What Suit do you wish was a thing to wear?

@Tetrafish_21 also dude is a badass. literally hunted them down one by one, heard their movement like a hawk and to a few rounds like a champ. reason for having his suit?

remember the suit the unreleased et suit yeah i was flagged

oh. why did that get you in trouble?

I say i must have put them out three time and it just happened it was my first time got flagged

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I want the street artist suit from Sapienza as an unlock.


If they rerun the Book Keeper again it will be a Year 2 run so should allow for another shot of finishing that ET.

interesting. though there is kind of a clown suit already but interesting.

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Me too. I like that as a playable suit. It is my favourite.

The food critic neat choice.

The subject47 suit neat.

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Unreleased stuff belongs to the leak category. :wink:


sorry Urben i won’t leak things anymore

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I got too excited for them but i be carefully

ooooooooh i get it. just in the wrong category.

ikr? just add gloves and you’ve got me sold.

My old standby…


tactical turtleneck with gloves sounds great.

@Heisenberg also is that something you can get only in hitman 1?

It’s not something you can get at all. I don’t know if they image was pulled from the game files or photoshopped, but TTWG has never been offered to players, and I want it badly.


hell yeah same. i want it to have some bad ass gloves. maybe with a military glove spin for the suit.