Things About Hitman You Just Found Out

Strike that, turns out it’s not true, it’s only presented as true.

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The fiber wire piano man one comes with a strangling sound



There’s also an explosion sound for some explosion-related ratings (Nitro Freak?) and one of the ICA Assassin ratings (Traceless ICA Assassin?) has the sound of disabling surveillance.
There’s more, but those are the ones I remember the most.


Bombardier has sound of exploding fire extinguisher


The homing briefcase is forever immortalized on Haven Island’s Displate


I just found out Dalia will follow you around when you got the Sheikh disguise.

When she meets you the first time, she will talk about a business, then she pauses and say “if you need anything, blablabla…”.
The thing is that she says her second sentence only when you stay still next to her. So in the meantime she will follow you anywhere until you stop.
I just made a video about it to show it clearly :

Has it always been like that ? I play this game since 2016 and never knew that :melting_face:


I was searching for some trademarks related to Hitman and found some interesting things.

Some people pointed out in the past that Hitman trademarks are registered under Square Enix, but I found it varies between sources. Some state Square Enix as the trademark owner, while others say IO Interactive owns those trademarks. I think it could be that some sources are late for an update or the owner differs by region.

Related to that, if the source says IO Interactive owns Hitman trademarks, that includes Hitman Sniper: The Shadows.

And here are things that seem related to Hitmay that I don’t recall being used anywhere; HITMAN MAINFRAME, HITHAPPENS. Judging by their registration date, unless they were used somewhere that I don’t know, my guess is they are a scrapped name and slogan for Hitman 6.

Of course, I also encountered the well-known HITMAN: PROFESSION and HITMAN PRO.

Although technically not related to Hitman, here is a possible scrapped title for Freedom Fighters; AMERICAN FREEDOM FIGHTER: LIBERTY ISLAND. I also found two previous titles of Freedom Fighters; Freedom: The Battle for Liberty Island, the original title announced at E3 2002, and Freedom: Soldiers of Liberty, the title used around 2003 before it changed into Freedom Fighters.

What is most interesting is that HITMAN: CODENAME 47, HITMAN: ABSOLUTION, HITMAN: DEATH AWAITS have recently been registered by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation for television and multimedia program series. Maybe the TV show project isn’t dead.

Pro tip: Do not write long texts on your phone. I was doing that and accidentally hit the reply button. Twice. That is how a leak happens.



In the same vain of “NPC’s following you around” I just noticed that the barman in Santa Fortuna will run up to you after you take the coins off the plate for tips. He will follow you anywhere within the bar to make you leave. You can thus seclude him in the bathroom (but be careful that the guard just outside the bathroom doesn’t hear you fight).

I never noticed this before because usually I take the coins and leave immediately.


Yeah that’s a cool way to isolate him. You can also isolate P Power by coming into the bar with a mansion guard disguise, he will hide in the bathroom. I love these kind of details.

On another note, somethings that must be known by now, but that I just found out :

  • Empty guns will make a click sound, that can be used as a distraction
  • This shortcut in Ambrose (I didn’t know we could escalate the rocks) :

I caught a bit of Agent_42O’s stream this morning and saw him experimenting with getting the ice anvil easter egg on Haven. I knew about this before, but I had never actually pulled it off myself. Motivated by seeing him do, I wanted to experiment with it myself. Here’s what I found out.

All three main mission targets need to be eliminated first. Then go to this spot on the private island and shoot down the coconuts hanging above the woman. At this point she doesn’t move around much anymore, so she is always below the coconuts.

Now this happens ...

The coconuts turn into this massive ice anvil and gravity does the rest :upside_down_face:

You don’t need to shoot down any other coconuts. As soon as the three targets are dealt with, you can come here directly. Also these are the only coconuts, that I found, that behave this way.


What? I take the coins from in front of him all. The. Time. And he has never once done anything but curse at me. Wtf?!


I only just found out you can dismiss the guard in the lawyers office in Dartmoor. He goes to the nearby balcony to have a smoke.



As long as Disney/Fox don’t use Derek Kolstad’s pilot (47 has hairs and then shaves them off), I’m fine.


You can eliminate NPCs with Kalmer or Seiker.
My intention was just to pacify a guard from behind, and as far as this is a non-lethal weapon, I didn’t bother to holster it.
Result was a silent elimitation


As far as I know that was silently added in the Freelancer patch, so it’s most likely a bug.


I haven’t done it yet… but when you eliminate with a Kalmer or Sieker… is it two shots? That would realistically explain it being fatal :man_shrugging:.

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In Freelancer: Pacifying a target doesn’t count towards the “Timed - Silent Takedown”-objective.


But you perfectly can jab the NPC with it normally and it won’t be lethal.
I mean what’s the difference? Tight contact? I don’t know.
I suspect it just uses normal pistol elimination animation, nothing more.
And by the way, I’ve tried couple of times before to eliminate a target from behind with a single remaining bullet, and it still works, even you can hear shooting that sound twice, but still, the pistol has a single bullet. Doesn’t matter if it a remaining bullet in a magazine or a last bullet of the ammo, it’s all the same.
But no, it utilizes just one dart