Unpopular opinions about Hitman

You are lying though :thinking: /s

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wrong thread sos was meant to be in the one about Prey

Any character model of 47 that looks old or ugly is garbage by default. He canonically ages much slower than your average Joe and looks like a world renowned professional male model. His 3D character model should reflect that. He should never look older than 29.

Only Blood Money and Hitman 3 (WoA) have good 3D models for 47. The rest are uggo.


To be fair, his slow aging thing was only added recently, to show why he hadn’t physically gotten any older-looking despite 20 years having passed both in-game and out. Most of the Hitman series took place where he was actually at the age that he looks; mid to late 30s, and Absolution he actually looks like he’s in his 40s. We never knew at that time that he would stay in that range, physically. So the slow aging doesn’t really come into play, as that part of the lore only recently entered the picture.


You are correct. Though, I always thought there was a disconnect between 47’s engineering and how he looked. Continued peak performance, especially considering 47’s being a “perfect clone”, almost always implies slower physical aging in fiction, yet in the earliest games, 47 looks like he’s still very much aging normally as you stated. Blood Money cleaned this up by visually de-aging him considerably as early as 2006. He looks like a jacked 25-year-old in BM.

Then Absolution happened.

Like comparing a racehorse to a jackass.


Well, obviously. I’m Heisenberg. That’s a given.


Hitman 2’s 47 character model is actually pretty bad. He looks of incredibly weak constitution and like an absolute pushover. His brow positioning gives him a sorta’ perpetual “I NEED TO USE THE BATHROOM” look, like a person passing kidney stones.

It only gets a pass from Hitman fans because Hitman 1’s 47 character model looked fucking insane.

I never got into Breaking Bad myself. I hear it’s quite good.

The engravings looked interesting to me at first, but then I noticed the flowers… A simplistic depiction of a flower with five petals, like it’s made by a 5 year old, over and over again. Puts it into Rude Ruby territory for me.

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But there are plenty of such flowers that are that simplistic. :thinking:


Classic Diana > Olivia > Lucas > WOA Diana


There are plenty of flowering plants that are that simple looking. Lilies are a good example, daffodils are simple as well; pimpernel, oleander, mallow, frangipani, plumerias and poppy flowers are simple.

They are likely simplistic periwinkles since they symbolise death and look roughly the same or just a stock simple flower.


Abso 47’s eyebrows and hunchback really make him ugly imo. too cartoony. but that was the entire vibe of Absolution, i guess.


Well, first of all, you’re doing yourself a grave disservice by not watching it, and secondly… I… wasn’t even referring to Breaking Bad. I was just referring to me.

The only good thing about Breaking Bad is all of it.




Yeah, Absolution was just a goofy fucking shitshow in general. From that perspective, 47 looked perfect.


Depends on the angle I’d say. Had some really good moments too.


Apologies to everyone for the brief not-quite-on-topic diversion, but I thought Breaking Bad was ropey as all hell. [Genuinely, not just to wind up He Who Is About To Leap On My Post From A Great Height.]

EDIT - having a 'mare here, that wasn’t supposed to be a reply to Ro’s post, which was completely unrelated.



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nvm, doesn’t matter