Simple Mod Framework

Try restarting Steam

How can i fix this? on simple mod framework
Fatal error!
RPKG process exited unexpectedly with output:

Hi, I’m not able to use SMF’s main feature at all. I got a mod which changes the time of dayof different missions but when I go to add it, I find myself clicking on the folders and not being able to even find a mod file which does’nt allow me to use the mod please help @Atampy26

Hey I am new on this forum dont know how to get in touch with atampy directly, but I bought hitman world of assassination off G2A (not sure if that changes anything it is still a legit copy) and I downloaded the SMF and it is not detecting my game nor can I select anything. It is the steam version and I have a significant amount of playtime in the game. Is it because I haven’t played HMIII yet? I am assuming because it is all one game now that I wouldnt need to but I could be wrong. Thanks!

“I find myself clicking on the folders” sounds more like you’re reporting sleepwalking than a bug; I don’t know what you want me to do

How do you have a significant amount of playtime in the game without having played the game?

No, SMF just doesnt identify the TIME OF DAY mod as a mod file so i’m not able to add it to SMF

and it keeps on saying invalid mod

I have time in Hitman World of Assassination which is the combined, one game version of Hitman 1, 2, and 3. Thats why I was asking maybe thats the issue that I assumed it would detect the installation of the game even if I hadnt played it because its technically one game now. Hitman WOA is launched by clicking play on Hitman 3 in steam

Oh, I see what you mean. Have you restarted the computer fully since installing H3 on Steam?

How did you add the mod? The only way to add a mod is to click the “Add a Mod” button at the top of the screen in Simple Mod Framework, then choose a zip file. Anything else will usually break SMF or just won’t work. You don’t need to do anything with folders.

Hey, I can’t install the new update. When I try to this pops up. Do you have any solutions?

Try running Mod Manager.exe in the folder with the same name as administrator.

I’m trying to download this on Steam Deck using an app that can install/run Windows applications (Lutris). It always works for other mod managers like Snakebite for MGSV.

Anyway, when I launch it with special prefixes (mainly the prefix for Hitman 3) I get the following error:

It seems a critical error had occurred. Try restarting the installation process, or give Atampy26 the following message on Hitman Forum…

and then below that

VDF parse
Caused by:
Expected a valid token for object start.

I also tried adding the exe as a non steam game but it doesn’t detect the game files (my version of H3 is obviously the Steam version).

Yeah, the installer relies on Windows known paths/registry keys so it won’t work through Wine (and therefore Lutris).

You can download the framework from GitHub instead and put it in its own subfolder of the HITMAN 3 folder (so a Simple Mod Framework Folder next to Launcher.exe and Retail); the Mod Manager will also likely not work but you might be able to get Deploy.exe working.