The Safehouse Thread

New update added a fusebox next to fuse in the garage.

You need to put fuse into it to turn on the lights.

Apparently it’s a workaround that IOI made because normally you can’t drop a fuse that you picked up.


The fuse needs to start off with the fuse IN the fuse box. All the current update did is put us in the dark literally.


Not helpful if we can’t actually pick up the fuse.

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It’s a neat feature sometimes, and made especially neat now that the Safehouse remembers whether you left it in last time, or whether the Safe Room door was left open or not.
Every time I have to grab the banana quickly for the next mission, I don’t have to press the button anymore!


I like it for the most part but!

The weapon display feels to gamey.
Rather than sorting it by rarity or theme, I’d sort it per type/version.
For example, not only categorize by melee, rifle and so on. But have something like all the Siegers or Baseball bats next to each other and not wildly cluttered all over the respective walls. And it’s a shame that many weapons are missing here. Maybe that would be a bit much, but then a you could make it so only one version per weapon is displayed.

The collector items are redundant. Why do tools even disappear when failing a campaign.
I bought/found them, stored them and didn’t use them. So they should stay.
It just feels nonsensical to have them vanish for no reason but arbitrary punishment.

Most of the vehicles seem very random, just resused assets from mission areas, it would be nice if there were paintjobs more befitting of our professional assassin. Maybe even include something like that cool car from Absolution. And the helipad is… well, there is no helipad. Just a very redudamentary landing zone. Also, why can’t the garden shed not have a proper paint job? In general, while the surrounding nature is very serene and nice, it’s kinda weird that our bald perfectionist doesn’t seem to care about the unkempt state of his property.

The decor is mostly pretty tasteful. DLC stuff aside which I can’t get behind.
But then there’s the repeating paintings, the… soundproofing?.. hanging under display lights, the weirdly low sinks or the incredibly flimsy safe door.

What’s really missing too is some more personal touches. Like some mementos from missions and games, like some past key items or photographs, letters/postcards from old aquaintances, maybe a calender and sticky notes where 47 wrote something down, a shopping list, just something. Some little things to discover about our dear hitman. And doesn’t it seem a bit lonely there? I get why he wouldn’t have other people there but maybe let him have a bird. Like in the good ol’ days. Or maybe even a dog or cat. Or a frog pond where you can get poison from.

It would also be nice if there would be more stuff to interact with.
Let him smoke a cigar, run a few rounds on the treadmill, polish his car, wash his hands, cook some food. I really do like the angle of having some crafting stuff. Maybe that could be explored a bit more.

Also, what is with this lack of new fancy suits? What the hell is that Level 100 stuff supposed to be?
Looks like something from a Berlin NPC. The suits were the motivation of many to do challenges in the base game.

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The current organization of weapons allows 47 to access the guns from both sides of the glass, so using the shooting range is easier. I definitely agree that there are some weapons I never use.

The collector items don’t disappear unless you prestige or lose them in levels. With the Sieker, Kalmer, and Lockpick, this is exceptionally useful!

The vehicles are specifically ones that 47 used or stole from the level. For example: Rico Delgado’s Sports Car, Don Yates Convertible, a boat from Sapienza, the dinghy from Hawke’s Bay, the Sanguine helicopter from Paris, the Kronstadt helicopter from Miami.

While this is a convenient way to re-use assets, it also “explains” what 47 does with the vehicles after taking them. Though, I do agree that some color options or HUE control would be really fun!

At least inside, as you progress mastery, things can be made neater. As for the outside, I would imagine he wants the area to look “natural” from above, hence the grass on the roof and incorporated trees.

At higher mastery levels, there are all sorts of things like you’re mentioning! Even a pet bird :slight_smile:
More interactions would always be fun though!

There are more than 80 unique outfits in the game (excluding location specific disguises). Of those, there are around 35 with a neck tie or bow tie (“fancy”), which is nearly half. If you include outfits with no neck wear, that’s well over half. I’m always down for more suits, but IOI definitely haven’t been stingy with 47’s 2 piece suits. Now, unlocking some of them? That’s another matter :weary:

Whittleton Creek has only 1 Elusive Target. If you want the Suburban Suit, you have to wait for that ET to come around again :sob::white_flag:


I never mentioned the weapon displays accessibility.
I like it. That’s not what I meant with gamey. I meant organization by rarity rather than type/version which would appear more professional.

I explained why I find the collectors tools to be redundant. Or at least I tried, haha! The weapons you find and buy don’t vanish unless you use and lose them in a mission or failed it. But the tools do if you simply if you fail a campaign. Doesn’t matter if you had them equipped or not. Why? It’s unnecessary.

I know that those are the vehicles he has stolen.
But something more original/fitting for who 47 is, would be nice.

The unkempt state I’m describing is not me throwing shade at the surrounding nature or the progression inside the house. It makes sense. But the unfinished paint job on the shed, the kinda brittle state of the veranda and the jetty at the lake is odd. Also, some subtle paths wouldn’t hurt and those wouldn’t be that visible. And the simply non existing and kinda unsafe heli pad just irks me. Sure, you could argue that it would stand out a bit. But so does a helicopter on it’s own.

There is a bird? But not the stuffed one, right?
Must’ve overlooked it. That’s nice!

I know that there are a lot of suits in the basegame.
I have nearly all of them. But I want more!
You can do a lot with suits. And maybe some more tactical gear would be cool. They would serve as some more creative unlocks than simple Mercer currency.

Anyway, it’s all just a wishlist I wanted to throw somewhere. Thanks for indulging me, cheers!

To each their own, I suppose :thinking:
I feel the armory looks rather clean and organized already :person_shrugging:
It would be even cooler if we were allowed to put weapons anywhere! But that has downsides too :weary:

They were inspired to make a “rogue-like” game mode (like Hades or Risk of Rain), and Rogue-likes are known for their escalating challenge until you have to start over :thinking:

I enjoy the concept of freelancer; having to build an arsenal and losing items if you are “careless.” However, with most rogue-likes, the further you progress, the more challenging the game becomes. I played around 10 campaigns in a row without failing or dying and never noticed a challenge increase, so I don’t know if the concept has fully transferred. Furthermore, since having every tool available makes objectives easier, it only increases the likelihood of consecutive success.

I agree that the shed paint annoys me :weary:
I was hoping that, like the meditation, if you did it long enough it would complete. No dice.
I currently have it set to the rainbow one, because it’s one of the few that covers the whole shed

(Birb :baby_chick:)

I would always enjoy more unlockable suits! I’m not sure how realistic that hope is, as IOI is now deep into making the James Bond game, but :crossed_fingers:

I definitely would love even more customization! Being able to freely choose wall color and car color would be awesome!


I suppose I’m kinda mad about the tools disappearing because I didn’t know that a campaign would fail if I quit the game mid-mission. Wasn’t even trying to quit-scum like you can do with ETs. I simply had to go outside and when I came back my entire progression was gone…

So I feel kinda slighted by that design decision.
I agree that the tools do make things easier and take some of the challenge away, I suppose.

Yes, I like my places neat… That goddamn shed paint, why. Especially when I play as a guy like 47. That and the flimsy safe door is something I’d really like to see changed.

BIRB, hell yes! I hope it does more than just sitting there silently. I’ll find out soon enough, I guess.

Maybe they’ll add some more stuff, who knows.
But then again, the Freelancer addition was quite the crate of free content so I don’t want to complain too much.


Since the latest patch added sleeping animations on some beds it would be nice if later ones added sitting animations on most chairs. Lounge chairs in particular - I want to be able to use them and I know there are animations for those in Haven for example :x


Yes please! I just want 47 to relax a little.


Relax? Please! 47 is at his most relaxed when he’s strangling some drug dealing pedophile and watching the numbers in his bank account go up, whachoo talkin’ ‘bout?


The ones we’ve got currently in the Safehouse from Haven, I think 47 can only sit down on them I believe if you place them in the balcony area overlooking the shed & helicopter station. I don’t believe there’s anymore sitting down animations for these chairs if you place them anywhere else? Still, 47 doesn’t sit relaxing in the chair just on the end of it.


Bit late, but is it possibly a bathroom?