Things About Hitman You Just Found Out

Hey, I didn’t say she had any chances of success… namely being about to be dead and all.

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Yeah right, she is dead, too bad

Huh, actually, maybe that’s what the makeup was about; so she’s already set for her funeral.


She already lost her arm, she knows how important it is to always be prepared


They also do a similar thing after witnessing a death or dead body.

God I LOVE IOI writers. They really put sooo much into this game, both in story details in the level, and really silly side-content like NPC reactions to odd behaviour. There’s just so much.


Btw. the lashes from Parvati and others (Yamazaki for example) look very weird… that’s not how lashes look like, IOI…


Desantis has the same issue. I think they’re supposed to be partially transparent to where you see individual lashes, but the whole thing looks like a black flap of whatever. :sweat_smile:


Diana has some fake lashes look, but you can still see individual lashes.

But some of the others just have these black… blocks? I don’t know, for me it looks like an issue with their models :see_no_evil: Or they just used the wrong fake lashes; maybe they should ask Diana for advice :sweat_smile:


It’s a bug. Maya and Yuki are missing the transparency map for their eyelashes.


Yuki still looks amazing though :relieved:


There is a spanish speaking NPC in Miami. I never noticed her and I think she is the only NPC speaking in a different language in any location? Correct me if I’m wrong. I was surprised hearing a NPC speaking a different language than english, especially in an american location.


Santa Fortuna has quite a few spanish lines among guards and civilians, like the girl at the jukebox at the bar when swearing about P Power. :wink:

And Mumbai has a few Hindi words I think, but I don’t know an example.

Either way, did not notice that woman there speaks spanish. Nice catch!


And there are some german words in Berlin, too (wrong actually :sweat_smile:) and some background noises with german talking.

You are right, I forgot about that woman in Santa Fortuna! And yes, here and there are some words, but this woman surprised me because she spoke only spanish and she is in an american location. Since the game quite lacks some different languages, it was nice to hear :smiling_face:


Yes I ackhowledge, also in Dubai, they speak hindi. But in UAE people speak mostly in arabic.

Here is a project prepared by one of a forum member, he records all dialogues, I helped him in translation.

Correct, maybe she is a news channel reporter from Mexico. Someone who knows spanish can translate them in all dialogues project FYI @peloso


he’s just using those instant chair pants


In Paris there’s this woman near the two stylists talking about Helmut Kruger. She asks the guard there where the bathroom is and uses it to throw up. I think this might be the only npc that does that without 47’s intervention. I wonder if there are any contracts on her.


There’s also one in Mendoza, though they don’t throw up in a bathroom.


So I had something pretty interesting happen in Dubai.

I made a courier slip on a banana in the little garden area (where the assassin usually goes in the main mission), a woman found the body, and she went to find the nearest guards, the two guarding the stairs to the upper floor. As one of them told her he’d check the situation, I passed him by and he stopped investigating to greet me (I was disguised as a guard). So the woman got impatient and went to complain to some other guards, the two guarding the entrance to the tech area. I was curious so I followed her, and here again the guards stopped their investigation to say hello… so the woman went back to the two previous guards.

I managed to keep her in a loop between these two guard groups for a few minutes, it was absolutely hilarious to see her complain constantly while the KO’d guy was left unattended :smiley:

I wonder if there are other places I could do something similar.


And another in Mumbai… That Gregory guy, with the wings on his denim jacket, who keeps going back to nibble on stuff then upchucking it by a bridge. They’re wondering where he is at the Rangan tower.


Also just remembered the guy who is supposed to meet Matthieu Mendola in A House Built On Sand.