Unpopular opinions about Hitman

I doubt he out grew it, his muscular built is a lot smaller then it was 12 years ago. I’m willing to die on this hill, just like those who brought us the “feminine” hands scandal back in 2016.


I miss that one :face_holding_back_tears: just like the people fighting about 47s sexuality. These were great times.


That was an argument? :man_facepalming: it’s been clear since the beginning his sexuality is A.

On that note, I just learned yesterday from the TV Tropes site that some believe the ending cutscene of Blood Money means 47 went to China to have a quicky with Mei Ling. Couldn’t believe that I share planet earth with other human beings whose brains are generating such thoughts.


There are a lot of people who would disagree


Yeah, I know.


His sexuality is just not specified, and it’s not necessary to do so because who gives a shit. Interpret it however you want, but don’t make a fucking war out of it and don’t harass people who disagree. He’s a fictional character, not a real person.

I think it’s hilarious that people take his reaction to Mei Ling’s surprise kiss as evidence for his asexuality. As if allosexuals appreciate being kissed by just anyone.


It’s not just his reaction to Mei Ling, it’s everything else. His complete lack of interest in virtually anything outside of his work, and the few other things he does care about being as solitary as possible. Absolutely no hint that he has any form of sexual interest in any one or any thing whatsoever, and that is refreshing.

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Yes, but I’m specifically talking about all those people who always list this one moment with Mei Ling as evidence for their claims.

His lack of interest in anything outside work has a reason, as we know. Hinting at any form of sexual interest would’ve been weird for a character that’s intentionally portrayed as out of touch with his own humanity. He’s not into being around people, and that’s totally okay. That doesn’t mean he’s whatever identity someone wants to see in him, it’s just what conveys his loneliness and detachment best.


Ah, ok, I’m onboard with where you went.

I always thought it’s his first kiss and he was just confused and thought it’s kinda cute :face_holding_back_tears:

I don’t have an idea about his sexuality though and I don’t care. Depending on how people interpret him I think everything makes sense for him :smiling_face:

While I don’t doubt it was his first kiss, I think his reaction in Contracts was more on-point to the character we’ve come to know than his reaction in C47. I think his shudder of revulsion in the first game shows him being more human than he normally acts, and I chalk it up less to his disinterest in sex than to his neat-freak tendencies. Mei Ling is a prostitute who was just freed from a brothel where she was working for the day; who knows what that mouth had been doing recently.

Not to suggest that she’s inherently dirty or anything for being forced into that lifestyle, but you know 47 - other people are oddities and enigmas to him, and this is one who stimulates other people’s genitals regularly, and she just made contact with him in a way he’s never had before, using a body part that she normally uses for her “work.” His being disturbed is understandable considering the pains he takes to keep himself clean and immaculate.

I would (and have in the past) honestly react the same way to strange men trying to kiss or hug me, even when they aren’t prostitutes (to my knowledge). It’s just insanely invasive and inappropriate behaviour.


I agree wirh both of you @Diana47 and @Heisenberg I just wanted to say that I don’t see that kiss as much as the proof that he is asexual as some people make it. I think it was his first kiss and his reaction was totally understandable, seeing that it was assaultive. I just think it was cute seeing his first kiss, even though it could have been less inappropriate (but I guess something more romantic wouldn’t have fit into the tone of the hitman games back than :sweat_smile:)


I think 47 is one of those characters that are very open to whatever the fans want. And that’s great! I don’t think there is a right or wrong stance to take with him.



I’m enjoying playing Absolution more RN since I play it Suit Only a la Metal Gear.

Dare to say I’m enjoying this way more than playing H3/WOA for the last 3 months as a whole.


It is exciting, isn’t it? As far as Suit Only stealth, I do think WoA still does a better job because of the various different options you have to take that approach with the sandbox model, while Absolution’s more linear style limits your paths and options for maintaining Suit Only stealth. At the same time, however, that is precisely what makes it more exhilarating, since you’re racing against time with fewer avenues available to you, making the crunch to succeed at Suit Only stealth that much more satisfying when done successfully, especially when you throw a target kill into the mix, for the few missions in Absolution that are stealth-focused, Suit Only-friendly, and include a target to eliminate.

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Yeah. Also have been feeling this while replaying H2:SA and Contracts.

As much as I love Hitman’s social stealth, it’s dope from time to time work around the limitations of not having a disguise with the right mix of surprise attacks or avoiding contact with the enemy as a whole.

Making 47 arrive to the goal in Hidden Valley with his winter camouflage is quite the rewarding feeling.


I’ve never liked how H2 was changed to have invitations be shown to guards horizontally, rather than the original vertical way in H1. The original way makes more sense; 47 is holding the invite up at a readable height in relation to the heights of the guards, with the information on it facing them, allowing them to do a quick read and wave him on. The way it’s been since it was changed, he’s basically pointing the invites at the guards edge-first and to properly read it they would have to lean forward a little and look down, but they never do and it breaks the immersion. It’s a minor break, but still… I’ve never understood this change, and like the change to how 47 holds his weapon when he’s hiding against a wall, it’s a change I’ve never gotten used to and still don’t like to this day.


So what do you think the purpose of his patronage of that business was? I personally thought it was a little bit ambiguous and left to the players to figure out. This could just be the writers being a bit sleazy and making the scene a vicarious ‘self-insert’ based on past events and building it up from there. So it’s easy to see why other people have reasoned it was to ‘try something new’ for 47. I mean, so what if he did? Would that be like ‘Kink Shaming’ 47? :joy:

I’m not suggesting it was with Mei Ling specifically, but surely something happened with someone else. And the way stories go - it would seem logical that it was you-know-who.

As for 47’s reaction to the kiss… That’s one to think about. It could be that he had a bad opinion of people in that profession (look at his association with some religious aspects), or more likely it put him off since he hadn’t experienced or been exposed to many things in his guided and very strict/disciplined road to adulthood. That at least makes the incident funny on some level. Maybe thoughts of the event kept popping up in his mind, so much to the point it started to change his perception of the incident. Because even the most stoic and focused killer is still human at the end of the day.

But feel free to have your own ideas of what Mei or may not have happened. There’s no hard proof either way.

Edit: I do tend to agree that he would be asexual… maybe closeted hetero? :rofl:

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