The artwork thread

Hej guys!

I received some watercolours for Christmas and startet painting with them recently. So I thought, maybe some of you are also into art?

I know that some of you are very creative with Hitman Fan Art, but maybe also something else? I thought I just start a thread for it and I wanted to start with my very first watercolour picture. I still have very much to improve but I’m still proud of the result!


Hastily taken photos of my lil’ brother’s drawings.
He’s a wasted god-gifted talented artist


@Mini looks really good, i like it!

A Friend of mine drew this for me after i gave her Astrid Lindgrens Brothers Lionheart, one of my favorite Books of all time, for her Birthday.
I always had a fondness for Monsters and this Books Dragon is no exception.
i especially like her name, Katla.


@Count.Rushmore Wow, those are amazing! May I ask you how old your brother is? Did he took art class or something or did he learned this by himself?

@MrOchoa That’s cool! To be honest, I never read that book. I read Pippi, but I’m not that much into the books of Lindgren. But when there’s a dragon, I sure will change my mind!

be warned tho, this Book is suitable for children (we’ve read in in 4th or 5th grade), but it heavily revolves around death.
i really love it tho.

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Yes, his drawings are very cool indeed

Born 3rd of April 1994

He never studied anything. Parents wanted him to go to university of arts, but he doesn’t want to.
He draws exclusively by his own desire and not everytime.
He could’ve make a real money out of it, but seems he has another priorities

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For some reason, me and my friends have started drawing plague doctors. I dont know what started it. Here’s mine:

And here's some of their's:


Well, I’m not into art or anything, but I wanna contribute nonetheless, so here goes.
This is Cara Candao (Padlock Face):


When I was about 16 or 17 I carved a lot of wood. Still have this, made from one piece, no glue. All carved with only a Swiss Army Knife:

Height is 30 cm (12 inch)


Hey everybody posting an update to my Oil painting today. I had posted originally in the Creative Corner where I think threads like this belong but I was redirected here to the Off Topic zone. I would suggest either updating the explanation to the creative corner so it is more clear that it is a hitman fanart board, or correcting the people who state that is the case if it is false and put this thread over there.


That looks awesome! It reminds me of Red Dead Redemption


Some more quick pixel art.


The Armored Warrior