Things About Hitman You Just Found Out

I believe if Robert goes into lockdown during his escape… Or maybe just while he’s there talking to himself about how things are catching up to him… :thinking: Once the coast is clear he’ll forget about escaping and return to his normal route.

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Technically not fully related to hitman but I just learnt that if you pre ordered hitman absolution on steam you would get these in tf2 Police hat Duck Fancy hitman badge Duck watch Suit Hat


This must be in case the player tries to remove the helicopter by disguising as a mascot.


Yeah, I used that suit with Capo’s Capper and Security Shades as my main loadout for Heavy. Surprised we did not get one for Spy, although we have Business Casual for him.
Man, I don’t think we will ever get another promo’s for TF2. I know they sometimes crashed with games artstyle, but some of them were really cool.


It’s funny to think how only one set of promo items never got released for tf2

So today I’ve been catching up with unlocks (retro skin, stadia stuff etc.) and that brought me to Hokkaido.
To simplify things for the unlocks, I’ve used a trainer with invisibilty enabled, so npcs wouldn’t bother me when doing my stuff.
Now, once I’ve got what I wanted, disabled the trainer and did the mission, however I wanted to eliminate Soders in an ‘overkill’ style… I ruined KAI, shot Soders’ body in the head, then I went to the mourge and shot the heart, while the two guards were inside. They didn’t freaked out, they approached the heart, and talked about the organ being broken, and it wasn’t moving by the time they started guarding it, also referencing the origin of the heart.
I’ve been playing that mission since 2017, but this was the first time I caught that little discussion; pretty cool!

On a sidenote, I have a question/request:

I’m not sure if my mind made it up, or the line actually exist, but when you disguise yourself as Lafayette and do the session with Caruso (and kill him) , I think 47 used to say, that Silvio is tired and fell asleep.
Is this made up by me, or at some point this line was removed/disabled? If not, how can I trigger it?


On Miami, I overheard Florida Man talking about needing sugar from a food vendor. If you disguise yourself as a food vendor and get a bag of sugar, you can give it to him. This causes him to actually open his food stand on his own and this will still lure Robert Knox out of the Kronstadt building. I’m not sure how useful this is compared to opening the stand yourself, but it’s cool that you can trigger it!


Maybe you know this, but if not…

Since that Delgado guy is with (the Shiehk) in one of the race-team paddocks… It’s possible to KO him, get his cocaine brick (if it doesn’t shatter when he’s KO’d - good luck with that) you can give him the brick instead of the sugar…

I think that’s how it works (IIRC). It’s pretty funny.


Well, if you’re a gloves-only player like me, it’s a way to lure Knox out and take him out with different means. There’s drowning, electrocution and burning kill opportunities available after he eats at the Florida Man’s stand, and even a chance to kill him with the sword fish on the pier where Florida Man originally is found, and since the vendor disguise uses plastic gloves, it keeps that style of play uninterrupted.


Oh, I need to try this! :grinning:


I don’t know if anyone here posted this but I thought it was interesting in Santa fortuna if you kill anyone with the cocaine machine ( I don’t know the name for it ) you get some blood covered cocaine if you do the meet-up thing with Franco if you place the blood covered brick after the taste test franco will jump of a cliff


I like that after triggering this opportunity Robert enters an entirely new cycle in a more public space. Shame it takes so much time to kick in though.


I didn’t know that! Time to explore Miami again!


It seems that in Hitman Contracts, in the Meat king party mission it’s actually possible to hang Npcs on the mobile hooks of the slaughterhouse. This is new for me, I played the shit out of Contracts, but never discovered this one.


I do appreciate that after so many hours on HBM and Contracts, I still learn new things. I did never imagine such feature in Meat King party. Thanks for the sharing.


This feature is showcased in a trailer for Contracts. Here, around the 0:35 mark. Enjoy the glorious 240p quality.


I somewhat totally missed that trailer. So much memories.

I still think Contracts is an unique entry in the franchise. The dark settings is amazing, I think neither of the other installment keep close to such unique creepy and unsettling atmosphere. Also, 47 seems way more deadly and ruthless than ever there.
Sure, Absolution tried to replicate it in some parts, but I feel it totally missed the mark.

Yeah, I know about Rosewood and the Hawaii subplot, but it’s not the same thing for me.


It’s the pure ruthlessly efficient professionalism for me. The fact that, per SA gameplay and the conversation they have, it’s canonically accepted that 47 did not kill Malcolm Sturrock after finding out he was the actual killer of the client’s daughter, solely because the terms of the contract were for Campbell and his lawyer only and did not include instructions to also take out anyone else who was directly guilty if evidence of such was found. That mission alone is why that game stands out to me, and it’s the best mission in the series entirely for that reason. 47 was paid to kill two specific targets, find the girl, and either get her out or bring back evidence that she had been killed; he did all of this to the letter, even though the two targets were only guilty of covering the matter up. He and Diana didn’t even slow down to consider maybe whacking the actual killer while they were at it. 47 asking if the mission hadn’t changed was closest we got. Diana didn’t hesitate to basically say to carry on with what he was already going to do, this new info didn’t change anything, and he was like, shrug, just checking. That’s pinnacle Hitman for me; utterly ruthless, uncaring, unbiased, professional.


Interesting analysis, I can relate with most of it.
It’s almost a similar case in Beldginford Manor, where 47 must free Giles Northcott from his cell, but just because the contract require it (47 say it clearly: “your father paid me for free you”).

Even the ICA’s orders sounded more cynical in the past, on Woa it almost seems they kill bad guys for save the world from evil.


I’ve spent hundreds of hours playing Contracts over the years and I never knew you could do this!! :open_mouth:

Thanks for sharing! :grin: