The Sony Playstation Thread

Has it been confirmed that it will not be a PS5-only release?

It’s already going great


(But nah, the Wii U was a totally different concept to this.

It had a tablet-controller hybrid, but it used it as a special second screen for most of its games, as well as a touch screen.
Pretty sure since the Wii U emulates DS Games too, it was useful to recreate DS Games on a TV, with the top screen blown up and the touch screen as the tablet)

Sony’s device is just meant for remotely playing your games away from the TV, but internet is required.
I’ve used Remote Play with my phone sometimes if I needed to use the menu while away for some reason, but it’s usually a bit too much latency. (Not much, but noticeably so).
Very interested in the price for this, given that it’s really an accessory to a PS5 and wouldn’t work without one. I’d hope it’s 100$ at the most. But Sony might shoot higher…

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Dev Team that’s doing the MGS3 Remake is handling the Masters Collection. They explicitly said that the Masters Collection Volumes will be on the latest platforms. Given PS5 is just a singular platform it’s safe to assume like the MGS3 Remake the Masters Collection will be on Xbox and Steam.

Hmm… I think I´ll remain doubtful until they actually confirm Steam just like with the MGS3 remake… I can´t shake the feeling that “latest platforms” translates to “latest generations of consoles”.

That being said, I do hope you are right and I will be over the moon if it turns out the MC is indeed coming to PC as well (especially if it comes with proper mouse+keyboard support).

No Dragon Dogma enjoyers? :pensive:


My personal highlight of the announcement!

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Still no word of a Ghost of Sushima PC port. You are killing me, Sony…

Oh very cool! I wonder what the tone will be, I think they pretty much picked all bigger philosophy topics in the first game. So it will be a challenge to live up to the expectations. :thinking:

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They will answer the greatest philosophical question of all: What do you do with a philosophy degree?


The official website shows both Next-Gen Consoles and Steam


That’s just the MGS3 remake though. I meant the Master Collection (i.e. the old games).

Funny how they specified the platforms for the remake without giving a release window, but gave a release window for the MC without specifying the platforms :sweat_smile:

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Yeah i saw it, i hoped he’d be one if the main villain for once, but it seems he is more of a “neutral” character again.

At least his design isn’t as shit as in the Andrew Garfield movie.


We can only hope.


The Dev Team who is doing the Remake is helming the Masters Collection the only way Masters Collection would be PS5 Exclusive is if Sony got exclusivity rights or had a hand in its development. Currently the Dev Team has gone on record that it’s gonna be on Modern Consoles with no specifics being said. But since they used Consoles it’s safe to assume it’s gonna be on Xbox aswell and not just PS.

My concern is PC. They didn’t say “modern consoles” though, but “latest platforms”, which - like we discussed yesterday - may or may not include PC (I’m sure Xbox will be included though).

On a side note, the PS store is the one place where the MC is already listed: