voices it would click in my head.

Anyway, the whole New York American Business-man vibe they’ve got going with the accent is really nice. You can just feel the contempt and belittling in that voice, and it’s such an interesting thing to throw at 47. Like he’s testing or evaluating him.

Gah, it’s just such a neat concept, just from the voice alone! No idea why I like it so much!

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Derek Hagen voices Agent Montgomery :wink:


Ah, I hear the resemblance.

Either the vocal quality is better or he seems to be enunciating a lot more in the Envy trailer. Whatever the case – I like it.

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Completely forgot about Montgomery. That makes a lot more sense lol.


This is looking pretty cool.

Can’t wait to play it. Kind of reminds me of the old ‘Ghost Mode’.


This suit would look perfect for Berlin