Things About Hitman You Just Found Out

So apparently if you thrown a propane flask in the pond in Hokkaido, then also throw “The Big One” in it, the propane explodes, which probably means that “The Big One” is waterproof :thinking:

Also if you look out of the windows in the New York lobby you can see a street with some traffic, I never noticed that before because I thought the windows were just darkened by the rain and nothing actually was behind them :x


Yeah there’s quite a bit to see outside of the bank.


I think you can use some fireworks under warter. They don’t stop immediately, they’ll burn a short while before being extinguished.

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Bodies found from accident kills from the tank gun will still penalize the player as bodies found therefore ruining a Silent Assassin run using that weapon. This is because the bodies are thrown as they are hit again and again by the tank gun.


Like a flare, some fireworks have oxidizers that can burn independently from oxygen in the air! Cherry Bombs famously still work underwater, as many young teens have found out when blowing apart toilets


Does this mean if you drop a chandelier on a target and then drag the body a foot to the left they target will now count as body found?

It’s always been this way. You can’t move targets after accident kills.


I figured after reading about the tank gun, but had never tried since I never had the need to move an accident kill. Just making sure I understood the game rule (=

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I never found out if there’s a point where drowning a target by dragging them into shallow water (like the ocean in Haven or the pool in Hokkaido) stops counting as an accident because you kept dragging for too long after they drowned… Maybe that’s something to experiment with a bit when I’m bored. :grin:


That’s interesting. I think I’m gonna “drown” (it’s actually a fall accident for some reason) some target on Haven and drag the body as far away as I can, then make someone else find it. I always thought that you had to let go of the body, then grab it back for it to break SA.

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Oh, that could be actually the case!

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OK I did a few tests to confirm this and it appears that as long as you don’t let go of the body and drag it back, it doesn’t count as a “body found”. Yeah that naked guy I dragged into the sea then left in the middle of the guard post was totally an accident, the guards said so after all :slight_smile:

Dunno if there’s an application for contracts since you can’t really check the status of bodies besides accident / hidden / found, but at least science made a small step tonight.


Not recently found out, but does Maya Parvati put on make-up? Like lipstick and mascara? Like, compare to Graves, her lips are much redder and eylashes bigger.

Guess she wants to look great even when in combat.


Maybe she thinks Grey is hot and that’s why she really joined and she’s trying to look enticing for when he gets back?


Or maybe she has the tattoo makeup so it’s always perfect.

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TIL the plague doctor is an illegal disguise in the Sapienza church. This begs for a contract :smiley:


TIL The Constant isn’t sitting on a chair



In A Bitter Pill, opening Vholes’ garage door will cause one of his bodyguards to come and close it. Man’s more paranoid than Cassidy.


Civilian NPCs have special dialogue for lockdowns.
I was playing Sgail and hit the fire alarm. One of the waiters pulled out a phone after getting out of the room and had a whole convo with someone about how he might be late because workplace just announced a lockdown of indefinite duration.
It was kinda funny hearing him say how he has no clue when the lockdown will end, only for it to end 2 seconds later as he returned to his usual routine.