TV Show Discussion Thread

I still have a season to rewatch before i plunge into the new one, man this will be so weird, could make or break it for me


So I’ve been watching Mythic Quest, the show that Rob Mcelhenney created with Megan Ganz and Charlie Day. I almost skipped on it because the trailer didn’t really sell me, but I’m glad I checked it out because it’s so good. It’s about a chaotic game development company run by McElhenney’s character, actively making content for a WoW-style game. It’s funny, sharp and smoothly navigates through modern social issues. Kind of reminds me of Community mashed with The Office, but in the game development world. Megan Ganz, one of the creators, was actually one of Community’s best writers and you can feel a bit of shared DNA between the two shows (especially considering that Danny Pudi was cast in one of the lead roles).

I won’t reveal any story information, but episode five of the first season was completely unexpected and kind of incredible. It departs from the main narrative to focus on two new characters and their story that unfolded years prior to the show’s principal plot, it genuinely moved me. The episode is called A Dark Quiet Death, I couldn’t speak higher of it.

Anyways, check it out if you haven’t already. Given that we’re all gamers, I’m sure that there’s a lot for most of us to relate to.

Oh and connected to this, I recently just rewatched all of It’s Always Sunny. That was a blast, I’ve already written enough about Mythic Quest and IASIP isn’t exactly unknown so I won’t go on about it, but it’s just such a uniquely hilarious show. The show has been faltering just a bit over the last couple of years, but it’s is still funny. Frank v Russia and Risk E’ Rats were solid, standout episodes from the latest season.


I saw the first season (and the pandemic special) but I kinda fell off the Mythic Train after that… Oops, I should really get back to watching it, it was a fun, if a little odd series.

Always Sunny is also on my list… for some point in my life…


If you’re genuinely interested in It’s Always Sunny, maybe start with the season two episode ‘Dennis and Dee Go on Welfare’. It seems to be a popular starting point for people who are new to the show.

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Gosh I just love seeing Yellowjackets S2E3 show off a live chicken decapitation right on camera! :cold_sweat:

(Yes I know it’s fake, it was good special effects too, but damn that caught me off guard)

Also uhh the show is starting to veer more and more into supernatural territory and idk if I like that (both in a scary way and genre way)


Loki Season 2 just got a trailer this week.

Ke Huy Quan is joining the season and that makes me very happy.

This is one of the D+ Marvel shows I think turned out really well overall, so hopefully that quality continues with this – the first one to get a second season continuation…


So watching the first couple of episodes of the new Futurama season, some things that have bugged me: Why on earth did they, in my opinion, ruin season 10’s ending, that was perfect mind you, in the way that they did? It just feels so lackluster, the ending was a beautiful final goodbye, but the way everyone in the show (Fry, The Professor & Lyla) just acts like it never happened, that bugs me.
And don’t get me started on Kif’s children. How is one acting like a baby in a pram then also acting like a clitché teenager? Small nitpick. Both episodes so far have been meh with me, maybe i’ll like them more as time goes bye but so far so subpar.


I really liked season 1 and am I’m hopeful that season 2 will be of similar quality.

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I started Good Omens season 2. Because it’s, well, good omens. Neil Gaiman, and originally GNU Terry Pratchett. And I loved season 1.

And, I’m torn on how I feel about it.
Contrary to season 1, which was an adaptation of the book, this one is original. More importantly, it’s all about Aziraphale and Crowley (and Heaven, and Hell). Were before they were one of three/four converging storylines.

Honestly, it feels like a Aziraphale/Crowley fanfic.
A good fanfic. Like Kudos and Bookmark.
But, I don’t know, something is clearly different.


Was it when they name dropped Dartmoor? I bet that was it.

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I’ve been watching Bluey. I’ve only burst into tears watching it 3 times so far. Very well made show. It’s like it touches some old part of my own childhood in some way. I barely remember any of my childhood so it’s like it hits a nerve, but in a good way.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. The Season 2 finale airs on Thursday I think. Pretty good stuff, I think Season 1 is a little stronger but I hear Season 2 got hit by Covid and Captain Pike’s actor taking time off for a new baby. Still, I like how courageous the show is. A crossover with cartoon series Lower Decks, a sitcom episode where Spock turns human, a musical episode. Perhaps a bit too much variety for a season with only 10 episodes, but still, I’m enjoying it. Hope the finale can be as good as the finale of the last season.

Star Trek: Prodigy. This show was a victim of Paramount+ with little warning dumping the show, presumably to do a tax write off. Season 2 is being made, the first 10 episodes of 20 confirmed as being finished, with the creators currently shopping around to find someone who will pay to host the show. In the meantime, a full Season 1 Blu-Ray has become available to pre-order, which I have done. Creators have said sales helps the case for the show getting a comeback and I really hope it happens. They’ve released a clip from the first episode of Season 2 confirming that The Doctor from Voyager is returning.


Another adult turned to the dog side :smiling_imp:


Is it weird I think I’m like Bingo? A lot of what she does reminds me of what I was like as a kid. Who is your favourite @TheChicken?


Bingo is definitely great and relatable. Anxious, soft-spoken, a bit of a follower to Bluey’s leader status as older sister.

I really love the Parents in this show (all of them) and how they’re usually so supportive of playing along with the kids’ antics, or finding creative ways to get them to do difficult tasks through play.

How far along in the show are you?


Not far. I watched a few of the free episodes on Youtube and a few clip compliations. I’ve started watching it properly on Disney+, and on S1E14.

The parents are pretty great, the commitment to the insanity is impressive, like in that one about the Magic Asparagus.


This week’s Futurama episode was really fun, and one I wholeheartedly enjoyed as an original episode, rather than one that was heavily riffing on a Brand joke (Fulu episode) or previous plotline (Kif’s babies). Those were… decent at best, but I felt leaned too heavily into fan-service/self-referential jokes.

This episode was a wild-west inspired spoof into the land of crypto mining.
Great jokes that play off of the genre and locale the gang finds themselves in, but with a techy twist.


No not at all

I resonate with so many people and characters it’s totally normal (I’m not normal but yeah)


Sometime between midnight and the witching hour, I watched The Bear’s second season episode “Fishes.”

That shit hit HARD.


Still enjoying the week-by-week of My Adventures With Superman.

The show is just, really fun!
Great character animation by Studio Mir and some good comedic writing at times!

Tons of positive dorky energy from Superman, Lois’ firey personality, and Jimmy Olsen’s awkward third-wheel state lmao.

This week’s episode introduced Mr. Mxyzptlk and some small multiverse shenanigans involving Lois being kidnapped.

Introducing multiverse stuff so early was really surprising for this version of Superman – he’s still not completely figured himself out yet, but it created some fun character moments between variants.

I’m a very basic-knowledge DC person, so Mxys is someone I’ve literally never heard of.
I really like his goblin-child-anime design, mixed with his egotistical grown man voice.

(No I didn’t make this I stole it from twitter)


Trailer for The Continental came out, and it looks like a groovy, but still moody twist on the John Wick IP.

Also the first trailer for the Scott Pilgrim Anime, out November 17th!