What Videogame(s) Are You Playing?


Still playing New Vegas. Just started Old World Blues, and guess who’s here. There truly are no escapes…

(they want me to retrieve a stealth suit mkII, yes it has gloves)


Well, you know what else you can’t escape? :chicken: (coincidentally in the same mission quest?)

thank god for fan wikis, this was a cool google search


Same DLC yes. But I’m not running the Wild Wasteland trait this run.
I believe this would be in Higgs Village.

Also, did you just googled “chicken+New Vegas”, and checked the wiki just to see if chickens were still alive and well in fallout ?

I know someone already talked about it, but should a Fallout topic be created ?


Yep I just googled “Chicken Fallout” and found out there are actually two different pages for chickens in the series.

“Chicken” the one you linked
and “Chicken (Fallout76)” classified as in-world-creatures I think?

also yes they are alive and well, for anyone wondering :smile: Just maybe a little mutated-looking…

also lol


I wouldn’t know.

I tried to play 76 once (it’s on game pass, so why not), and hated it. Fallout is about communities, tribes, and their ressources / war struggles.

All of which Bethesda does not do, 76 even less.


Switch Sports is giving me a love-hate relationship.

Good: I love the amount of customization you can unlock for your character.
Good: I love Golf. I really do. I love it.
Bad: There’s only 7 sports. Too many feel similar or automated. (Unlikely to be more!)
Bad: Only way to unlock stuff is through online play
Bad: FOMO-induced cosmetic collections that disappear after 3 weeks.

What’s good/bad is giving players penalties after disconnecting from a losing match too much. However, no one gets cosmetic points that way, ans just wastes time.
(I also just got issued a 30-min ban due to my own internet constantly dying on me this whole weekend. Valid but still kinda sucks.)

Anyway, back to good:

I can finally play as BIRD in sports. :parrot:

Recent update they added reissued items which can appear once you’re caught up on all collections. Got lucky with this one. :love_you_gesture: :rooster:


Top Golf was my introduction to a casual driving range, that’s my type of golfing and it’s my go to way to golf.


Okay, since I was feeling in a mood for it, I booted up RE2 for the 2nd run as Claire. Boy, am I regretting this already.

Is the 2nd run paced differently to a normal 1st run Claire? The opening cutscene felt way more cut down, it quickly cut to Claire at the back of the police station, meeting Leon (and that only happens about an hour or two into his playthrough IIRC), and I’m already being over-stuffed with grenades, herbs, and ammo for weapons I dont recognise…

And also there’s already a bunch of zombies afoot and Mr X’s chopper already crashed like 2 minutes in!
This feels way faster and stressful than Leon’s playthrough, though I assume that’s intentional?


The 2nd runs are pretty creative with changing up the pacing in the RPD, with different routes to go through and some tougher enemy encounters. Unfortunately the game doesn’t change up much in the areas after the RPD outside of making the puzzles harder. It feels like they could’ve really used some more dev time to flesh the 2nd runs out more, especially given how distinct Claire A/Leon B and Leon A/Claire B were in the 1998 original.


Gosh… I was just expecting it to be Claire’s version of events as if I’d have chosen that first – with a True Ending tacked on to the end, since the 1st Run ends with a mysterious stinger that definitely seems like it leads into a “Play the game again to see how this ends!”

But uhhh okay then, gonna have to think about if I’m up for the challenge at the moment. I was expecting a slow burn of tension I could cruise through, but it’s already thrown me into the thick of things… :persevere:

I tried the Ghost Survivors extra missions when I first finished RE2 last year, and those are also chock-full of enemies and feel like a tough challenge mode (with a bit of lore/story to hook you in) so I guess that’s what to expect from this title apart from the original run-through.


2 Remake is a product of rushed development despite it not seeming like it, but despite how good RE2 Remake is the 2nd Scenario is where the remake falls flat.

The 2nd Scenario was where a bulk of stuff was cut and that’s evident with the lack of continuity between the two scenarios where inconsistencies exist.

Capcom wanted to get RE2 out the door and it’s a shame that everything wasn’t fully realized.

RE3 Remake on the other hand overshadows RE2 when it comes to being rushed since the game is a glorified Expansion.


Dang, that sucks. I thought RE2 was really well received as a remake/adaptation, and it was just RE3 that fell flat because they cut a lot of the extra content from the original – and 3 was also made by a smaller side-team while the bigger one focused on RE8 or RE4, whatever was next…

At least it sounds like RE4make does everything right in recapturing exactly what made the original so iconic to so many people, and being a great modern version to boot.


Don’t get me wrong RE2 was well received, but people started scrutinizing it more after launch. All things considered the game is still “Complete”, but people don’t really speak about its development especially since 3 completely overshadows it since it was outsourced and rushed.

From what I’ve heard and played so far it does a lot right.

  • Branches RE2 & RE4 better than the original especially when it comes to Leon’s Character

  • Retcons how Umbrella Fell Apart by removing the throw away line from the original of the Company going under cause their stocks crashed.

  • Removed One Boss from Original, but it’s arguably the worst boss in the original game. U-3

  • Assignment Ada and Separate Ways aren’t in the final game, but it looks like it will be DLC similar to Mercenaries Mode.

RE4 is a step in the right direction for Capcom where it feels more in vein to the RE1 Remake where it removes specific things, but adds enough new to where it’s not intrusive.


What i dislike about REmake 2: Sewer Section sucks, no Spiders, Ivy redesign looks like shit, B Scenarios are nothing compared to the original.

Otherwise it’s a really good game.


Twelve Minutes

Got this game while browsing netflix on my mobile and I started it as it has good cast like Willem Dafoe and James McAvoy.

Wow… this game is playing with my mind from three days. Feels like I am the character.
Beautifully crafted, didnot reached the ending yet.

Feels like Edge of Tomorrow movie - Live Die Repeat


Just hold on to those warm feelings and don’t ever finish the game, unless you want it all taken away… :wink:


Not my clip, but OMFG Spelunky 2 has comic chops like no other game there is (sound on for best effect):