The artwork thread

Very cool! Now the waiting for the Five Fathers Fan Art begins :sweat_smile:


Bravo! A while back you were saying that you can’t draw women very well, but here they look quite nice! I’m not even really into Batman but I still looked forward to your art. you made it interesting. so all in all, thanks for sharing Khaki :clap::bat:


Woooo! What a month! Great job getting one out for every day of it!
That’s extremely impressive and inspiring.


It’s just past the final hours of All Hallows Eve, and I’m short two drawings, but I’ll deal with that later.
Here’s some fun costumes (and not-so-costumes)!

@Charlie_Farmer @Krikkit2021 @Mini @bgyorok @MrOchoa

I used this as a chance to get used to Clip Studio Paint. A paid, very well-reviewed art program I bought 3 months ago, but haven’t gotten to checking out yet (I stuck with my old free Medibang program). That actually took a while to install, and plenty of time to get used to the menus and guides on the menus.

I could have saved time by not colouring every single one, but I did it anyway and my brain gets crazy passionate and focused about art when it’s the evening hours of a day.
I hope you all enjoy it, I enjoyed drawing it and figuring out how the new program works, sorta. I’ll get to @EvilGeniusRo and @Screaming_Meat’s tomorrow. One should be easy, one should be pretty hard lol.
Ah yeah and @Accidental_Kills98’s too


One more done! This one was actually more difficult than I thought. Had to sketch it twice to get it right – then my computer died (well, hibernated THANK GOD) so I had to wait for it to charge again.

anyway, robot chicken! @EvilGeniusRo

I have work tomorrow :confounded: but once again I will do my best to get at least one more done with the energy I have left.


Love it! :grin:

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A little artdump of stuff i made during class, instead of the schoolwork. Sometimes I like to open up photoshop during class and just draw for the duration of that lesson and then just call the drawing done.

Mr. America, a native-american superhero who hates the entire superhero business in America but has to participate for the good of his tribe.
Done in a short 40 minute lesson

Scruff Macchiato & Mellissa Lissounge, super-powered bonny & clyde basically, without the relationship part.
Done during a 2 hour lecture.

This was actually for school, but imma put it here regardless.

francis animation test

An animation test for a character from my book. Ignore the constant warping of the facial features.
Made in a single animation lesson of 3 hours.


Elden Ring’s Crystal Crystalian Cunt!


Wanted to do more art today, make a new festive pfp, but that didn’t really happen. So hopefully tomorrow, after my shift. It’s a short one.

For now I sleep.

chk doodle sleeep


I’m in a bit of a creative dip lately, working on school stuff is very tiring and even opening my sketchbook is like tearing off a scab. But I’ve slowly been letting the creative juices eb and flow again by doing some fanart. Fanart of a game i didn’t enjoy all that much, but whom’s designs are excellent beyond belief.

so i present, The sons of Thor; Magni & Modi


I believe in Thrud Supremacy


I want the big boy to hold me


Got some capacitive styluses for xmas… specifically so I could draw things on Splatoon 3 lol…

hooray finally


New year, New me…


That’s how I look whenever I remember how IO refuses to Remaster Codename 47.


School has been absolutely beating me to death, and even then when i finish my end result isn’t the best. With that aside. one of our main assignments (out of 4) was to make a minute long animation. A booktrailer for one of the books we read. I read the mediocre book but fun book “Op Het Geniale Af”, an originally german book (original name: Fast Genial). So this is a booktrailer for that, i hope ye enjoy, it’s very rough around the edges due to the strict deadlines, though that could also be an excuse for my laziness


Wow! The assessment went well, me and a classmate drew resident evil fanart afterward to celebrate