Simple Mod Framework

how to fix simple mod framework “deploy failed”

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I have this error

Why would you install your game in Program Files :flushed:

getting stuck with infinite loading in staging part, doesn’t spit out any error. Any ideas?

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Try running the Deploy.exe file in the framework folder.

this is what i get regardless of what mod i’m trying

Try to disable Chonqing Noddle Massacre mod, it also fails to properly deploy for me (for some reason).

like i said, it doesn’t matter what mod i try, the result is the same. I’ve tried only enabling one of each to see if there was any of them conflicting but nope :frowning:

1.5.10 released for game version 3.130.0

1.5.10 stuck in staging mod… how to fix it? i bought my Hitman 3 from steam

after my Hitman 3 updated to version 3.130. this tool not work anymore for me, but thanks for Atampy to created this amazing tool. maybe this is the time for me to play hitman 3 without mods

Did you update the framework?

I have the “problem” that when I try to deploy mods it says deployment was not successful, but the mods still work :woman_shrugging:

And I can’t update the SMF. I tried but I waited almost an hour and nothing happened, as if the update stuck.

Don’t know what’s going on, but on the other hand, as long as all the mods work, it’s fine by me!

1.5.10 still has the exact same issue with staging i had before the update.

Someone told me to try out 1.5.8 and that one actually is able to deploy the mods. It goes through the entire proccess and says “deploy failed” at the very end but it actually deploys them.

Yes, from what I’ve heard in the discord, it seems like the culprit may be in 1.5.9. I’m sure @Atampy26 will investigate and get back to us soon.

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The Simple Mod Framework 2.0 has been released!


Probably a dumb question, but would it be worth the trouble of transferring things from the old mods folder to the new mods folder?

Edit: I didn’t overwrite anything. I’ve got SMF 2.0 in its own folder.

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How long should the update from v.1.5.9 to v2.2.1 take? It feels like it’s taking too long but maybe that’s normal? Been about 10-15 minutes

You can’t automatically update to 2.x from 1.x - re-download the framework from the Nexus.

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