TV Show Discussion Thread

I finished the one and only season of ‘I Am Not Okay With This’ on Netflix.

Its a neat coming-of-age series about Syd, a meek, frustrated, grieving teen who is wrestling with budding feelings of romance for her best friend and discovering she might have superpowers (telekinesis)…

Sophia Lillis does a great job at encapsulating a lot of frustration, moments of joy, and a peppering of teen anxiety as she tries to keep as many plates spinning at once.

The ending is extremely shocking/satisfying-ish? even if it pays off a few bloody teases before it, as she explodes the head of Brad in a bloody mess of embarrassment and anger. Oops.
This series was based on a graphic novel, and apparently the ending is different… The novel ends, but the show chose to change it into a cliffhanger for something else, and therein lies the problem…

This was an infamous YA show in the summer of 2020, as it was received very positively, ended on a cliffhanger, greenlit a season 2, then COVID lockdowns hit and Netflix refused to accomodate their budget or timing for filming and cancelled it.

I went into the show knowing it would have a disappointing cliffhanger, and yeah, that checks out :disappointed:
What’s even worse is that according to the showrunner, they had planned a second and final season to resolve the story but it never came to be

Apparently he wanted the ending recut after it was cancelled, since the cliffhanger no longer leads to anything, but they also refused that.
Man, now it’s just disappointing plot threads being set up for nothing. What the heck was that thing??


Hey, at least the title works with how it ended!

I thought House missed an opportunity when it didn’t play “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” at the end of its finale, then realized, wow, the song was right. Here’s another such example.


I watched the first 2 episodes of Ahsoka yesterday. Really enjoyed it so far.


Watched the first episode of the Sonic Prime. An animated Sonic series on Netflix, about the titular blue dude thrust into an alternate dimension.

The production is largely canadian apparently, featuring a new canadian cast for the show too. That’s cool.

I’m a big novice at Sonic stuff, really only seen the movies as any long-term exposure to the character, other than surface-level-knowledge stuff.
Prime is a pretty neat sci-fi twist on the IP. Seeing alternate versions of established characters is cool so far and it’s neat to see Sonic thrust into a dystopian city where “the villain won” sort of thing.
The show actually piqued my attention in that the episode lengths vary. They all usually linger around 22-26 minutes, but Netflix allowed them a lot of leeway with the premiere, clocking in at 45 minutes.

And with that premiere, it impressed me in some surprising ways!

It opens with the inciting incident kicking off (Sonic breaks a magic gem in a battle with Eggman) – then woosh, title card.
There’s some flashbacks later on that show how the lead up to that battle happened, and there’s even a really neat sequence where Sonic meets an alternate Tails (called Nine - he has 7 metal “tails” attached to his two natural ones, climbs around like a spider) and when going over their past history together, the show uses a panel-based pixel art style! That was a cool detail, I hope they use it more, it’s a cool link to its game origins.
(And actually, the scene was based on a Mania animation huh)

Doesn’t totally feel like a by-the-numbers kids’ action show. There’s some engaging storytelling decisions that I like… and the animation is pretty good too.

(Sonic Mania left – Sonic Prime right)

Nine/Tails flashback card


Good, good. We’ll make you a Sonic fan yet Chicken, hahaha.

Would you like to know more?

Well, too bad, I’m telling you anyway.

I have heard that is due to some legal thing that a Canadian production has to use Canadian VAs? I’m not too sure on that, I’ve seen that disputed. It is rather neat, with the game continuity and the movies we now have 3 English versions of Sonic running around at the moment. 2 versions of Tails since game Tails and movie Tails are both voiced by the same VA.

Prime Sonic, voiced by Deven Mack, is the second Black man to voice Sonic’s English voice. The first English voice of Sonic, in cartoons Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, the Saturday morning series SATAM, and Sonic Underground, was voiced by Jaleel White, of Family Matters fame. Also for some useless trivia, Brian Drummond voices Dr Eggman in Prime, he’s done a ton of anime dubs, and is famous for the meme from the Ocean dub of Dragon Ball Z “IT’S OVER 9000!”

Sonic has done alternate dimensions before in a few ways. Blaze the Cat, a major secondary character is from another dimension, and for all intents and purposes basically serves Sonic’s role as being the hero and protector of her reality, complete with her own set of “Sol Emeralds” that give her a super form. Also she’s a princess. In the Archie comics, a recurring thing is that there is a mirror universe in that comic, where all the heroes are villians, including an evil version of Sonic called Scourge. Not to mention the idea of the parallel universes all being tied together by a giant highway system, governed by zone cops, one of them also being a version of Sonic called Zonic. There is a very early goofy issue where Sonic has to fight a massive multi-dimensional threat by collecting a ton of other universe Sonics and at one point has to use a knock-off of the Infinity Gauntlet to save the day. Also amusing, Zonic states that Archie Sonic is the most important Sonic, being the Prime Sonic. Something I imagine Sega would highly disagree with.

Which has happened a few times already. The Saturday morning show, Sonic Underground, and the Archie comics all start with the idea that there is a monarchy ruling the planet Mobius, but then Dr Robotnik (soon to be Eggman), would take over the planet with an army of robots and by “roboticising” the population to be totally loyal and obedient to him. More recently, Sonic Forces see Sonic and friends lose against Eggman, and Sonic imprisoned for 6 months while Eggman conquers 99% of the planet, due to the power of the Phantom Ruby, and its wielder, edgelord villian Infinite. The IDW comics start in the aftermath of Forces, with the Resistance, later named Restoration, trying to get the planet back into working order.

It also gives me an opportunity to post the opening of SATAM, which sums up the situation with great animation and awesome cheesy '90s theme song.

Hate to correct you, but it’s from Sonic Origins. Sonic Origins is a compliation of Sonic 1, 2, CD, 3 & Knuckles. Part of the package was effectively adding in cutscenes to show Sonic meeting Tails, Amy, and Knuckles for the first time, as these were the games that introduced these characters but obviously due to hardware limitations at the time, alot of info was confinded to the instruction manual. As such we never actually see Sonic meet Tails for the first time until this compilation released. Still it is genuinely nice to see this referenced. That pixel art is very nice.

I actually still need to watch Sonic Prime myself. I’ve heard positive things from it from the community and it’s nice that you like it too Chicken. I ofcourse hope this is a gateway drug for you. Also, on Netflix is Sonic Boom, the last Sonic TV show, I think that is a great watch. It is vastly different from Prime though, being a comedy show rather than an action show, but I think alot of it is very fun.


I started watching One Piece on Netflix and I must say that I really like it! Very loveable characters, nice acting. I never really watched the Anime though, just a few episodes, so I guess for someone who knows the Anime very well it’s a much different experience. But for me it’s a very cool series and I can’t wait to watch the other episodes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


hahaha thanks for all the info there, silvereyes!

The archie lore sounds pretty wild (was all that a Ken Penders thing? I only recently learned of the controversy surrounding his lawsuit that led Sega to reboot the series under a new comic branding. – Also learned that he wasn’t really a favourite writer when it came to Sonic stuff…)

I think I heard a similar thing a while ago, but I just looked it up and according to Sonic himself (Deven Mack) that’s not entirely a true “rule”.

I think it’s a rule to get a provincial/federal tax break wherever it may be recorded, but that’s not a thing.

GAH I swear to you, my comment originally said Origins, but just after posting I recalled “Hey wait, wasn’t Mania the one with all those fan-animated cutscenes and trailers everyone loved?” but I guess my brain was right the first time… darn… :sweat_smile:

That animation is CUTE AF MMMMM

I also kind of maybe hope Prime is a gateway drug for me lol, but uhh isn’t Sonic Boom bad? Wasn’t that the one the fandom didn’t like because everyone was super anthropomorphized with looong arms and hands?

Idk I do recall seeing a few compilation videos, and it did have a lot of meta humour too for the fans I guess.

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Since they are so short I do find them quite easy to binge. Also, my Disney+ was about to renew for the month and I decided I wanted to cancel it, so wound up binging Season 3 so I could cancel it in time.

Anyway, Bluey is such a great show. I love the humour, style, music, cast of characters. Its just so wholesome. Funny how many characters it makes me love, even if they only get featured for one episode.

“What, Chloe’s dad gets an episode? Who cares about him?” One episode later: “He’s great, I hope he gets to come back at some point.”

Will be nice when the last 10 episodes of Season 3 make it on to Disney+. From what I understand, Season 3 has three more episodes to go, and then the show will basically be on hiatus as the creator’s are taking a break before they start on Season 4. There’s going to be a 28 minute special, and its rumoured that it’s going to be about Uncle Rad and Frisky’s wedding.

So yeah, great stuff. Kept crying too, Season 3 has some real doozy’s. “Onesies” and “Space” hit very hard.

The story of Archie Sonic is a saga all by itself. Quite frankly, I don’t know all the details, as far as I’m aware there isn’t any one place or video that sums everything up conveniently.

Basically, Archie Sonic begins in the very early days of Sonic when there wasn’t much story or continuity to work with, only a series bible. The comic begins life as pure comedy, mimicing the cartoon Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. Penders joins on quite early, writing stories and sometimes doing artwork, with several other writers. He is one person who helps transisition the comic from being comedic to being more action focused and serious, similar to the other cartoon show SATAM.

Between the release of Sonic & Knuckles in 1994, and Sonic Adventure in 1998/1999, Sonic goes through a dry period of releases. Sonic doesn’t even get a main title on the Sega Saturn, one of many reasons why that console wasn’t so successful. Because of this, the comic basically does its own thing for a while since there isn’t much to adapt. This sees Dr Robotnik being killed off and dead for over 2 years. (Guessing the writers didn’t realise he was always going to stick around in the games but hey ho.) Knuckles would get his own monthly series that would last 32 issues and that was Ken Penders baby where he had full creative control. It’s where alot of the stuff that gets pulled from Archie to mock Penders is pulled from, such as the weird thing of obsession of Knuckles’ ancestory, that time he quoted a poem about the Holocaust, the three issues about Knuckles’ hitting puberty, the fact that Knuckles’ dad is terrible and deliberately irradiated him when he was an egg to give him chaos powers because of a premonition, etc.

Eventually, Sonic Adventure happened. For the games, Sonic Adventure is really when the mainline continuity starts. Sure, stuff did happen in previous games, but Adventure is when the mainline series would carve out its own stories, tone, identity, as well start to introduce alot of Sonic’s core secondary cast. The Archie writers and especially Ken Penders, had very little interest in the games. They did give Sonic Adventure a big 6 issue tie-in. (Which humourously, in the letters sections has them state that they basically sent the one staff member who did play video games to get a copy of Sonic Adventure and play the game, then relate what the plot is to the writers so they could write the adaptation.) But after that, they made very little attempt to align the continuity of the comic with the video games. Sonic Adventure 2 gets a one issue tie-in that reeks of obligation, and they didn’t even bother for mainline games like Sonic Heroes. It meant that Archie, in comparison, just became more and more of its own bizarre weird thing in comparison to the games that actually had stories now.

Penders would leave after issue #159, after overseeing what is generally seen as the worst era of the comic from around issue #130, with bad plotlines, melodrama, and just bizarre priorities. Penders only left because a new editor came in who wouldn’t let him do what he wanted. Ian Flynn took over from issue #160 to the book’s end. His tenure, especially the first couple years, can be seen as him trying to help correct the book’s trajectory, keeping the uniqueness of Archie’s history and continuity and unique characters whilst trying to make the comics at least have some resembalance to the video games.

Years later, Penders would sue Archie over the ownership of his characters. Generally speaking, whenever you work for an existing comic, TV show etc if you create a character for it, that character is kept by the company. Archie actually lost the paperwork and couldn’t prove Penders even signed it, which is why Penders won. It also meant other Archie writers also got rewarded the characters they created in the process.

Issue #252 would see the New Genesis Wave causing massive changes to the Archie universe, as all of Penders’ characters were wiped from existence, and alot of characters were redesigned to meet Sega’s guidelines. (Fun fact, Sonic female characters have to cover their chest and groin areas, but male characters can never wear trousers, only shoes and socks from the waist down.) Sega wanted to take the opportunity to reset the comic entirely to issue #1, but Ian Flynn fought to keep as much of the original continuity, as well as keeping things like Antoine and Bunny’s marriage.

But eventually, Sega ended the comic, and certainly not because of low sales considering the main book and the other monthly book Sonic Universe were still going strong. As far as I’m aware it’s never been explicitly stated why the comic ended, Sega did the crappy thing of basically saying the comic was on “hiatus”, and then only ever confirmed it had properly ended like a year later after everyone had already figured out the truth. Probably a mix of things like the Penders debacle, Archie’s general incompetance, and perhaps wanting to have a comic that was actually close to the games and followed the same mandates, which is what the IDW series would do.

With Penders himself, I imagine there are fans who would never forgive him for the lawsuit no matter what. But I think he would have alot more people on his side if ever showed any humbleness or respect or humility about the situation. Even just something along the lines of “I’m sorry for the trouble this caused the comic but the characters I created really meant alot to me” or something. Penders is just one of those guys who really shouldn’t have access to a Twitter account because he just keeps posting stuff that makes him look bad, bad ideas, bad political takes, and generally just being an unpleasant person who has no respect for anyone bar himself. He especially dislikes Ian Flynn and seems to resent him massively.

Probably the most infamous example of this is when he revealed on Twitter that in his canon, Geoffrey St John, a character he created, took Sally’s virginity. Problematic since it’s clear that St John is an adult and Sally a teenager, meaning staturary rape. And ignoring that can of worms, also very much clear of how much Penders puts his own creations over everything else. Ofcourse his awesome James Bond inspired character would take the virginity of Sonic’s primary love interest.

It doesn’t help that Penders hasn’t done anything with the characters he owns. He keeps talking about and releasing a book that would serve as a sortof quasi-sequel to his storylines with the characters he owns, but not one issue of it has materialised, whilst Archie fans had to contend with the fact that characters they liked just got ripped from the book.

At the risk of stating the obvious, but I wouldn’t take too much stock of what the Sonic fandom thinks. (Well, except for this Sonic fan’s opinions ofcourse.) I don’t like to dunk on the fandom since the fandom has been an easy punching bag for eons, for a lot of stuff that is equally prevelant in lots of other fandoms. But there are alot of kids and teenagers, there is toxic elements, and lots of different opinions on what Sonic should be.

What happened with Boom is that when it was announced, I don’t think anyone in the fandom was wanting from a TV show. After the failure of Sonic '06, Sega decided to stop trying to do serious plots and feature alot of Sonic’s characters due to criticism. Games like Colours and Lost World especially really had very simple plots, few characters, and really tried to be quite comedic, almost like Sonic being more Mario-esque. Then Boom is announced and it seems to be more of the same. I think for fans, what they want from a Sonic TV show is something like Shonen anime, action scenes, seriousness, proper storylines, like Sonic X and Sonic Prime. Whereas Boom is an episodic sitcom that has little in continuity.

It doesn’t help that the Boom cartoon was part of Sega’s Boom brand initiative, which was basically a failure. The release of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric on the Wii U. (Which started life as Sonic Synergy for the other consoles at the time before Sega forced them to be Wii U exclusive because they signed an exclusivity deal with Nintendo, then remaking it be Sonic Boom themed, and putting in an impossible deadline.) I don’t believe the toy line did too well. The redesigns were controversial, I’d say the decision to give everybody sports tape was… a choice. Knuckles is basically the same character in name only. By the time Season 2 started airing, Cartoon Network had put the show in a terrible slot, and for some regions like the UK, it was actually very difficult to even watch the show. I’ve still not seen Season 2 actually since UK Netflix only has Season 1, and the only way is to buy the Blu-Ray really, which only finally came out a couple years ago.

All that said though: Boom is a funny sitcom, it gives the characters alot of personality, and the meta elements is just a part of the charm of the show. I personally think once more time has passed and all people remember is just the show itself, it will gain more appreciation. But I would recommend you watch it yourself to see what you think. I think it is available on Netflix most places, at least the first season?


Ubisoft has an animated mini-series (6 episodes) coming out on Netflix this fall, that looks to be a big crossover of many of their major IPs.
Called Captain Lazerhawk: a Blood Dragon Remix, it looks like it uses alternate versions of characters from Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, Assassin’s Creed and Watch Dogs. (And maybe Rabbids, if that’s a giant mutated rabbid?)

Netflix also has an event later this month o
the 27th called DROP 01, a livestream to coincide with the release of the Castlevania Nocturne series, as well as to drop lots of previews to other upcoming animated content like Scott Pilgrim, Sonic Prime S3, and some surprise drops from Capcom, Crystal Dynamics, and Legendary Pictures.


Yeah, and since so much of the show’s music is original, I love when I can pick out a remixed classical music track or the hook of a nursery rhyme or something.

I love how every now and then you can tell the showrunners want to challenge themselves or their animators by playing around with genre and style. Stuff like the Chickenrat episode comes to mind, as it essentially does an homage to “Memento” with the events played out backwards with great match-cuts between.
I love the Escape episode because they use this great sketchy-2D style for the one-and-only rare “imagination” sequences where the characters aren’t actually acting out what they say they are.

yoooo a half hour of uninterrupted Bluey (featuring some fan-favourite side characters) that’ll be cool.

also this just got announced. GOTY lets goooo


The Mick is such a funny, overlooked show, and it’s leaving Hulu in less than two weeks (at least in my region, which is cheeseburgers and flag pins), so check it out while you can, if you like laughing!


Finished Loki Season 1, ready once more for Season 2 now.

That finale really is something neat. Just one big long conversation and monologues about the fate of the multiverse and the TVA.

My dad was eavesdropping in the room at the time, he doesn’t watch the show, he said he didn’t like what he’d overheard. Too much talking, not enough action.
Lmao no way buddy, that’s what’s great about this finale. No predictable CGI Final Fight. Just… dialogue.

Now, I think it does play up the mystery and tension a little too much in the episode, as things could flow a little faster overall, but it’s fine.

I’m a little disappointed in how the episode starts to wind down before the final twist.
You see agents in the field being shown the original variant of Ravonna Renslayer - the school teacher - then Hunter B-51 and Mobius watching the timelines go crazy, both knowing the truth about the TVA, interested in letting the chaos bring it down.
Then, the show cuts to Loki running back to find them, and it turns out the universe ‘reset’ or something, Kang is the TVA ruler and no one remembers who Loki is or what he did. So… it’s a shame so many B-plots got overwritten at the very end like that I guess?

Very excited for Season 2 and what it’s new Theme Song might be according to trailers so far…

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David Tennant is gonna act his ass off as the Doctor once again!! Woohoo!
NPH seems cool too!

For some reason they didn’t include any mention of a date, but the Specials are slated to release in November.
Reminder that International markets will get the new DW through Disney Plus. :hugs:


Today marks the end of the new Hulu season of Futurama.

Overall, the season was meh-to-good. Personally I found quite a few of the “referential” episodes to previous plotlines and “current/topical” events to be mostly shallow and uninteresting, but some of the more original episodes with a clear original plot or series of jokes not based on one topic I enjoyed.

The finale, written by David X Cohen (and he usually writes some of the iconic, good episodes of the old series) was a fantastic season-closer (and potentially series-closer-again, if they wrote this before a confirmation of a second 10‐episode run)

Very high-concept themes and sci-fi philosophising, as the crew all discuss whether they all live in a simulation while overseeing a simulation the Professor created.
It has a cool wrap-up with an interesting and poingnant ending.

Overall, from favourite to least, I’d rank it thusly:

  1. All the Way Down (finale)
  2. Related to Items You’ve Viewed (Momazon’s unstoppable growth)
  3. How the West Was 1010001 (Wild West Crypto town)
  4. I Know What You Did Next Xmas (Xmas Time Travel episode)
  5. Zapp Gets Canceled (Space Diplomacy/Zapp becomes less of a jerk)
  6. The Impossible Stream (Hulu meta-premiere)
  7. Rage Against the Vaccine (Covid jokes)
  8. Parasites Regained (Dune parody)
  9. The Prince and the Product (Anthology Episode)
  10. Children of a Lesser Bog (Kif’s Kids are born)

I liked how the show kept some focus on Fry and Leela’s official status as a couple now, though I think Fry’s stupidity rubbed off on her a little too much.

I actually quite liked the Covid episode in terms of comedy, but it’s going to be so outdated in the next 5-10 years, since those jokes are too topical and will lose their lustre to anyone who hasn’t experienced 2020-2021.

The anthology episode was disappointing, and I’ve liked all the other ones in the series. This just felt like unconnected toy-styled random plots that didn’t have a good spoof or theme to go off of. Plus the soap-opera style framing device was just boring.

Kif’s Kids episode was… [Kif “ugh” noise], it tried to reference events of 20 years ago way too much (while characters conveniently forgot key issues like Leela’s potential DNA impreganating of Kif which was a major thing) and I did not like the kids’ antics or the “who is the real mother?” forced stakes.

This is all in my own opinion, please don’t shame me too badly.
There’s still a second batch in the works that I assume (hope) it’ll be out next year or two? So far it has slightly justified another return, but still feels more average than the CC or Fox runs.


@TheChicken, I just wanted to thank you for the post.

I started looking at the new season of futurama at the start of it, before stopping since it was meh.
Still think that, but you made me interested in watching the last episode.

It was excellent. :+1: