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Obligatory Good News Everyone/Fun on a Bun reference!

The streamer promises that the 10 all-new episodes will have something for everyone. New viewers will be able to pick up the series from here, while long-time fans will recognize payoffs to decades-long mysteries – including developments in the epic love story of Fry and Leela, the mysterious contents of Nibbler’s litter box, the secret history of evil Robot Santa, and the whereabouts of Kif and Amy’s tadpoles. Meanwhile there’s a whole new pandemic in town as the crew explores the future of vaccines, bitcoin, cancel culture, and streaming TV.


Good grief, Futurama has come back from the dead more times than Jason at this point.


Finally started watching the latest season of Barry. Just 2 episodes in

Oooooh man this show is so intense and uncomfortable now, but they’ve still got that comedy edge to keep things fun.
I hope they can get swapped to the Drama category for awards season, because while it has tons of style and depth to its writing, I don’t think it’ll win anybody over as a clear “best Comedy season” of the year.

Anyway Barry has hit full rock bottom by this point, he’s really scary, sad, and gone full mental breakdown. Great stuff from Bill Hader, wow.
First episode of the season he really doesn’t get many lines that was cool
I feel bad for the guy despite knowing he’s in total irredeemable mode with all he’s done so far.

(Also I read a recap and I never noticed how much “I’m gonna stop killing… starting… now!” was such a running joke in the series. I wonder if that’ll show up at all this season, now that I know of it.)

Then you’ve got Fuches acting super duper suspicious IMO.
We learn quickly in ep2 that hes an old family friend (uuuugh whyyyyy) and he seems really sorry to Barry… but I just can’t trust anything from that man anymore. Something seems really off about giving up trying to take Barry down.

Cousineau is living the high life of fame which is neat to see, but maybe about to go too far, as he hilariously puts on a one-man show to a reporter describing his sensational case. Good job Henry Winkler hehehe.

And I’m sad to see Sally ended up where she has. Her family (well her mom) doesn’t pay any consideration to her trauma and emotional state, she’s thoroughly screwed up her professional life, and grappling with the fallout of Barry’s relationship.

And ooh this show really has great style. The huge wide shot of Barry’s flashback hallucinations, the zoom-in to him getting beat up at prison, the way scenes fade into and out of each other, the music and sound effects being pretty unsettling at times, mmmm mmm I eat it all up.
Also also I love how dialogue is repeated so much in this show to the point it becomes frightening. A lot of characters in the recent seasons have had explosive moments of pain, that either starts out ridiculous or saddening, and turns to scary, quickly. Mental downward spirals are spooky to watch.


Tonight on Barry:

“'Toro… hehe like Guillermo Del Toro-- WTF is that actually Guillermo Del Toro??!”

[30 minutes later…]

WTF Fred Armisen??!

Also in a side-note, oof that acting class scene with Sally was truly, kinda accurate yikes.

Also they’re kinda sorta making me feel for Fuches? Dude actually seems to be looking out for Barry here, no whiff of an ulterior motive at all (other than probably needing him as protection).


The Silo has been quite great so far. Eager to see what happens next.


I’m so sorry you had to see that one, it is a must

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Barry finale tonight, hyped for it. All the storyline are getting together.

@TheChicken, did you manage to see the other episodes released ? Or are you still on the early episodes.

Also, a bit of a fun fact for you : listen for winds. The show use it regularly, to throw back at Barry first kill in Afghanistan, as an indicator of his state of mind. Once you know that, you will catch it all the time.


My dad and I are still in the early episodes I think just ep 4. But we’ll get there soon enough.

Hope it can all tie up and end in a solid way.


Barry S4E4 - aaauugh this show is so depressing now aaahhhhh
This episode was torture

Surprising lack of Barry, his ominous presence looming over all.

Making me kind of feel bad for Fuches given all the punishment he’s taking, but also kinda not cause he’s had it a long time coming? :thinking:
I still don’t know if he’s playing the long game, just trying to survive in jail, or trying to make amends by not selling Barry out??

Hank can’t let go of his chechen clan/boss, and drowns all the bolivians in fucking sand!!?! That’s dark as hell!! Wtf!!

Then Cristobal rightfully leaves but gets assassinated from the cartel anyways uuuuugh

Cousineau is paranoid out of his mind and accidentally shoots his son?! And he doesn’t know?! Aaahhh??!

The one good thing is that it looked like Sally almost took the job of her student, but they didn’t replace her and they’d just keep working together… still was scary seeing her take over the performance like that.
Oh, and also she’s just… done with hollywood, just like that. And wants to run off with Barry wtf wtf oh boy

And the ep ends with a flash forward. To them living together, possibly married, and a kid?? Whaaat??

Anyway this show is still super great and cool to look at, love the camera shots in it.


Raylan invades Detroit. :smiley:


Great to see Raylan back but it might be tough for me to get into without Boyd.


Same here. Not sure I like the emphasis on the daughter angle there either…

Olyphant and Goggins had great chemistry together on that show. Surprised no one has made a (neo)western movie yet starring those two.


Well, I had my friend over tonight and we watched the series finale two-parter of Mr. Robot.
After just over a year of watching this together, first while living together near school, and since then remotely thanks to Amazon streaming, it is now fully complete (and I’ve finished my… third? watch of the entire series)

I think she liked it? She definitely got her mind super blown, as its quite the setup and bombshell for the final major twist in the series.

I remember the big moments but wow yeah that finale is A LOT to take in.

Super duper spoilers here.
Watch out.

For an entire episode setting it up, it’s a potential full sci-fi tilt into a utopian alternate universe, a world without pain for Elliot, a world where there are now two Elliots, but MM Elliot kills the other one… but in the next EP, not really… as Mr Robot reveals that its all a sham and him trying to get Elliot to realise its not real, he’s not real… and after a lengthy explanation of the alters, MM Elliot refuses to give up control, seeing Darlene one last time, before giving in and letting go…

I can see how its a lot to process, with question after question being put down, only to rip them all up in the next episode with the big reveal of it all, that not only changes the episode you’ve just seen, but the entire series as a whole, one final time.

I still really liked it, as I had all the pieces so I could pick up on the hints and references it was building up to. But it really is quite the rollercoaster of an ending, especially since the rest of the series was a bit more of a grounded, dramatic techno-thriller built upon exploration of mental illness.
Soundtrack this season is also super great.


The Dun Dun now stands for Double Double

Interesting. Canada now joins the ranks of France, Russia and the British spinoffs of the Law And Order series produced by Dick Wolf…


The Office UK

Season 1 was by far better than any US season, but the quality went downhill and season 2 got “rubbish”. I can see why they canceled it. (I could be wrong though)

The Spy

Quite mediocre as a show though the real story behind it is incredible. Ahmed Sudani was right to be paranoid after all.

White House Plumbers

Only an episode in, and Woody Harlson’s subtle comedy is incredible. Eager to see what happens next as I’m unaware of Watergate’s details.


Adult Swim’s anime Superman series looks like a lot of fun.


It looks very cute and fun and weirdly unlike Adult Swim’s usual promoted content.

(Idk I don’t watch a lot of adult swim content, the only stuff I’m aware of is from their crude catalog)


Hell yeah :tada:


I turned on the Netflix documentary about Arnold Schwarzenegger. It’s super interesting even for someone who doesn’t love him. I knocked out 2 episodes before bed and I’ll be back to finish it in a day or so.

He comes off as pretty honest especially about his upbringing and what drove him to become what he is.


House of the Dragon

Very enjoyable series. Things got super tense with all the backstabbings and plotting and people being ugly jerks. Also pretty well approachable for a novice since it’s one far-off prequel.

Rhyneara being overthrown, ooh. Daemon actually being a kind of good guy, kind of, supporting his royal blood, not wanting to overthrow it? Alicent being a big baddie trying to usurp the throne. Her kids are all little demons omg.

Didn’t totally like how so many characters had similar sounding names. Also it was kind of a big cast, so we had to big pause it once per episode so me and my parents could get a rundown of the major character relationships and names lmao.
Really good though yeah.


Spooky AF mystery series. So many characters are just dark AF and untrustworthy. Misty is psychopathic wtf.

It got really really wild near the end.
Very sad that Jackie is dead, I was hoping they’d keep her around one more season before revealing her death. The twist that another member was secretly alive was a bit expected from me, but good twist that it’s Lottie and she apparently still has a cult in the modern day.

Personally I’m a bit hesitant to continue with Season 2, as I’ve heard it’s not that great and people say only reveals tons more questions with no answers.
But Elijah Wood is apparently in it so my interest is piqued.

Hoping I can now shove Andor onto my family’s watch list to replace Dragon, I really wanna watch it with other people I’ve heard it’s a great intense show.