Simple Mod Framework

ok… nevermind i fixed it, i just didnt know that there was actually a Load Order Manager.exe

Does this work with the demo? Because I have the demo and it keeps saying it cant find the runtime folder. I’ve tried putting it everywhere but it just keeps giving me the same error.

and when I do input a mod and try to deploy it gives me this

That’s because you’re not suppose to put it in the Runtime folder

even when its not it still dose not work

Right now its with the launcher like the main hitman 3 folder and it says invalid runtime path

  1. Download the ZIP file
  2. Extract the contents to a folder inside the HITMAN3 folder called Simple Mod Framework - if you don’t know where the HITMAN3 folder is, try C:\Program Files\Epic Games\HITMAN3
  3. Open up the Simple Mod Framework folder and open the Mod Manager - that’s it!

Oh Im using steam so is that the reason

No, of course it supports Steam, you just need to put it in the equivalent folder

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You need to make a folder yourself called “Simple Mod Framework” and put it in “Hitman 3” folder. The installer does not come with the folder already made

this is where it is and I made the folder and it made another folder in it when I extracted it

I fixed it, I had to delete the folder that was in the folder I made

If I have a mod already enabled and applied, do I have to apply all mods again when adding another one?
Example: I have mod1 applied. I add mod2. Do i have to apply mod1 and mod2? Or move mod1 to the left column (available mods)?

I’m not sure about removing things from the right, but whenever you add mods (to the right), or maybe click on a gear to change something… Anytime something needs to be “applied” you should see a small beacon on the (whatever) button - prompting you to click it.

Then it’s all a matter of waiting until it’s done.

You have to click the apply mods button any time you add or remove a mod from the right hand said

The mod list you see on the right is the mod list you get in game. It’s not “apply these mods” as much as “the game will have these mods enabled and all the others disabled”.

Yes, but every time you add something new, you have to apply them all again, with all the time it takes. Sometimes I just want to switch on/off an option of a mod

The cache system means that it doesn’t actually apply them all again, it just does some cursory checks to see if anything has changed.

If you want to test out a mod with lots of options you can do that with only that mod in your list, and then add all the other mods back in.

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everytime wanna apply mods it give me this error. i also already tried to run “deploy.exe” but sadly it doesn’t work and also this is my id f4f64523-01ee-48c7-bd2d-36a6db761f75

Whenever I click “Apply Enabled Mods” I get this message