Share your work

Any Non-Hitman related ORIGINAL works of art could be shared here !

Here is my first legit oil painting. I’ve dabbled in other mediums before but I’m very proud of how this is coming along. It’s inspired by my Red Dead Redemption playthroughs.


That’s a great one! But we actually have a thread for this already.

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That thread should probably be in the creative corner instead of off topic in my opinion.

But the Creative Corner is for Hitman related things

Got some art, writing, videos etc to share that don’t fit into a regular category?

Didn’t seem very clear that it was Hitman exclusive at all. My bad

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Creating dozens of similar threads is not good.
@TheCleaner you already been linked to original thread, so please repost your photo there.

This thread could be transformed into a self-made crafts thread, not paintings.
This way we’ll have art-related topics but of different contents

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great artwork TheCleaner! Very talented! Looking forward to seeing more of your art and future oil painting endeavours!

What sort of art do you usually focus on? Landscape? People, animals, or a combination as in your Red Dead Redemption paintwork? Do you think you’ll be creating any Hitman themed art?

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Some tests for a book project I’m planning to do this year. Grew out of a pretty funny “come up with a concept in 30 seconds” challenge from my buddies which looks like it might work as an actual story.


And these are also images from a cg short film that’s been going on for a while…


Doing one a day (or almost one per day) to finetune the method and work through the characters before starting the book proper. This one is a sketch for Dolores the Mad Mercenary.

Test sketch for Thomas “Tiserias” Richter - - Con-Artist, Thief, and Master of Disguise.

Test sketch for “Felix” - Deputy Director, CIA

Herr Grau (“Mr. Grey”)