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Bill Burr live at Redrocks. It’s on netflicks. Funniest, most irreverent thing I have seen in years. Absolutely hilarious and incredible.

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Outer Range is a mess of a show that doesn’t really know what it wants to be. It tries so hard to be “mysterious” and “quirky” that it seems to mistake being obtuse for being profound. It wastes the talents of its cast, Josh Brolin and Lili Taylor especially, and it wastes what could be an intriguing premise (rancher Brolin finds a “mysterious” hole with “mysterious” properties on his land) because it doesn’t know what to do with it.

And to top it all off, half the show takes place at night and some idiot decided to just not bother lighting those scenes. At all. So for half the show, I literally couldn’t see what the hell was happening. Which is actually a pretty good metaphor for how I felt about the overall show.


I’ve watched the first half-dozen or so episodes of the Quantum Leap reboot. It’s not quite as good as the original, but it’s pretty entertaining. Dr. Ben Song (Raymond Lee) is likable, if a touch on the bland side, though some of that might be the amnesia. (I’m really disappointed that no one has compared his brain to swiss cheese. :frowning:) I could take or leave his hologram fiancée, but the two of them have some nice moments together.

They spend on a lot more time in the present than the old show, especially in the first couple of episodes, but I suppose that kind of ongoing storyline–they’re all, including Ben, trying to figure out why Ben used the machine prematurely–is pretty standard these days. I kind of wish it didn’t take away from the story of the person he’s trying to help each week, but it does tie things into the old show. And it helps that the team includes old favorite Ernie Hudson and new favorite Mason Alexander Park (their pitch-perfect Desire was one of the best parts of The Sandman).

It definitely has the earnestness of its predecessor, enough to make me roll my eyes on occasion, but its heart is in the right place and it’s a nice change of pace from the cynicism I tend to gravitate toward.


The Walking Dead

Ok guys. After two years of watching I finally watched the final episode with my mom. This thing was close to our hearts since we started binging season 1 - 9 in the 2020 pandemic and stayed hooked to watch the rest till the end. I can confidently say, after 11 seasons, that the final episode was the most perfect thing they couldve pulled off with what was left.


Rick is finally back!!! Oh my god bro I had it hard when I saw his face. That was fucking perfect. And for once in season 11 AMC writers had the balls to kill off main characters: Luke and Rosita. Im really fond of the way they treated Rosita’s dead. Eugene by the bedside to say the last goodby. My guy used to be the biggest loon of the series and he outlived both his guardian angles. Speaking of which, my guy Abe :sob: Im so thankfull for that montage towards the end of all the characters we lost. Abe was my favorite so that bit touched my heart. This episode was great. The battle against the walkers and the gasoline trap. Maggie confronting Negan about Glenn. Carol with short hair. And Eugene has a child oh my god :sob: :exploding_head:

Litteral perfection. 10/10.


So this show had come to a close finally?


I didn’t read the spoiler as my wife is way into this show and sometimes I watch it with her. I’m glad you liked the last episode though. She is 2 or 3 away from being done. I’ll make sure to catch the ending.

@Count.Rushmore thats how I feel too. The first couple seasons rocked and then it got to a point where it was occasionally amazing and often blah. I also never could get over how they had bullets when the story wanted them to and didn’t when the story didn’t want them to, and except for once the why was never really explained.


Just finished Wednesday and I really liked it most of the time. Sometimes it could be a bit juvenile and many plot points wrap up rather simply mere scenes after they’re presented to be difficult challenges and the overarching world building is something I’ll have to see if a second watch can decipher because it’s currently mostly incomprehensible but it all somehow comes together to make the whole show feel very Addams family; ya know, kooky.

The show itself rests almost entirely on Jenna Ortega’s shoulders as she’s in most of the scenes and the other characters mostly only exist to revolve around her. That’s obviously a detriment because they mostly only get screen time when they interact with her but for the most part they do use their limited time well to develop their characters so, again, somehow works. Back to Jenna Ortega, she’s so good; she’s asked to do quite a lot, particularly in regards to not not showing emotions but doing so subtly and she hits the mark every damn time.

Probably one of my favorite things in the show is how nearly every character is suspicious at least some of the time. Often when shows or movies or books or whatever do this it’s because they need a specific character to seem suspicious to protect another for later or something. Here, however, it’s generally not plot contrivance; they’re just always sus or could be perceived that way. It’s delightful because it ties into Wednesday’s growth as a character in that she wants to trust others but they often at least seem to give her reason to actively shun them, justified or not. The best part, is that she’s often proven at least partially off base even though she fancies herself a detective.

Before I wrap up I want to talk about my darling baby Enid who is Wednesday’s roommate and is one of the biggest catalysts for her development. She is a werewolf, just one of the many supernatural creatures that go to Hogwarts Nevermore that form sub-cliques within the broader outcast vs. normie divide of the show. I always find horror elements work best when they are a commentary on or metaphor for reality like zombies and consumerism. Another example is lycanthropy as a metaphor for puberty in one of my favorite horror movies Ginger Snaps. In this series, lycanthropy and Enid’s in particular seems to be a metaphor for queerness. These two have both been in relationships with other people and this is one of the most romantic things I’ve ever seen (fairly large spoilers for Wednesday’s arc):

Anyway, long story short, this series was quite fun. It didn’t do everything right (like heavily featuring teen drama tropes, like I kind of mentioned) but it did other things exceptionally well (like bringing up topical subjects but not being preachy about it, which I completely glossed over in favor of other things). I look to forward to a month or so from now for the announcement that Netflix has canceled it for whatever arbitrary nonsense they come up with this time. If they do see fit to not be a garbage company for once, I genuinely look forward to season two.


Eh i was always a Friday kinda guy! :joy:

Dad jokes sorry


Mr. Robot S3E8, “dont-delete-me” is a damn slightly-surreal masterpiece. Again.

Going through the show again (for like a 3rd time?) slowly, with a friend this year has been a great experience.


You’re making me want to rewatch it. I have great memories of Mr Robot, but I also remember that it’s a pretty draining serie.

The last season “gimmick episodes”, the silent one and the bottle one are so good.
Jjust thinking of them, of the last episodes, and of all the foreshadowing / prep work from even the first season, now I really want to rewatch it.


The Last of Us HBO Show is looking really solid! I’m sold on Bella Ramsey’s adaptation of Ellie from this trailer. Pedro Pascal is just stellar – that accent is fantastic. Finally got a great look at the whole vibe of the show and their relationship, I’m loving it already.
Goosebumps when they teased the bit of the Left Behind DLC in this. Totally forgot they were including that too.

January 15 please come sooner! But not too soon, I like the holiday season!


finally the last of us gets adapted into a medium where it can shine


I always forget about Sam and Henry until I see them. Must be a defense mechanism. :sob:

Also, people with better eyes than mine spotted Troy Baker (as one of David’s men at 1:53) and Ashley Johnson (as Ellie’s mom at 1:33).


who is playing david?


I’m not sure. I don’t think I recognize him and before this trailer the speculation was that Baker might be playing him because they hadn’t announced who got the role yet.

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We turned on the Santa Clauses on Disney+. It’s another sequel to the Tim Allen movie from 1994. 6 episodes but only 4 are out so far. It’s cute and fun and Christmassy and if you liked the 3 films then you’ll like this too. Supposedly Bernard the elf is going to return in episode 5 after being missing from The Santa Clause 3.

The family and I finished watching Only Murders in the Building Season 2 last night.

Another great mystery solved, and the dynamic between Charles, Oliver and Mabel (Steve Martin, Martin Short, Selena Gomez) just gets better and better. Plus there’s a few returning side-characters that get much more time to shine and new ones that add in their flair as well.

It’s funny, got some nice style, and while we weren’t super invested enough to call predictions early (we mostly figured things out on the episode, while characters were doing the same thing), it was still a fun mystery to unravel.

I just hope they don’t jump the shark or take the concept too far with their inevitable Season 3. It all ends with a time-skip to a Theatre Venue, where a murder takes place – but that’s not “Only Murders in the Building”! That’s a totally different building!

Now we’re gonna want a new show to watch together – I’m hoping I can sell them on Andor or Welcome to Wrexham I’ve heard a lot of good things about.


I can’t wait for the moment they introduce my favorite one off character The Golf Club. I hope they give it some snarky one liners.


@TheChicken , I assume you’re familiar?


Eurogamer did a breakdown of the trailer and they have David being played by a guy named Scott Shepherd. Looking at his credits, I’ve certainly seen him in a couple of things, but it looks mostly like bit/supporting parts, certainly nothing that sticks out in my (admittedly faulty) memory.